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Amber Heard ‘CUT’ From Aquaman 2!! Heard’s Character Will Recast As The Source Claims!!!

In recent years Amber Heard has been in a lot of controversy and LimeLight. All of this is because of the famous divorce case and the defamation case she was a part of. She had alleged domestic violence charges against her former husband, Johnny. In this kind of incident, the court of law finally ruled in favor of Johnny. Following the court of law finding, it was brought forward that Johnny ever committed no act of domestic violence against Amber, which is defamation. 

In such a situation, the court of law ordered Amber to pay a lot of compensation in the form of damages concerning every kind of loss that Johnny had experienced after the charges of domestic violence ever levied against him. After this, the matter was put to rest, but Hollywood was not ready to forgive Amber for all she did with her former husband, which ultimately resulted in her losing all the important projects and movies from his hand. No amount of compensation could fix it.

The Issue To Be Taken Into Accord: Will There Be Amber Heard In The Next Sequel Of Aquaman?

Amber has been in the position to destroy her career for the worse. It is important to mention that after the entire lawsuit concluded, there was huge speculation that Amber had lost the important project of their life, which was none other than Aquaman 2. After being projected as a liar in front of the whole world for all that she did with Johnny, she had lost the entire industry’s trust, which is why the existing projects she had in her hand also seemed to get lost. 

On 14th June, an insider source confirmed that she had lost and been removed from the casting of Aquaman 2. Not only is this a single project, but also, at the same time, there are a lot of projects that she has lost over the period. It is important to mention that she has also lost the most famous project, the Lost Kingdom. All of this has been able to showcase that things are technically not going fine by her. 

Is The Rumor Of Her Comeback In Aquaman True!!

It is important to mention that all of these incidents have been accurate and insensitive, and this is something not expected of intelligent people. But it is also important to note that Amber has continued denying all of these rumors. In a recent interview with a famous independent newspaper, she has been able to say that all of these speculations are baseless, and this is nothing but an expression of hatred towards her.

Amber Heard was also able to express the view that a single lawsuit could not be in the position to destroy the career she has been making all these years. But over, over the period, it is important to mention that things have been in the place to get worsened over the period. But this is something which needs to be taken into consideration at every cost.

But even despite hosting an interview with a famous newspaper, she is not in the position to clear every kind of doubt concerning her expulsion from the important projects. All of this has been evident after at least 4.5 million people signed a petition to remove the herb from the film industry.

This has been able to depict the hatred that all the people have towards her. In such a situation, it becomes important to mention that this will affect her reputation and goodwill over some time. 

Will Heard Be Removed From The Film Industry

This will be useful to our next level and, at the same time, teach Amber a lesson from giving false evidence against any genuine person and defaming him without any reason. Not only this, but also all the web shows that Netflix signed have been taken out of her hands. The production team has even denied paying any compensation to her because the amount of damage that her Association is bringing them is way ahead. 

It is important to mention that she has been a very important person who has played an iconic role in the DC sequel. But the production team is not yet confident that he would be the first choice to cast her in the upcoming season. All of this has been able to affect her career in the worst possible way, and this has brought a difference in how she has been behaving.

 Even a lot of a fan following has decreased over time, which is evident from the decreasing number of followers on social media platforms like Instagram. This is technically the first time that all of this is happening to her, but this has a huge potential to affect her life in the long term. For the time being, everything is not the solution to the problems that she is facing.

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