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Best Dota 2 heroes in the esports scene

Dota 2 is one of the best games in the esports scene. With a lot of great teams like the Evil Geniuses (EG) making the game popular, the fanbase gets increasingly excited for every tournament that occurs on a yearly basis.

In a decade’s worth of games in The International (TI), the highest tournament in the Dota 2 esports scene, a lot of legendary heroes took the spotlight.

Which heroes are these and why should you care to even try them out? When playing Dota 2, matchups are incredibly important, which is why choosing the best heroes is at times the right way of approaching a game if you are seeking a win.

For Dota 2 tournaments like The International, here are the top-tier heroes in every game where the pro players are most comfortable with to start your Bitcoin esports betting:


There’s no question that the top Dota 2 players are huge fans of carry heroes. They dominate the game and they get all the spotlight when they snowball the rest of the opposing team during the late game.

When it comes to the best carry heroes, there’s no one quite like Terrorblade with his amazing offensive skills and a decent bulk that allows him to survive during the early game.

He can also split push easily using his images which clears up lines very fast. With this, he can get a lot of farm in very few minutes if a pro player plays him, which means it’s a nightmare for opposing teams to face.


Supports are often overlooked in the competitive scene because they don’t get the flashy kills that most players want to experience. Instead, supports like Lion are in the background doing the heavy lifting of team play.

Out of all the supports in the game, Lion is among the easiest to play. His effectiveness during the early stages of the game certainly helps his popularity, but above all else, his strong ultimate is what makes everyone fear him.

Lion’s Finger of Death is among the highest nuke damage you can find in the game. Alongside his stuns and disables, he is among the most popular in the support-tier and one of the best in the Dota 2 tournament scene.


Pudge is not the greatest hero in Dota. In terms of mobility and skill set, Pudge is often outclassed by other tanks in the game like Axe or Centaur. He doesn’t have the best armour and health points as well.

What he does have are a multitude of skills that are only unique to him. While he is the most mobile hero in the game due to his slow movement speed and huge hitbox, Pudge is still one of the most feared heroes in Dota.

As a mid hero, he is often juked because of his Hook and Dismember combo which ultimately kills any hero during the early game. By level six, he can roam the map and hide under shrubs to secure a kill via ganking.

Overall, Pudge is a popular hero that’s often picked in both the esports scene and the public games as well. This is why he will always be relevant at any stage in Dota 2’s patch.


When it comes to the most versatile and hardest hero to kill, Morphling has to be one of the top heroes for that. Known for his amazing mobility and difficulty in ganking, a farmed Morphling is one of the deadliest heroes you can face in Dota.

What makes him spectacular is his Agility gains that you acquire throughout the game, and with the right items, he can dominate any game easily.

His signature item, Ethereal Blade, is one of the most picked items for this hero. He can almost one shot any hero he can find with this item and it’s among the deadliest hero and item combo you can find.

Aside from his difficulty in the early game when farming, there are very few flaws to make when judging Morphling’s overall value, and this is the reason why he is picked all the time during esports tournaments.

There are quite a few heroes who can make it on the list of the most picked in the Dota 2 pro scene. However, these heroes are among the best and have contributed to the most incredible wins in The International history. When you enjoy Bitcoin esports betting, these are the heroes that you definitely should keep an eye out for the most.

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