Colton Haynes Explains Why He Decided To Leave Teen Wolf And Arrow

Colton Haynes explains why he decided to leave Teen Wolf and Arrow.

The latest controversy is making the headlines in Hollywood these days. This is all about the famous web series Arrow. In one of the most unexpected developments, the news was released that the famous and the lead actor Colton Haynes would be a part of season 7, but to the worst surprise of everybody else, they would not be a part of the Finale Season. 

This News Was Confirmed By The Other Coasters Of The Web Show

In such a situation, everybody remembers the struggle after which this famous actress decided to appear in season 7 and how this decision was able to surprise each one of them.

Colton Haynes Explains Why He Decided To Leave Teen Wolf And Arrow

Most of the people, the cast, and the crew members have been wondering if he could be ready to act in season 7 and then what is the reason behind him not appearing for the Finale Season. 

The Controversy Of The Final Season 

There is a lot to know about this abrupt exit from the web series Finale Season. This news was confirmed by the other coasters of the web show who have agreed to participate in the last and the final episode of the web series. Most people have been speculating why this kind of shift is happening in the entire cast of the web show. 

One of the most probable reasons this could occur is the change in the storyline. It was also possible that he was not satisfied by the upcoming changes that his character was subjected to in the finale episode. But the exact reason for the same has not been confirmed by any of the sources.

Reasons For The Absence 

According to some of the sources, if Calton’s interviews are recalled, then in that situation, there is also a possibility that he was not called by the production team of the web show for the Finale Season. One of the most probable reasons it might have happened would be the ending of the contract between the production team and the actor, and the same would not have been removed over time. It has shifted the entire burden from the actor to the production team because despite calling everybody back to work for the Finale Season, the team did not reach out to the famous actor. 

Factors To Take Place 

Calton has made several appearances in season 8, but most people were taken aback by the decision that this amazing personality would not be a part of the Finale Season. This decision of his absence was not only able to impact the entire production team but also Calton himself personally because she had never expected him to have distanced himself during the Finale Season from the entire team. This was one of the biggest kinds of depression that he was facing for the time being, and he was hoping that at least he was made to come back in the Finale Season.

Perfect Beginning 

After the huge demand was brought to the surface, it became evident that the Finale Season would not be successful until and unless a part of it was transferred to this actor. It was important to mention that after noticing the audience’s heavy demand, the production team of this particular web series ultimately decided to include Calton in the Finale Season of the web show. 

Even though this appearance was only limited to a few minutes but still his inclusion in the Finale Season was not only essential for the success of the season but also as a mark of respect for a senior actor who has been able to participate in all the series and episodes so far.

Sign Of Relief 

In the latest interview, this actor expressed his gratitude towards the entire team and casting crew for having considered him at least for a few moments in the finale episode. He was able to make a statement that he was deeply touched by the gesture because he did not even expect this. Getting back on the sets of the web show he has been doing since day one for recording the few most precious moments of the Finale Season was something incredible and beyond expectation. 


This was the best way to provide the final culmination to this amazing web show. Everybody was happy and satisfied that the finale episode was all-inclusive and had not left anything behind. This is one of the most important perspectives that has been able to bring a huge amount of difference.


Once the finale episode is available for the public to view, they would also be equally surprised and happy by all the moments recorded and made a part of this web show. This is the perfect wrap to an amazing web show which has got extended to at least 10 episodes, and all of the 10 episodes have been a major hit.


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