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Peeking Through The Keyhole: All About Your Idols That You Were Too Shy To Ask

Everyone has a list of darkest secrets. No one is free from the reality of life and things that they don’t really want out in the open. Perhaps, this stands even more true for people that have exceptionally public lives.

We’re talking about celebrities here. The nature of their work exposes them to undue scrutiny and criticism. Celebrity secrets are fodder for the entertainment world and people are constantly on the lookout to know more about the past life of their beloved actors.

There is obviously a dark side of Hollywood that you can be keen on knowing about. Often this kind of information is found on very dubious websites that you should be wary of. There are all kinds of people on these websites including hackers and you can also pick up dangerous malware here.

You may be blocked out of these websites due to location and other access issues. The best way to keep yourself protected and access these websites is to use a good VPN server from a wide list of servers that will help you change your location and create a barrier between you and the users on these websites. A good VPN for Windows or other OSs will also allow you unlimited access to these websites

Let’s look at some of these celebrities and their secrets we’ve curated for you:

George Clooney Doesn’t Share His Drinks

He’s quite possessive of the pricey bottles of liquor that he keeps in his personal drink cache, according to insiders close to him. It might make sense, given the high cost of some high-end spirits. Some of his containers have had levels marked on them to deter his housekeeping employees from sneaking a taste. When it comes to his expensive liquor, you’d think Clooney would have greater faith in the people in charge of maintaining it.

With a net worth of $500 million, he can afford to drink a few glasses of wine with his colleagues.Not a one of the darkest secrets but something interesting nonetheless.

Jack Nicholsan’s Sister is Actually His Mother

This is a story that will leave you in awe. It is possible that Jack Nicholson was raised by people he thought were his parents. When he was born, he had a 17-year-old sister named June. June only admitted she was Jack’s mother after the death of his ‘parents.’ His grandparents were actually his parents. They hid it because of the stigma attached to June’s pregnancy while she was still a minor. This is the kind of stuff you can unearth using a good VPN server to access these websites with the dark side of Hollywood.

The Most Notorious Hitman of the 20th Century Was Woody Harrelson’s Father

Almost everyone can agree that Woody Harrelson is a gifted actor with practically no limits to his ability. His acting prowess has made him a household name. Woody Harrelson’s father, Charles, was the most notorious hitman of the 20th century.

How many of you know that? When Charles Harrelson shot and killed a federal judge, it was the first recorded assassination. He allegedly shot and killed a carpet seller in a dispute over just $1,500.

Naomi Campbell is Gaga Over Lily Scented Candles

Infamous phone-thrower as her many assistants will attest, Naomi Campbell has a reputation for being difficult to deal with. Additionally, those who are daring enough to work for the supermodel must guarantee that each space she inhabits satisfies her stringent requirements.

Preparation includes lighting five candles in each bathroom and 10 in each bedroom, as well as 10 in each room’s living quarters, for a total of 25 candles.

However, any candles won’t do. Diptyque candles, which retail for around $65 each, are the only option. Wow, that’s some serious splurge!

Kristen Stewart is a Chain Smoker

There is little doubt that Kristen Stewart’s housekeeping staff would like to see their celebrity boss adopt a more healthy lifestyle. Twilight star Kristen Stewart is a well-known chain smoker who supposedly dumps her ashtrays around.

Smoke residue has been discovered by the star’s housekeepers time and time again throughout her $2.1 million Los Feliz mansion, even in unexpected locations like potted plants and the shower!

Demi Moore Hates the Light

Demi Moore, a well-known actress, is another celebrity who has highly precise criteria for her home. The quality of the light in Moore’s home is important to her, according to people who have worked as tipsters in her home.

The brat pack beauty exclusively uses a specific brand of amber light bulb for its soft, pleasing cast, not that she really needs it given her perpetually youthful visage. Just in case they stop being made for some reason, Demi is said to have a large supply tucked away for when the golden glow returns. That’s a lot of effort! Isn’t this an interesting celebrity secret to know?

It is natural for fans to be curious about the lives of their favorite celebrities. This information can be tricky to get access to so use good VPN Apps to access this information on any kind of website and also stay safe in the process.

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