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Rafael Nadal Wins His 14th French Open Championship And A Record-Breaking 22nd Grand Slam Title!!

The world-famous tennis personality, Rafael Nadal clinches the 14th French Open Title. In the final round of the tournament, he went ahead with record scores by giving Casper Rudd a defeat. The brilliance of his performance caught the expert eyes of many. The scoreboard showed 6-3 and 6-3 in the first two rounds and 6-0 in the final round. Furthermore, the 22nd Grand Slam crossed all the records relating to the extension. The Roland Garros and the Australian Open series. The outstanding score of 112-3 for clay-court major let him enter the list of the top four leaders of the prestigious titles of 2021. Therefore, he shared the same position as Carlos Alcarez, the countryman. 

Overwhelming Experience Of Rafal 

The Spaniard earned the incredible crown of the 22nd Glam Slam and went on the same level as Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic. During the interview, Nadal said that he is unable to express his feelings at that point. Moreover, he also never believed that it could be true one day. Thus, the whole scenario became a memorable and special moment for the incredible player. 

While holding the trophy in his hands, Rafael played the most competitive game of his career. Moreover, he is 36 and did not think that such a prize was waiting for him. The sincere sportsman exclaimed that he will continue to give his best efforts in all the future games. Although he is not sure about the subsequent results, his main focus will always remain on the performance. 

Achievement In The Game In Paris

The remarkable achievement of Nadal also showed that the player was strong enough to fight any situation. His chronic injury in the foot could not stop him from winning the game in Rome against Denis Shapovalov. But the fortnight proved that these physical injuries cannot be a hurdle in the path of the excellent sportsman. 

Rafael Nadal, 36, improved impressively ending with a score of 14-0 in the final round of Roland Garros. Moreover, the first-set performance was very intense as the audience viewed the topspinning of the forehand. The Court Phillippe Chatrier was full of an enthusiastic crowd with cheers from every corner. It was a great moment in the French Open tournament. 

It was not very easy to trick the professional Norwegian and move forward. However, Rafael was smart enough to discover the correct strategy, surpassing the competitor at the important points. The correct moves brought him the trophy in the finals. 

The beginning of the second set was a slow one. Nadal did not rush immediately. He took some time to understand the game and strategy of the other player before planning his own moves. The basic moves became his strength in this part giving away scores of 1-3. The outstanding shots were stunning for the viewers also as he struggled to take more control of the game. 

Nadal showed all the energy by taking shots from both wings. It was a strategy to control the match before going for the third set. It took around 2 hours and 20 minutes to complete the round. Finally, victory came in the bag of Nadal after a tough fight with the opponent. 

Interview Speech Of Nadal

After winning the game, Nadal did not forget to express his sportsman spirit to his fellow player. He was overwhelmed to play against such a talented player like Casper in the Roland Garros match. Furthermore, in the interview, Rafael also expressed his gratitude for this player and wished him all the luck for a bright future ahead. He felt incredibly happy for Casper as the two weeks were the most important time of his career. 

After winning the game against the Norwegian tennis player, Nadal became the winner of four wins coming under the TOP 10 list. The ATP rankings of Grand Slam began to encourage the players from the days of 1973. In 1982, Mats Wilander got this achievement. In later times, the famous player Roger Federer received the title in 2017 for the Australian Opens. Hence, this match was a turning point for the career of Rafael Nadal. 

The record points of the season made him a dominant player for the ATP Race of Pepper Stone. At only the age of 36, this high-class player managed to win 63 tour-level titles. It is indeed a worth-mentioning achievement for any tennis personality. 

Rudd also showed his happiness to play against this outstanding player at Grand Slams. Although he lost the match, getting a chance to play with such a tough competitor is indeed something that every player will want. 


So, in the trophy ceremony, he stated with a smile that he was sure many more players got defeated under the stupendous performance of Nadal in several games. He also congratulated the star performer of the day for winning the 22nd title of Grand Slams. 

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