Who Is Jojo Siwa? Jojo Siwa Slams’  SYTYCD’ Critic Amid Matthew Morrison’s Exit

Jojo Siwa

Hollywood always finds a new way to entertain the public in one way. There are so many gossips that happen in Hollywood that it becomes easier for the people to entertain themselves over some time. In one of the recent controversies that have followed, it is important to mention that Jojo Siva epically clapped back at a troll on Twitter who attempted to criticize her for not having the proper skills to judge. After already being dragged into a lot of unnecessary controversies, this is once again a tough time because, in this, she has to deal with the critics on social media platforms like Twitter. 

About The Controversy

As a part of this controversy, the troller mentioned that JoJo, by any stretch of the imagination, does not have the experience to dance, and she is not the right person to judge. She has judged the most famous dance reality show titled So You Think You Can Dance. This has been one of the most amazing dancing shows, which has been able to bring a huge amount of talent in front of the public. 

It has been one of the essential dance reality shows that people have liked to a great extent. The amazing show’s reputation and popularity have increased due to its amazing format and content. In such a situation, it becomes important to mention that it is normal for some controversy to always remain associated with the show. 

Facts To Be Mentioned 

It was recently that Matthew Morrison made an abrupt exit out of the four judges. All the people watching the show did not tolerate this because of him and his judgment. People wanted an answer from the production team of the show. They wanted to understand why this decision to get him out of the show was taken. Because by no stretch of the imagination, this particular decision was voluntary on behalf of Matthew Morrison. 

In such a situation, it becomes important to mention that this is the perfect kind of change that can ever be introduced into the life of the people. But such abrupt changes usually try to reduce people’s attachment to the reality show. Matthew Morrison had a huge role in the show’s success, and it was only because of his name and fame that a lot of people used to watch the show. 

How Is The Event Turning Itself?

The audience demanded Jojo Siwa’s dismissal from the reality show. They were able to tweet that it must be Jojo who should be out of this show and not Matthew at any cost. Most of the people will also be able to question the production team about the decision to choose Jojo over Matthew. They were also able to make the statement that their experience and the talent of Matthew were more than that of Jojo at any point in time. This was unacceptable to them at any cost and had to be changed because of the show’s success.

Way forward 

But it is important to mention that such criticisms are not hidden from Jojo. She has been able to clap all her hands towards these kinds of remarks. In one of the recent interviews, she was in the position to mention that she does not fault all this management decision because her addition to the board had got nothing to do with the exit of Matthew Morrison. 

This was one of the most important reasons why many factors have to be changed. It becomes important to mention that this will be helpful to her next level, and this will also help in the management of her temperament because she doesn’t want to lose herself in all these critics. 

She has been trying to avoid all these controversies to the maximum possible extent, but these kinds of Criticism and comments cause huge damage. This must change, and it is not the right approach to indulge in a blame game every time. She made such a type statement in one of the recent interviews that she was a part of. She wants to judge this show with all her dancing experience, but this is very defamatory. In such a situation, it has to be mentioned that many factors have to be considered.



During that period, management of the issues was helpful and able to get the maximum amount of support. This was important for maintaining their public image because she could not even do anything that could deplete that as well. But she has requested with folded hands that at least the public must support her talent and respect the same to the greatest possible extent. This is the only thing that she was expecting out of the public for the time being.


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