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Hailey Bieber’s Sued For Trademark Infringement Over Rhode Skincare

In one of the most recent kinds of controversy, it has brought forward that the wife of famous Popstar Justin Bieber is booked for trademark infringement over the new skincare brand, Rhode.

It is important to mention that Hailey Bieber’s heart launched a famous skincare brand. Still, this particular brand was considered to be an infringement of the already existing brand of another party. This other party is none other than Purna and Phoebe. 

know About The Issue Behind Hailey Bieber’s Trademark Infringement Over The Skin Line

They both have been in the position to be the co-founders of the brand, which according to them, has been copied by Beiber. According to the allegation that the plaintiff has raised, it is important to mention that this particular similarity between the two brands is causing a huge amount of confusion in the mind of the ultimate consumer. They have also been trying to prove before the court that this kind of similarity is trying to cause every parallel harm to the business. 

It is important to mention that the representatives of both parties have been in the position to approach the court of law and file the required documents for some time. Both parties have been given the time to do the necessary formalities and ultimately file for the pleadings in which they would be in the position to defend how they own the original brand.

This has been able to bring a new chapter before the court of law because new questions of fact and new questions of law appear before it for consideration. The details of the entire situation have been provided in the following way. 

What Are The Fact And Allegations Of The Issue?

Rhode is one of the famous fashion brands launched in 2013 and is responsible for selling colorful dresses. The company had been in the position to become very famous among all kinds of celebrities, such as Mindy. The plaintiffs initially launched this company in 2013, and they were able to reach the projected sales target of around 14.5 million dollars.

At the same time, it is important to mention that it was only initially on 15th June that Hailey Bieber hides also launched a skincare brand such as Rhode. 

The victim has been able to move before the court of law and even try to make out a case that all of this has been in the position to deplete the market value over the period that it has been able to build in all these years since 2013.

They understand that if a brand is getting promoted by a famous star, then most people will start believing that this is the brand of the Hollywood star, and this would be the position to cause them a huge amount of monetary loss over some time. 

According to the victims, this particular attempt of the defendant to launch a similar brand is considered a well-thought attempt to take advantage of the existing market value of the existing brand, which has been able to establish itself for so many years in the mind of the consumer. Therefore, it is positioned to show negative estoppel and a connection so that advantage could be taken incorrectly. 

The Case Before The Court Of Law

All of this has been able to complicate the matters, and both the parties have been doing to prove the case in a court of law. The court is busy evaluating every piece of evidence that was produced before it. The victim was also able to move for them in a court of law by stating that if they had not applied on time, nobody would have imagined the huge loss that the company had to face due to this kind of negative representation. 

The victims also shared that it was 9 years ago when they finally left every kind of commitment to initiate a brand of their own, and they have devoted every single moment of their life in these 9 years to developing this brand over the period.

This has been the only asset that the two women entrepreneurs have been able to build over some time. They would not allow a third party, even if it is a Hollywood star, to take advantage of the same and even try to cause any harm to the same. 

Even the famous star is confident about the victory because she does not feel that she has taken any wrong action in the eyes of the law. But unless this kind of allegation is not proved before the media and the court of law, then no amount of confirmation can be useful.

It can be said that this is one of the most complicated pieces of information that can ever be responsible over the period to show any inside concerning the latest factors that are likely to take place and determine the court’s decision.