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‘Pop Star Love Triangle’ Dua Lipa Spotted With Netflix Star Aron Piper

Dua Lipa has a prominent name among the top British singers of this world. However, this time, reports are suggesting that the singer has an involvement in the love triangle. Reports indicate her to be in a pop star love triangle after the cameras caught her with her Netflix co-star Aron Piper. Things are still not very clear to the public. However, we have conducted a survey and got our hands on some of the delicate information about the artist and her romantic affairs. 

The 26-year-old was seen dancing madly with Piper in one of the nightclubs in Madrid. Moreover, she lost all her senses and kissed the Netflix star hard. Within seconds, the picture of this event went viral all over the internet. But this is not the only time that Aron’s name got involved in any controversy.

A few days ahead of this incident also, the media caught him kissing FKA Twigs. Thus, the public is quite confused about the artist’s love life. Furthermore, it seems that Lipa is seriously in a love triangle. To understand the topic more, please continue to read the entire content. 

The Dancing Stars In Spain: New couple Aron And Dua Were Spotted Dancing In club

A live witness wrote on social media that Aron and Dua were dancing like crazy in the club. Moreover, it seemed to be a dream moment for the Netflix star; whereas, Dua was truly living a carefree and crazy life while being in that situation. The duo looked amazing with each other and even caught the attention of many people present in the club that night. 

After the picture and posts of different spectators went public on Instagram, FKA Twigs came forward to post something more exciting. She shared a video showing Aron kissing her. Furthermore, the date proved that this kissing took place after the dancing affair with Dua. But it was only for a tik tok video where the two were greatly involved with each other and could not put their hands off. The entwined posture engaged the viewers also and hundreds of followers liked the video. 

But when the two videos of the trio Dua Lipa, Aron Piper, and Twigs became public, fans were only left in a dilemma. They repeatedly questioned all the three pop stars about the exact thing that was going on among them. The hot video in the Spanish club became a headline immediately. 

The Truth Behind The Kiss

The making-out video of FKA Twigs and Aron Piper forced many fans to frown. They posted their questions on the video itself about why they are seen in such a bizarre position. 

Everyone was familiar with the melodious singer Dua and her boyfriend Anwar Hadid. However, the long-term relationship finally came to a halt in 2021. After that, Dua’s name did not involve anyone to date. Hence, such a kissing video all of a sudden is making the world crazy. Furthermore, the most shocking part is that she was seen in an intimate position with Aron, the popular Netflix actor. 

The new post of Twigs made the matter more complicated. Now the media, as well as the public, are all confused about what is cooking between these three. Is there really any serious relationship among any of these pop artists or is everything only a flinch for a moment? 

Despite being in a healthy relationship with Hadid, the 22-year-old Dua decided to take a break. Moreover, she also expressed about the crisis period and how she dealt with the situation. The couple happened to be in the headlines most often due to the breakup and patch-up stories. This chain of love and hate relationships continued to woo the audience for a long time. 

Furthermore, such news became spicier with every such rumor or post of the artists on social platforms. It also prepared the media to form an interesting cover story on the love life of the pop singer. But finally, they ended the relationship permanently and no sign of a patch-up is there to date. It has been more than a year and it seems that Dua has moved on in her life. 

No Confirmation From The Stars

The two viral posts are disturbing the fans as they saw the kissing sequences with two different girls. Aron’s actual interest is a hidden fact now. However, none of the stars have opened up regarding the videos.


Everything is quite vague and you need to wait for the actual answers to come from the concerned stars. Let us now see what lies ahead of this love triangle and how the three are going to deal with the situation.