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Nikki Bella And Husband Artem Reveal On Their Plan For Second Baby!!

Do you have any idea why Nikki Bella is taking some time to have a second baby in her life? This article will make things clearer as you will get to know the secret between Bella and her husband. The recent episode of The Bellas Podcast revealed that Nikki’s fiance Artem Chigvintsev is also not ready like her to have a second child so soon.

July 2020 was the birth time of the couple’s son Matteo. So, the 38-year-old wants to take a break and does not want another kid so soon. In fact, it is the opinion of her 39-year-old finance also. 

Fever Of The Baby Caught Now: Couple Suggested That They Should Concentrate More On The Upcoming Projects

After the birth of Nikki’s first baby, the fever has not gotten over for the fans. Hence, telling everyone to calm down, the well-known couple suggested that they should concentrate more on the upcoming projects. Recalling the conversation with her partner, Nikki stated that she is fond of babies. It will not be right to say that the baby’s fever did not have any impact on her. Rather, motherhood is one of the most precious things that she admires a lot. But the actress is now in a dilemma regarding taking a second issue. 

In an interview, while sharing her conversation with Artem, Nikki said that she has already asked about the idea of having a girl with her fiance. However, as per Artem, they must take some time before going for a second child.

Furthermore, Nikki Bella also feels that taking a minimal gap is essential to raising every child properly. The Strictly Come Dancing star believes this due to some practical reasons. Moreover, it will not be right to ignore his logic when it comes to taking a second baby so early. On being asked Bella cleared every doubt by explaining the current status of the duo. 

As per Artem, the couple is now having a tight schedule with lots of projects coming. Amidst all this, it will be quite difficult to manage the little Matteo. However, every child needs the minimum attention and time of his parents. As a responsible father, he wants to give all his efforts and time after work to his son only now. The same theory holds good for the new mom of the infant also. So, it will not be a feasible decision to take responsibility for another kid. 

It will be better to think about parenthood again only after their son turns four. Till then, they should do everything favorable to keep their son contented and happy. 

Wait For Some Years

Making decisions in a rush can never be fruitful later on. Moreover, when someone is planning an extension of the family, the parents must be more cautious. Hence, Nikki opines that her fiance is absolutely right in willing to take a gap of some years. Matteo’s age is very delicate. Hence, he must get all the attention of his parents. She is also happy with this decision and wants to wait for some more years before welcoming their second child. 

With a smile, the star expresses that she is now very tired after giving birth to a child. It’s only 2 years now and the two have enough to plan for the future. Additionally, a pause is essential for the mother also who goes through such a tough journey of being pregnant to delivery. 

Apart from the baby fever, the wedding planning is also in the cards. Therefore, soon you are going to see this couple in the attire of the bride and the groom. Now, they are busy planning for the special day also. It will be great to celebrate the amazing occasion with their son, Nikki added. 

Information of the Friends

Artem did not even confirm her wife was on the list of guests who will be coming to their wedding. Hence, Nikki keeps on asking him now about the number of friends going to turn up for their D-Day. But her boyfriend is still not ready with the information about his friends. So, it is clear that the wedding bells for the couple will not take much time to ring. Chigvintsev and Bella are now working in full swing to make the day very special and memorable. 


Although the date is not fixed, they assured the fans that their wedding ceremony will be full of surprises. Hence, it is going to be a blast for all the invitees. Now. it is to be seen which friends they choose to share the biggest day of their lives with. 

The venue and food are also on the list. They are going to finalize every single thing one by one without taking a drastic decision. So, it will be ideal to restrict their kids to one only at the moment. If things are fine, they can plan for another baby after their social marriage. 

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