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Meghan And Harry Spotted Driving To Oprah’s House Over The Weekend

Meghan Markle apparently hardly knew Oprah Winfrey when she invited her to her spectacular May 2018 royal wedding, but that social connection has proved beneficial as she and Prince Harry soon began anticipating a future outside the royal orbit, according to the long-time royal author, Andrew Morton. 

With the talk-show queen, Meghan and Harry ultimately sat down for their blockbuster, March 2021 tell-all interview, throughout which they excellently aired their grievances against the royal family and respondent one member of being a racist. Presently, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex may be gearing up for another tell-all interview with the source reporting that the beautiful couple took a 5-minute drive to pay a visit to neighbor Winfrey’s $100 million estates from their Montecito home over the weekend. 

Over The Weekend Prince Harry And Megan Markle Spotted Leaving Oprah’s House

Images published by the source show the Sussexes in the “convoy of cars,” entailing a Range Rover, pulling into the Winfrey’s estate. The source proclaimed the Sussexes spent about an hour visiting Winfrey’s home. Perchance it was just a social call, or perhaps they are conferring another Professional collaboration with the media mogul. 

This collaboration dates back to at least 6 months after the Meghan and Harry’s May 2018 wedding when Harry surreptitiously met with Winfrey in the London hotel to start discussing a future that didn’t include them being senior functioning days, Morton said in the present episode of the Daily Mirror’s “Pod Save the Queen” podcast. 

In addition, “Harry was having the chats in a London hotel with the Oprah Winfrey back during November 2018, just 6 months after they’d been wedded,” said Morton, author of the blockbuster 1993 biography of Princess Diana, “Diana: Her True Story” and a forthcoming book about Queen Elizabeth II. 

While still a functioning royal, Harry decided to participate with Winfrey in introducing “The Me You Can’t See,” 2021 series on mental health for Apple TV+. He and Meghan also excellently sat down with Winfrey for their well-known interview, which has been responsible for assisting to fuel the couple’s rift with the father of Harry, Prince Charles, and brother, Prince William. 

Oprah Winfrey attends the marriage ceremony of Britain’s Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, and US actress Meghan Markle at St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle, in Windsor, on May 19, 2018. (Image by Ian West / POOL / AFP) If Harry and Meghan made specialized connections with Winfrey to begin early deliberations about non-royal choices for their future, then the couple was efficacious in utilizing their wedding as a networking chance, as editor and author Tina Brown have said.

In her book, “The Palace Papers: Inside the House of Windsor, the Truth, and the Turmoil,” Brown said the Sussexes didn’t distinguish Oprah Winfrey, George, and Amal Clooney and some of their other A-list individuals, but they invited them anyway. The celebrity guests “were an interpretation not of Meghan’s warm circle but of the friends she most compulsory to recruit” into her inward circle,” Brown wrote.

What Were Meghan And Harry Doing At Oprah’s House

Meanwhile, Morton’s comments about Harry’s 2018 Winfrey meeting could raise queries about whether the couple really tried for approximately two years to make royal life work. It certainly recommends that a departure was on their minds sometime before their Oct. 2019 tour of South Africa, when they both acknowledged throughout a TV interview with friend and journalist Tom Bradby that they had been challenged with the compression that came with being full-time representatives of the monarchy.

Their move for an exodus is ironic, Morton said, because it appeared that the queen had placed Harry and Meghan to have extremely prominent and commanding roles in the monarchy, representing the royal family on the international stage. 

In a similar interview, Morton said Harry saw his marriage to the American former TV actress as his manner out of the royal family.

“The couple was thinking about resting around New Zealand, and both even spoke to the Prime Minister of New Zealand about this,” Morton said. It didn’t function out because, when it actually comes down to it, Prince Harry is vexatious with charisma but hates being a prince, and I think that he saw Meghan Markle as a man. They didn’t have to exit the family of royals in the manner that they did, but they did.”

Before long after their South Africa tour, Harry and Meghan said they were going to take a sabbatical from their royal responsibilities through the 2019 Christmas holiday, which they spent with their boy child, Archie, in a waterfront mansion on the Vancouver Island.

Based on “Finding Freedom,” the sympathetic biography of the couple, it was here that they definitely left their roles as senior royals and give up public support for their offices, Vanity Fair reported. 

The queen put her foot down and said Harry and Meghan couldn’t do a half-in/half-out preparation. Harry and Meghan left for North America, superbly without any support or funding for their costly security. By March 2020, they had settled across California and have since strained to find their footing away from the family of royals.


Harry still supervises his successful Invictus Games. Distinctly and together, Harry and Meghan have made statements in support of several causes, dipped their toes across U.S. politics, and have reportedly worked to introduce the content to fulfill their multi-million compulsions to Netflix and Spotify.

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