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Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker Is ‘Getting Pretty Close To A Sequel

The movie Joker caught the attention of almost all age groups in different countries around the globe. Moreover, the big-budget film was a huge success with the memorable performances of all the casts. According to a new and latest report, the audience will get to see a sequel of the movie soon. There are several signs from Joaquin Phoenix that they are pretty close to returning with a bang with another mesmerizing plot. 

Todd Phillips Is Working On A Sequel To Joker

After the mind-blowing response from Joker, there is no doubt that Warner Bros. is preparing for a sequel. However, reports are indicating that Todd Phillips is working on a sequel to Joker.

The shooting team is already geared up to start the process in 2023. It is going to be another energetic plot with lots of dramatic scenes and action sequences. 

What Phoenix Is Saying?

In the opinion of Joaquin Phoenix, the character Joker has some inherent magic that could not stop the filmmaker from exploring it more. As a result, he is thinking of coming up with a sequel to impress the viewers more. It seems that Warner Bros never expected such a demand for the sequel of the movie. Therefore, assurance is present regarding the second part of the great movie Joker. It is indeed fabulous news for all the Joker fans worldwide. 

The experience will be again overwhelming as you get to see the incredible Joker again on the big screen. During the shooting, Phoenix observed lots of things and understood that Joker is a great character to experience with. But he also expressed his uncertainty regarding the completion of the project. Hence, there is no specific news about the release date of Joker 2. 

Of course, to work with such an interesting guy is itself a memorable experience. However, planned things do not always happen in the same way. So, one must be ready to witness every unexpected thing while fulfilling certain wishes. The journey may not be that easy. However, continuous dedication will certainly give fruitful results. 

The BlockBuster Hit ‘Joker’ Ready For Part 2

The hit movie of 2019 won thousands of hearts across the globe and within weeks it succeeded in earning millions of dollars. Moreover, many people preferred to watch the movie multiple times. Hence, it is clear from their response that Joker indeed managed to create a profound impact on their minds. 

The average budget for the film was around $55 million. However, the unexpected return from the movie was more than one billion dollars and its popularity increased every single day globally. Warner Bros. considered the movie to be their topmost priority and hence they even thought of a sequel. Are you happy after getting to hear this?

But only receiving this favorable news will not be enough. The biggest question in this regard is the time of release for Joker 2. Furthermore, you must also be curious to know about the upcoming track of the movie. However, in October 2021, Kieran Bugg expressed in his reports the willingness of Joaquin Phoenix to make a sequel to the film. But on being asked, the award-winner said that he was not sure whether he would be able to fulfill the wish or not. 

The Shooting Is Going To Happen Soon

Are you thinking about the beginning of the shooting? It has already been started and is likely to move forward with the story in 2023. The whole world knows that the performance of Phoenix in the role of Joker was incomparable. Their outstanding performance also let him grab the prestigious Oscar Award in the category of Best Actor. 

Phillips is very close to turning all your expectations into a soon. Keep some patience and wait for the final release date of Joker 2. The ‘Pretty close’ is currently the only thing that you get to know regarding the status of the new movie. Although it is vague now, things will fall into pieces within a few months. Therefore, for the time being, you have to be satisfied by only the piece of news that a sequel is going to get ready for your favorite film Joker. 

Interestingly, on the other hand, Warner Bros expects that Philips will be part of the DC Films team. David Zaslav, the CEO of Discovery, also expressed his wish in one of the reports. However, Mikey Sutton leaked some days ago that this eagerness to have Philips in the team has a deep connection with the Black Label Movies of DC Films. Most of them will be tagged as R-rated ones.


But before Discovery took over Warner Bros, the famous brand was prepared to bring out the sequel of Joker. It was a dream project and nothing can beat it. Therefore, now, please be ready to see something new and more interesting in Joker 2. Probably, the Clown Prince will not open up more secrets about committing crimes. 

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