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Olivia Jade Giannulli And Jacob Elordi Have Confirmed Their Relationship!!

It’s now official that Jacob Elordi and Olivia Jade Giannulli are together. For many days, people were speculating whether they are actually dating or not. However, the reports indicate that the two are happy with each other and officially committed. It is definitely a great piece of news for all the fans. 

The relationship status is more clearly explained in the content below. Please have a look to know whatever you wish to learn about your favorite stars. 

Beginning Of The Dating Of Elordi and Giannullli

Jacob Elordi, The Kissing Booth star, was not very open about his relationship with her alleged girlfriend Olivia. On the other side, Olivia is a remarkable influencer now and hence millions of people are following her on social media. Often, the two are seen hanging out with each other and made it official recently. 

For none of these lovers, this is the first relationship. Before coming together, Jackson Guthy was their boyfriend of Olivia and Kaia Gerber was his girlfriend of Jacob. However, after splitting with their respective partners Jade Giannulli and Elordi came closer. Although they did not accept this fact and kept the relationship a private affair, finally they decided to open up. 

Not only the casual dates but also the media spotted them hiking together at many places. Moreover, both of them love dogs and are thus seen taking a stroll with these furry friends. The sparks that arose between the fans whether the duo are dating or not, got a perfect reply when the couple did not deny the fact any longer.

The well-wishers are flooding their social media handles with hundreds of posts. We all wish that the couple stay together for a long time and continue to be very happy. Of course, the followers are now expecting what new projects the two will be working on. Furthermore, they feel pleased with the current romantic life of the couple and wish that they also grow profusely in their careers. 

Previous Dating Experiences Of Elordi

The list of dates for Jacob Elordi is a long one indeed. In fact, it is not easy to determine whom this sensational personality did not hook up with. Oh, that is indeed a big joke, but it is absolutely true that Jacob is a Romeo. The series of dates started with Joey King, his co-star of Kissing Booth.

This show used to come on Netflix and portrayed these two as the protagonists. The on-screen lovers continued their romantic affairs off-screen too within a few days. After being together till 2018, finally, they called it off. After that in 2019, Jacob’s name became involved with Zendaya. This fabulous actress was Jacob’s co-star in Euphoria. 

Within a year, he again changed his partner, and this time it was Kaia Gerber. However, the age of this relationship was only one year. Of course, he praised his girlfriend a lot and said in public that Gerber can handle herself very well while in public. Furthermore, he also confirmed that Kaia taught him how to deal with several unfavorable matters also with ease. 

But even after thinking so much about each other, they disheartened the fans with the sudden news of the breakup. In November of 2021, the news of their split became confirmed.

  But it is also amazing to see that Jacob does not want to be single for a long time. Hence, very soon after this split, he chose Olivia as her partner. And here comes the confirmed news of their sweet relationship. People who love Jacob are also aware of all his affairs. Hope this time he becomes serious and moves on in his love life also just like his professional field. 

Olivia’s Romantic Life In Brief

After Jacob Elordi, it is time to discuss the relationships of Olivia Jade Giannulli. But they are not as vast as Jacob’s. Of course, a few men made entry into her life, but no one managed to be a permanent guy.

The most prominent and serious relationship that people are aware of is that with Jackson Guthy. The two were in a relationship since 2019, but the on and off deals in their romantic life always put a question mark about the longevity of this pair.


Finally, in 2021, the couple declared a split. Trusted sources had once said in 2020 how much Olivia loved this man. So, her fans could not make the real reason for such a break-up. The Instagram sensation confirmed after a few days that she is absolutely single now. 

The rumors of her link-ups with Jacob spread only a few months ago. Everybody was skeptical about this relationship. But it seems that Olivia and Jacob are fully into each other and want to show their proximity in the public also. We wish the couple all the luck in the coming days.