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‘Vanderpump Rules’ Stars React To Tom Schwartz And Katie Maloney’s Split!

A lot of things happen in Hollywood at every point in time. But all the events in Hollywood are connected to such an extent that even a single change is likely to introduce a chain. Something similar to this has been happening with Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney. It is important to mention that the couple already got separated a long time ago, and now after the lapse of so much time, both are concentrating on their separate careers without each other’s life. They are also ready to begin a new chapter of their life professionally and emotionally. However, it feels like the co-stars of Vanderpump rules are facing the repercussions of the divorce and separation. 

Parting Of Ways Over The Decade

It was only two months before the couple decided to break up and part ways after being in a relationship for more than 10 years. Tom was able to post on Instagram that this is heartbreaking, but he now wants a separation at any cost for the personal well-being of himself and Kate. Instead of getting toxic, they both decided to end the relationship mutually and healthy without any fight. 

He only wanted to preserve the positive moments of the relationship he experienced in the decade. Both of them have been connected not only professionally but also personally. They enjoy a beautiful relationship with each other, but they both play an important role in the iconic web series titled Vanderpump rules. 

Understanding The Dynamics 

After the breakup, it is important to mention that the show’s Dynamics have been changed. Initially, nobody mentioned this kind of change, but after a sufficient lapse of time, the fellow actors and actresses have been able to come forward with the kind of effect that the entire web show has to suffer because of the personal conflict between the two most important actors of the show. It has been able to change the whole environment of the set. 

This is very discouraging because a person must always be in the position to separate the personal and the professional commitment and maintain a balance between the two. But this balance has been merged under the personal relationships, and now the true members are scared about the show’s performance in the upcoming Times.

The Casting Of The Crew 

The cast of this amazing web shows no doubt was very emotional initially On The Separation because the couple was one of the cutest couples on the sets. They all were friends with each other, but over the passage of time, the entire team of the show has got divided into two parts. This is not only heartbreaking but also very sad for the show. It has already been 10 years that they both have been sharing life with the cast and the crew team members of the show. 

This sudden division has been able reduce the unity and has been able to impact The functioning in a very bad way. One of the show’s co-stars can depict that nothing is the same on the sets of the show as it used to be before. They no longer have a gossip session. She also explained that everything is becoming very complex, and she wants a change. Until and unless the change does not occur, it is important to mention that things have to be taken care of. 

Personal Characters 

The personal dynamics have undergone a change and the professional factors that have been impacting the show have also undergone a complete change. This change should be in the position to be calculated, and steps must be taken to mitigate the same. If these personal issues are not solved within time, a very wrong impact would be automatically caused on the show’s overall productivity over time. This had to be prevented in the minimum amount of time because only by this method could a positive impact be felt on the show. 


This is one of the most important concerns which must be taken into conservation at every cost. This will be helpful in multiple types of regards because it is only when changes are introduced that the show would be able to enjoy what rating it used to enjoy before. 


All of this has pointed towards a single factor that anything can happen to any relationship, but it is important to keep your professional life separated. Because professional life is not separated from personal life, then not only the person who is undergoing a personal change will suffer but also all are the people who are connected with such a kind of person will suffer. This may not be the solution at any point in time, and this has to be prevented to avoid all kinds of confusion.

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