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3 Of The Best Games To Get Fit With

3 Of The Best Games To Get Fit With

Gaming is not traditionally something you would call a fitness tool, having garnered an unfair reputation in previous generations as an activity that was felt promoted sitting and being relaxed over fitness. But times have changed and along with them have the games we love playing. Betway Insider recently carried out an experiment to see what effects gaming had on our bodies. The results of the study have yielded some surprising results. Though gaming may never achieve the same level of exertion as more traditional fitness pursuits like swimming or gym sessions, Betway research shows that some games have the potential to positively contribute to our fitness levels when we play them regularly.


If it is surprising that games can viably contribute to a balanced fitness routine, it should be no surprise that Fortnite features in this list. The game has all the attributes needed to raise our heart rates and keep our wits about us. The intensity of gameplay that Fortnite relies upon to give such great entertainment burns a surprising amount of calories during a gaming session. On average gamers will burn 194 calories of energy during a 90-minute gaming session. To have achieved the same burn of calories doing squats would have required an astonishing 353 repetitions. With this kind of calorie-burning performance available right from the living spaces in our homes, one of the greatest advantages that computer games have to benefit anyone’s fitness routine becomes clear. Computer games are easily accessed during our time off from work and other life duties. Being easy to access and fun gives computer games an edge over other forms of exercise when it comes to uptake.


If Fortnite isn’t your favourite game, FIFA provides an alternative with close to the same calorie-burning potential. FIFA burns 189 calories over 90 minutes of gameplay which is so close to Fortnite’s 194 calories that it is hardly worth mentioning. As computer games go FIFA burns calories quickly. The fast action and need to concentrate is a big calorie burner that can be accessed straight from the couch. The calories burnt are not in the same order as those burned in a live football match where a player can expect to burn over 1000 calories in 90 minutes. However, where FIFA scores over a live football game is the ability to play a quick game when you have the chance, so when mixed with other forms of exercise FIFA soccer can help towards improved fitness for its players.

Call Of Duty: Warzone

Call Of Duty: Warzone players can expect to burn approximately 188 calories over a 90-minute game session. This too compares well with our other two top runners, showing that whatever your favourite adrenaline-fueled game may be, it is likely to be of worth to your fitness. Mixing up the types of exercise you do each week including computer games will give you the best improvement in fitness for your efforts and help you to stay motivated.


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