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Get Ready — RAM Gen 2 Set to Launch in June

Get Ready — RAM Gen 2 Set to Launch in June

NFTs are all the rage right now. Rising to fame in 2021 and remaining at the epicenter of conversations for blockchain and DeFi lends credence to the warm acceptance NFTs enjoy. From as little as a tweet or a simple art portrait earning you thousands of dollars in minutes to reaching a total trading volume of $40 billion in 2021 alone, NFTs have too much to offer.

But the bad guys are also well aware of how NFTs could turn your finances around, and are ready to capitalize on your FOMO (fear of missing out) and get your piece of the cake. Today, many scam and counterfeit NFT projects are peddled around, developing a bad reputation for NFTs as unideal investments. However, the good news is there are safe and secure NFT projects to join today. One of the most veritable projects to join is the RiseAngle Membership NFT (RAM NFT). It offers a secure environment and safe space to enjoy fantastic NFTs and encourages conversations that buoy you towards safe and smart NFT investing.

However, RAM Gen 1, the first generation of this membership NFTs, has closed, and now the second generation is in the pipeline, ready for public mint in early June. You should never miss the second iteration if you missed the first one. Let’s look at RiseAngle, and what they’re offering us through the RAM NFT Gen 2 project.


RiseAngle Inc is a leading virtual gaming company, distinct for developing and publishing disruptive, fun, and richly thematic games. They are the first gaming company with a particular focus on virtuous gaming philosophy, creating didactic and culturally enriching gaming experiences. The company name, RiseAngle, is symbolic, representing a level of abstraction that goes beyond the everyday blockchain experiences, a pointer to the incredible promises RAM NFT holds.

RiseAngle’s excellent storytelling abilities integrated into technologies like virtual reality, blockchain, and NFTs is its unique selling point. It has helped it unlock worlds of unlimited possibilities that will impart all we know about immersive storytelling. Learn more her on How the Metaverse Relates to Virtual Reality

So far, RiseAngle has released five games to the market across six different platforms with over 300,000 installs and lots of exceptional and groundbreaking products in the offing, such as World of Mazes NFT Games Metaverse and RiseAngle Membership NFT (RAM NFT).

RiseAngle Membership NFT — What Does it Offer?

RAM NFT is an inclusive NFT project that solves the challenge of hunting for the coolest NFTs to mint. RAM NFTs allow members to mint NFTs from different NFT collections every month, granting users exclusive access to 12 unique NFT collections.

NFT membership is one of the most promising yet undervalued sectors in the NFTs world, and RiseAngle NFTs offer a fantastic project that taps into the potential of membership NFTs and positions the holders for the best NFT experience. RAM NFT serves as a melting pot of different identities, connecting for the sole purpose of harnessing and enjoying the best of NFTs. There’s no denying that, indeed, RAM NFT is more of an experience than the product itself.

RAM NFT community activities are geared towards creating new products and experiences to deepen user identity and foster inclusion. The project grants owners access to an exclusive community, exclusive NFT collections, early access to partner NFT projects, and fantastic discounted offers which will be discussed in later paragraphs.

As said earlier, RAM NFTs exist in different generations. The first generation, RAM NFT – Gen 1, was released in 2021 and is limited to 400 units only. However, minting has closed. If you want to buy a RAM Gen 1, the only way to get one is to buy from other people on secondary markets like OpenSea. Most users believe that RAM Gen 1 is the best of RAM generations, but it is equally believed that RAM Gen 2 promises even better.

If you’re interested in finding out some of the benefits of RAM NFT Gen 2, you can take a peek at the intro video of RAM NFT that went up on Imgur. It has attracted over 400,000+ views, with swarms of NFT fans joining RiseAngle’s 50,000+ strong Discord server and 40,000+ followers on Twitter. Already, excitement is building, and many can’t wait to dive into the fantastic pool of collections in the RAM NFT Gen 2.

Ethereum backs RAM NFTs, making them transferable, tradable, and verifiable on secondary markets. Information on the RiseAngle Discord community confirms that the RAM Gen 2 will feature several exciting novelties.

Both Gen 1 and Gen 2 RAM NFTs have some similarities in functionalities, which is why you can hold any RAM NFT generations to mint from the new RAM collections. The primary difference between both generations is the extra months of memberships and additional perks for RAM Gen 1.

RAM NFT membership Gen 2 gives you exclusive access to 12 unique NFT collections, ranging from 2D art, 3D art, and digital comic books to metaverse/AR/VR NFTs. You get access to 12 exquisite collections in 12 months, all in one NFT.

Important Takeaways

However, it’s important to note that RAM Gen 2 has a limited supply of 1,000 units, meaning your minting is not guaranteed. The public mint sale price is at 0.15ETH. However, you can enjoy benefits from discounted offers. You can get a VIP Prebuy at 0.11ETH and get the mint link hours before the public mint, if you don’t want to undergo the stress of grinding your way into the Whitelist Class A, which goes at 0.08ETH.

There’s also the Presale price for persons on Whitelist Class B, which goes at 0.15ETH and 0.02ETH rebate after minting, subject to some other conditions. This also entitles you to the mint link minutes to the public mint and is open to Exceptional Utility Squad winners and Collab giveaways winners. To access these benefits, join the Discord server and follow the relevant channels for real-time updates.