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Julie And Todd Face Up To 30 Years In Prison As They Convicted Of Bank Fraud

The fraudulent activities of Todd and Julie Chrisley are now in front of the whole world. The court has already proved their offenses and the couple got imprisonment of 30 years. The two got famous incredibly for their brilliant performances in Chrisley Knows Best. Undoubtedly, it was the leading show in the USA for a long period. However, the reputation of the stars went through a setback after they were convicted of big fraud. 

As per the reports, the Federal Jury declared that the couple is actively involved in tax evasion and did lots of bank frauds. Hence, the court declared a sentence of 30 years till the morning of 6th October. 

To know the entire report about this conviction, read this content minutely. Everything will be clear as you go through the news well. 

Defrauding Of Millions Of Dollars: Federal Prosecutors Charged The Duo With Conspiracy To Commit Bank Fraud

Annalise Peters is the prosecuting attorney of the case of Julie and Todd. He studied the case well and announced that the couple has several charges against them. Furthermore, the primary involvement was in a huge bank fraud amounting to around 30 million dollars. They took out a loan and never intended to return it. According to Peters, they even conspired with the money earned from the TV and escaped income from the Government. Thus, the Chrisleys are a well-known name among the biggest fraudsters committing fraud of millions of dollars. 

Julie And Todd Face Up To 30 Years In Prison As They Convicted Of Bank Fraud

The FBI Special Agent of Atlanta stated that justice does not consider your name and fame when you have committed serious crimes. Defrauding others definitely amounts to one of the offensive crimes. Hence, Todd and Julie deserve punishment for what they have done. Not only this, but they also filed a false statement of bankruptcy and wanted to flee with more than $20 million.

Cheating and lying will never forgive you in the long run. In the words of the special agent, many commit financial fraud due to tremendous greed. The final verdict of imprisonment is absolutely right for such fraudsters. 

More Frauds By Chrisleys

The couple did not stop only by committing bank fraud. Name Julie is also involved in justice obstruction and fraudulent activities with wires. Hence, there is no way that this couple can be spared by the USA laws. They continued to commit several fraud repeatedly for a long time. 

The federal prosecutors brought many charges against them involving the following;-

  • Defrauding the United States by conspiring in various circumstances along with the tax fraud
  • Frauds with the banks by taking loans
  • False declaration of going insolvent
  • Initiatives to escape the Federal authorities with millions of dollars

It is truly a shocking revelation for all the fans of the highly popular show. The couple has a good fanbase that connects with them regularly through social media. But this news of imprisonment raised doubts in the minds of hundreds of lovers of the show. They never expected that their favorite TV hosts would be involved in such heinous crimes as defrauding banks.

Of course, they should never get mercy for what they have done. Escaping the tax is a punishable offense and trying to flee with public money can never give peace to anyone. As a result, hundreds of followers are in support of the current verdict. 

Not only one bank, but the couple’s name is found in multiple bank frauds. The Federal jury caught them red-handed in downtown Atlanta. According to USA attorneys, one cannot get away so easily after committing the financial fraud of such a huge amount. The scam resulted in a huge loss for the Government as well as the public. The cheaters should not get another chance to defraud any other person. Whatever evidence that the duo showed to the banks was totally false. 

Moreover, they made the bank and others believe that they were not getting enough money from the show. Instead, they were in a helpless state by becoming insolvent. However, the banks raised some doubts about these activities and contacted the police. Finally, it has been proved that the couple was just pretending to be facing bankruptcy. It was one of their ways of getting away with a huge amount of money. 

The willful tax evasion also involved the name of the couple’s earlier Attorney, Peter Tarantino. Hence, the court also declared punishment for this fraudulent professional who repeatedly filed false income tax returns. The couple also formed a show-off company by the name of 7C’s Productions only to transfer the money illegally. 


Last month the makers announced a brand new Season 10 of Chrisley Knows Best with a complete renewal of the show. Moreover, you will be able to see all the exciting episodes of Season 9 premiering on 23rd June. But this news of imprisonment is putting a big question mark on the airing of the show. The USA Network is still silent on this matter.

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