Yellowstone Season 5 Release!! Cast, Release Date 2022, Streaming, Episodes, Trailer


The new season for Yellowstone is coming to entertain the audience again very soon. The show created history in the past few years by providing some amazing episodes to the viewers. Although it did not plan to bring so many seasons, the unconditional love of millions of viewers forced the makers to announce new plots for the series. 

Kevin Costner won thousands of hearts with his incredible acting skills and powerful performances. Thus, people were vigorously asking the production house to bring in another season after Season 4 ended. Now, it seems that their wishes will be fulfilled from the latest declaration of Season 5. 

Read about the upcoming story, exciting plot, characters, and the lovely cast in this content. Although Paramount Network did not make any official confirmation yet to stream the show, it is evident from the makers that Yellowstone Season 5 is coming. 

Release of Yellowstone Season 5: Cast And Crew Of The New Season Of Yellowstone

The release date is not yet announced by the production house of Yellowstone for the fifth season. The primary reason is obtaining the dates from the lead actor Kelvin. However, resorts are saying that the shooting for the new season will begin this year in May. David Glasser, the executive producer of the series, recently confirmed the news in the media. Hence, you can expect a superb series by next year. 

There is sad news for the fans of Jefferson White. The actor ruled the screen space by playing the character of Jimmy Hedstrom. However, it seems that he will no longer be seen in the coming season. Thus, you can expect a permanent leave of the character from the show. But to make you smile again, the actor promises to work on the spin-off series of Yellowstone, titled 6666. 

Yellowstone Season 5 Release!! Cast, Release Date 2022, Streaming, Episodes, Trailer

The excellent cast for Yellowstone Season 5 can be enlisted below;-

  • Kevin Costner (playing John Dutton)
  • Kelsey Asbill (playing Monica Long Dutton)
  • Luke Grimes (playing Kayce Dutton)
  • Bracken Merrill (playing Tate Dutton)
  • Wes Bentley (playing Jamie Dutton)
  • Jackie Weaver (playing Carolyn Warner)
  • Denim Richards (playing Colby)
  • Ryan Bingham (playing Walker)
  • Gil Birmingham (playing Thomas Rainwater)

Some more characters are also there in the season whose name is not mentioned in the list. So, hold your breath till they announce a lovely show to hit your screens once again. 

Storyline Of Season 5

Season 5 is going to be a continuation of the fourth season. You have seen in the finale episode of the last season how Jamie murdered his father and got rid of the body. Unfortunately, Beth captured all the photos of Jamie and took him under her control. She intended to use him for her revenge against Carolyn Warner and her company. 

Moreover, the character of Kelly Reilley came to an end as they caught her spying. So, the fifth season will take the essence of what you left behind in the previous season and dig out some more secrets in the coming days. You will also witness how Beth takes her revenge against Market Equities and fulfills her plans by using her brother. She even conveyed this information to John. 

The reactions of all the members of the Dutton family will take you on a new journey as the characters reveal their real intentions. Furthermore, his political aspirations of John will intensify with every episode.

It will be highly intriguing to keep pace with his plans as he lays down the new strategies to reach his goals. On top of that, his decision of Kayes will overnight make him one of the significant parts of the show. A power-packed series is going to unfold in front of you. 

Current Information On Release

You can check the information from the official webpage of the makers. Additionally, the social media handles are also full of the posts for the Season 5 of Yellowstone. You need to check the updates to know the date for release.

As the executive producer has announced that May 2022 will mark the beginning of the shoot, the expected premiere date will be somewhere in 2023. It is going to be a long wait for the fans. However, when you wish to have something good and enjoyable, you need to give it ample time also. 


If you look at the timings and duration of the previous season, you will find that only recording of the fourth season continued from August to December to complete. Furthermore, the show also had several additional scenes to entertain you more.

So, it will be practical to expect a similar duration for the fifth season also. Last year, the new episodes were aired in November. Maybe, this time also the show will be ready to premiere during that time only. Now, you have to only count the days and wait for the launch of Yellowstone Season 5. 


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