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Peter Phillips Makes His First Public Appearance With His Girlfriend

Peter Phillips Makes His First Public Appearance With His Girlfriend

The platinum jubilee celebration of Queen Elizabeth marked the first appearance of Peter’s girlfriend. The best part of this occasion was some glimpses of many young stars of the royal family. It is really rare to get all of them together to make a public appearance. 

The bunch of surprises took a new turn when Peter Phillips introduced his girlfriend to the common people. Lindsay Wallace is the dream girl of the elder son of Princess Anne. The moment was indeed a precious one for the whole country as the two walked the carpet in a grand style. However, it is still not known to the public the actual date from which they started dating each other. 

Some Interesting Information About The Couple

The mesmerizing royal couple celebrated the day with Mike Tindall, the brother-in-law, and Zara Tindall, the younger sister of Phillip. Moreover, they also enjoyed the company of Princess Anne, Philip’s mother. But this is not Peter’s first relationship. Before dating Wallance, he married Autumn Kelly. The couple was together for a long period of 13 years. However, things didn’t work between them after that. Finally, the two decided to get a divorce in 2021 June. 

The event was happening and brought all the family members together along with their friends after a long time. People saw the photos of the Wallace family on many royal occasions before. Hence, it is clear that the two families have been on good terms for a pretty long time. 

The photographs of the occasion clicked the couple together, happy with each other. They were shot laughing and giggling while being in the stand. It seemed that they saw something interesting on Lindsay’s mobile. So, it will not be wrong to say that Philips’ choice this time can be a serious one. 

The Special Weekend For The Couple

Things went very special for the couple as they spent a lovely weekend. The media spotted them at Epsom Derby. However, after this, they also looked happy at Platinum Pageant. The weekend program extended some more as Wallace and Philips attended the Platinum Party. This event was organized by the Palace and only the royals and their elite guests were a part of the occasion. 

The first public appearance of Lindsay Wallace as their official girlfriend of Peter became the hot news within seconds. No media missed out on the headlines and covered a fantastic story on the topic. Everybody in the royal family welcomed the special guest with a warm heart and treated her like one of the members of the royals only. The laughter was telling clearly how happy the couple was after revealing their relationship to the public. 

For more such moments of the incredible couple, you have to constantly check the news pages. The royal family is always in the news. Hence, when Princess Anne’s children come out with something notable, things will remain to be a piece of hot cake. The common people are always inquisitive about the internal affairs of the royal family. But of course, the members are not so closely knit now. They do not frequently meet with each other due to the changing lifestyle and hectic work schedule. Even some members do not like to live under the protected shell of the royal lifestyle. Rather, they prefer to do something on their own and make a new identity. 

Amidst this scenario, when any member of the family chooses a partner for himself or herself, it arouses interest among the whole nation. As a result, Peter and Lindsay preferred to keep their relationship a secret for some time. However, it seems that they were waiting for the right occasion to announce such brilliant news officially. And what can be a more precious event than the birthday party of the Queen herself? Her Highness was ready to make a cheerful public appearance with the entire family and close friends. 

First Appearance In Epsom Derby

The couple came out together in public in Epsom Derby, for the first time. It was a Saturday afternoon and the gorgeous duo did not miss the amazing chance to spend some time at the Racecourse of Epsom. Phillips came in a fabulous attire of pinstriped trousers, a vest of ecru color and paired them up with a marvelous black hat. 


The stunning lady beside him was the center of attraction in her Victoria Beckham dress. The salmon dress made her actually look royal with the cream fascinator. Moreover, she also flaunted a stylish and matching clutch with the outfit. 

So, they looked perfect with each other and presented themselves most handsomely in front of hundreds of spectators. The cover page of every newspaper showered praises for the royal couple. 

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