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Nick Jonas Shares How ‘Intense’ Being A Father Is For Him!!

Parenthood is one of the most beautiful feelings in the whole world, which can change how a person can behave. It is one of the most important concepts that must be considered because it can define personality like no other. Something similar to this is experienced by the newly formed father, who is none other than Nick Jonas. 

He Has Been Able To Express Many Feelings Altogether

In some recent interviews, he has finally disclosed a newly found perspective that has been trying to overcome him since he became a father of a beautiful baby girl named Malti.

He has been able to express many feelings altogether, which makes the matter extremely emotional.

Welcoming A New Member To The Family 

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas had delivered a beautiful baby girl by surrogacy some days back. The child was a pre-born child. That is why she had to spend at least 100 days in the ICU post her both. Nick Jonas has revealed that this entire period of 100 days was not easy because they were not allowed even to touch the baby, and she was under observation 24/7. This was technically the toughest feeling in the whole world because they could not even Express anything.

Changes That Have Been Introduced In Him 

But during a recent interview with variety Nick Jonas has been able to touch on the recent discussion about the mass shooting incident at the elementary school in Texas. He has now been able to make a more intense opinion because he now feels burdened to have become a father. He has been able to express all kinds of feelings and ultimately concludes that he now has a lot of responsibility for his Shoulders. 

He is trying to be very thoughtful and protective of his family because he does not want to do anything which might affect his health and career of Malti at any cost. He is basically in the position to express his gratitude towards his newly one daughter for having changed his perspective for the good because this perspective can only belong to a parent who is extremely protective towards his kid. This is the biggest shift that has happened to him over some time.

Responsibility And The Need To Vent Out More

Nick Jonas mentioned on Twitter that there is no need for the kids to worry about gun violence. It is important to mention that he expressed that this shooting incident was very hurtful because no kind of violence can happen at the cost of the children’s lives. He was also able to mention that he is not a normal citizen of America now but rather a father who is worried about the safety of his child once she steps into the real world. 

He can also acknowledge the kind of change that has changed this perspective. It is only a parent’s perspective because he now feels burdened with a huge amount of responsibility. All of this has depicted that Nick Jonas is a wonderful father who has been able to satisfy every important role of becoming one. He is very protective of his daughter. This has been able to change the perspective of the netizens and hence discuss other important things in life.

Changes that matter over the time 

Since the birth of his baby daughter, Nick Jonas has always preferred to be quiet and not speak anything out. Even the entire duration of surrogacy was spent in abeyance. But suddenly, after becoming a father, he is now responsible for concern concerning the safety of every child in the whole world because becoming a father is a huge responsibility. 

He cannot even think of any incident happening with his daughter, and that is why he wants this situation of law and order to improve in the country so that every child is safe. He feels that he can manage to give his child the best kind of protection, but what about the other family? They are not able to give this kind of protection to the children. He wants the government to take some active steps in this regard to prevent all of this. This is one of the most important concerns he has been continuously repeating ever since he became a father.



It would be right to conclude that this is the kind of achievement he has been able to register. He has become more responsible after malti entered his life. This is a beautiful feeling that has changed his life for the good. In this way, he has set an example for the whole world that raising your voice is very important. This will increase the possibility of you getting heard to the maximum possible extent.