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Father Of The Bride: Gloria Estefan’s Daughter Emily Revealed Her Appearance In The Movie

After the night screening of the new movie Father of the Bride, interesting news came into the limelight. Gloria Estefan told the media that her daughter will be playing a cameo role in this film. After hearing such brilliant news, the fans are feeling very excited. They are continuously posting on social media and expressing their willingness to know more about the character. 

The screening of the film took place recently at the Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival. It is great to find a movie on the relationship of a father and her beloved daughter to be a part of this amazing festival. 

Do you want more information on this topic? This content will answer all your questions and make you aware of the casting fundamentals for the upcoming movie. 

Why ‘Father Of The Bride’ Is A Special Movie For Gloria Estefan?

The movie, Father of the Bride is very close to my heart for Gloria. After almost 20 years, the actress is going to pair with Andy Gracia. Not just a co-star, but Andy happens to be a very good friend of the Grammy winner. However, the famous artist feels very proud by being associated with the remake of this classic film. 

Furthermore, this is her first work in the lead role. However, the biggest surprise is still waiting for the audience. Reports say that the role of the lead’s daughter in the movie will be played by her real-life daughter, Emily. It is indeed overwhelming news for the fans and followers of Estefan also. If you also belong to this group, please do not miss any updates on the upcoming movie. 

The appearance of Emily In The Film

At TIFF, Gloria revealed in an interview that this movie will bring lots of surprises for the viewers. Although it is a remake of a classic movie, several new features will be a part of this incredible and famous film. Furthermore, it will be a debut for Estefan’s 27-year-old daughter. In this movie, she will play the part of a younger girl, portraying the daughter of the main lead. 

The interesting story will begin in the backdrop of 2022. However, it will take you to a mesmerizing flashback after introducing you to the present plot. Thus, Emily will be seen playing the beautiful young lady as you travel back the years. It is not difficult to predict that the beginning of the movie will show the protagonist’s daughter in her late age.

Or maybe, it will throw the whole light on the Father himself. All is still a mystery now. Slowly, with the unfolding of every layer, you will come across the real story of the girl and the role of her father in her life. 

Gloria Estefan revealed all the details about the bagging of the project by his daughter, this Sunday. On the red carpet of the Film Festival, she shared how happy the proud mother felt after getting to know that her girl will be acting with her in the same movie. However, the happiness was secret as Emily does not like to share their stardom with her mother. She has a separate world of her own and is quite content with it. Therefore, it is indeed shocking that such a girl agreed to share the screen space with her mom. 

How Emily Bagged The Role?

If you are a fan of Gloria, you must have read or heard in her previous interviews, about how her daughter is shy to come in the public and show her face on camera. Hence, digesting the news that Emily will act in such a famous movie, is truly difficult for the audience also. However, with the confirmation from the mouth of the remarkable actress, it is now clear that her daughter will be a part of the movie. 

To convince her daughter, the actress told Emily that she should not think as if she was going to portray any specific character. Instead, she must feel that it is all about portraying the character of her own mother. Such an idea brought a smile to the young girl’s face and she looked more confident than ever. 

Undoubtedly, the situation was not an easy task for a non-actor who always try to hide from the camera. But it was a thrilling affair for the daughter to play the role of her mother in the movie. The movie already has a special place in the hearts of millions of people across the world who have already witnessed it in 1950.


Later, in 1991 also, it came to the theaters in a new attire. However, finally, in 2022, the remake of Father of the Bride is going to hit the cinemas with a bunch of new artists, and crew members. The updated version will come with more dramatic sequences and twists. Now, time is going to tell how much it will be successful in keeping the audience hooked to the screen. 

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