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Will There Be Cursed Season 2? Canceled Or Renewed Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Plot

The regular Netflix watchers have been waiting eagerly for the second season of Cursed. The television series attracted hundreds of viewers in different countries with the first season. Hence, the cliffhanger of Season 1 made them believe that Season 2 is surely going to come. 

The novel of Frank Miller and Tom Wheelers came as a great story on the TV screen through this amazing series. Moreover, in the age of digitization, you can now catch the series anytime without any place restrictions on your computer or mobile. Netflix earned a huge income as Cursed started streaming across their platform successfully. 

When We Can Expect The Next Season Of Cursed? Overview Of The First Season

Before we discuss the second season, let us rewind the first season a bit. In July 2020, Cursed hit the screens of Netflix for the first time. Interestingly, it was a leading slot for one month after the release. The story is about a little girl with special powers. Nimue, the incredible girl, had the capacity to control the plants around her. The manipulation was for many causes. She came to know about this power after a long time and enjoyed every bit of it. 

However, such power made her a witch in the eyes of society. So, Cursed is actually the story of the struggle of an innocent girl and how society becomes unfair for many. But destiny always plans something different for every person. Thus, Nimue’s destiny also wanted her to be a sad lady due to all the unfavorable events in her life.

But nothing is permanent in life. When something bad happens to you, some beautiful moments are still waiting to come into your life. Wait for the right time to enjoy those happy times. 

Although the protagonist became a grief-stricken lady of the lake, she was not alone in the fight. After some time, a teen mercenary also joined her team. His name was Arthur he wanted to win over the red paladin. With every adventure, Season 1 brought new shades of Nimue in front of the audience. As a result, she became the favorite of many for the heroism that she showed at different stages. 

The performance of Katherine Langford as Nimue took the show to a great height. Not only that, but the other actors were also brilliant in their respective roles. Such an incredible plot made the viewers carve some more enthusiasm in Part 2. But unfortunately, it seems that Season 2 of Cursed will not arrive very soon. 

Cancellation Of The Second Season

After a year the release of Season 1, the channel decided to bring the second season sometime in July 2021. However, making everyone upset, Netflix canceled the show due to some personal reasons. But according to many, it happened due to the insufficient number of viewers for season 2. Although such a reason seems to be incorrect, no one came to know the actual reason behind this decision of the famous OTT platform. 

On the other hand, some supporters are also saying that this action drama can regain popularity only if it streams on any other platform. No confirmation about the happening of Season 2 is there to date from the makers. Thus, we do not have any other option rather than sitting patiently to see our wishes get fulfilled. What do you think about this scenario? You can always enter your comments and tell us how happy you will be if there is a Season 2 of Cursed. 

Of course, the news of the release date for a new season will come as a big surprise for all the Cursed lovers. The renewal is very uncertain to take place. Reports say that the makers have already released all the cast from the contract. This implies that they are now free to enter into any other contract and do other shows. Hence, it seems that your wait for Season 2 of Cursed will not end ever. 

Decision Of The Writers

On 9th July 2021, people came to know from a post of Wheeler that something interesting is on the way. However, the writer of cursed did not give any hint about the return of the show. Many feel that the question with which part 1 ended will remain an unsolved mystery forever. But whatever happens, it happens for a good. This time also the writer may have been thinking of something more eventful for the audience. 

The actors of the previous season were;-

The cast and crew of the previous part, most of whom were selected for the second season also, expressed their gratitude for getting a chance to work with such a fabulous team. The story was close to their heart too. 


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