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Amber Heard Reacts To Johnny Depp’s TikTok Post “Women Right Are Moving Backward”

Amber Heard received a beautiful message from Johnny Depp recently on TikTok. The court case of the couple was the talk of Hollywood for a long period indeed. However, it is the time to move on from the part of both the stars. Hence, her ex-husband of Heard thought it to be his responsibility to post something encouraging on the Tik Tok. 

Do you know what was the reaction of Amber Heard in this matter? Find out all the details in this content. 

Amber Heard Reacts To johnny depp’s Tik Tok Debut after trial

Tuesday marked the beginning of the Tik Tok journey of Johnny Depp. Moreover, he started this new app with a “Moving Forward ‘message for her ex-wife Amber Heard. Initially, Heard brought a case of physical torture and domestic violence against his husband. However, later on, Depp posted an audio clip on the internet and filed a defamation suit against his ex-wife. Finally, the verdict came against the actress leading to several negative remarks on social media also. 

After getting such a message from her ex, it was not possible to stay calm. However, she handled the situation smartly and gave a brilliant answer. Her response became viral instantly and impressed her fans a lot. 

Trial Results Of The Star Couple

The debutant post of Johnny Depp on TikTok began with a thankful message for the fans. He expressed his immense gratitude for all the followers who remained loyal to him throughout the trial. The final verdict was passed recently awarding $2 million dollars to Amber and $10.35 million to Depp respectively.

These amounts represented the damages the stars faced due to the double trial filed against each other. The case continued for a pretty long period of six weeks. Finally, the trial is over, the decision being inclined towards Johnny Depp. 

First Post On Tik Tok Page

The latest Tik Tok post of the Fantastic Beast star aroused curiosity in the minds of hundreds of followers on social media. It indicated that the star is all set to give a new start to his life. However, one of the followers stated that the rights of women are now taking a backward turn. It was a sarcastic comment against the post of Depp as the follower showed respect for Amber. But the fans of Johnny on the other side asked for a favorable reaction from his ex-wife on his debut post on Tik Tok. 

The full post of Tik Tok however did not have any relation with Amber Heard or their lives. Through his first post, the actor wanted to promote his new work and addressed the post to all his well-wishers and loyal fans. He also mentioned that his followers are his real treasure. Furthermore, he assured all his supporters that very soon all of them will move forward and walk the same path together, just like in the previous days. 

The star also added in the post that he considers all the followers to be his employers. If they exist, he exists. Within 24 hours, his post received a mesmerizing response from more than 4 million supporters. Thus, his debut on the new social media is undoubtedly a hit. 

Reaction To Amber Heard

Heard is of course going through a tough period after the final verdict came out. Moreover, she is also planning to go for another appeal against this order. But presently when the fans wished to see her reaction to her ex-husband’s post, Amber actually had nothing favorable to comment on. 

On Wednesday, the actress stated that she was unable to comprehend her grief from the present situation. Additionally, she expressed how heartbroken she was as the compilation of so much evidence could not outstand the powerful side in the court. Nothing affected her influential husband as the court did not believe any of her words. Of course, she feels that the court did injustice to her. 

According to Heard, such an order in favor of his husband is actually against all the women of the world. It is actually a setback for any woman who wants to raise her voice against all the wrongs happening to her. It shows that no one will stand beside these innocent girls. Moreover, public humiliation will be the only result of protesting against domestic violence.


Although the world claims to be a developed and educated one, the outlook of most men is still the same. Justice is still not there for any woman suffering from regular torture and violence. So, more people should come forward and understand the situation. Amber never wants the same results for any other woman who faces similar consequences.