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Kourtney Kardashian Adopts The Surname Barker After Marrying Travis In Italy

The Instagram profile of Kourtney Kardashian shows a change in the name of the actress. You can now see the last name Barker on her Instagram page. Furthermore, resources stated that Kourtney recently tied the knot with Travis Barker in Italy. Along with the professional marriage, the couple also confirmed it legally. Hence, we can now easily say that Kardashian is a “Barker” officially.

The third marriage ceremony was a grand affair indeed and ensured that Kourtney was very proud to get Travis Barker as her husband. It is more evident from her recent action by adding her husband’s surname to her name. Of course, the Kardashian superstar will remain so throughout her life for the world. But after the wedding ceremony on 23rd May 2022, Kourtney added Barker to her last name through the legal process. So, permanently she is a Barker now.

Kourtney Kardashian Changing The Last Name To Barker

Today social media is the most potent medium to declare anything you wish to share with the public. Similarly, Kourtney also utilized this mode to show her immense love for her husband Travis, and his family.

As per a source, the reality show star considered that changing the last name would strengthen the relationship with Travis’ family. Moreover, it will give a new meaning to her relationship.

Although being a Kardashian, Kourtney always enjoyed a special place on several occasions; this time, she was firm in her decision. But her family was not ready to accept this initially. They stated that Kourtney’s family has prestige, and hence keeping Kardashian in the last name showed her close ties and bonds.

Furthermore, one of their suggestions was to keep both the surnames together. That will be more meaningful and let her display her connection with both families. Finally, Kourtney liked this idea and immediately changed her name on the Instagram handle. The final name on the profile page is now Kourtney Kardashian Barker.

Legal Alternation In The Last Name

The change of the last name after marriage is not mandatory. However, when a girl wishes to accept the laws and the husband’s title consciously, she can add her husband’s last name. Reportedly, Kardashian also decided to alter her last name legally after obtaining the marriage license. She feels honored to take this step as Kourtney believes that it is her duty to show her respect for her husband through this.

The marriage rituals of Kardashian and Barker were a long drawn process, indeed. Reports say that the 46-year-old Travis tied the knot with 43-year-old Kourtney on 22nd May in Portofino, Italy. This was a grand celebration with all the family members present. Gabbana and Dolce was the celebrated brand by everyone there. But the star-studded function did not have the graceful presence of some relatives like Corey Gamble, Rob Kardashian, Kanye West, Scott Disick, and others. Moreover, Pete Davidson, the rumored boyfriend of Kim, was also missing from the nuptials due to his Saturday Night Live shoot.

Beauty Of The Formal Wedding

Before the formal family wedding in Italy, the couple had already entered into married life with each other in Las Vegas. However, reports say it was only a practice wedding with not-so-grandeurs. But both bride and groom wanted a special day dedicated to the most important day of their life. Hence they made all the arrangements for a beautiful wedding ceremony. The wedding in Las Vegas occurred only two months before the D-Day in Italy.

Furthermore, the couple also got the marriage license only a week before this whole big fat wedding affair. In Santa Barbara, the couple completed the legal procedures of a marriage. Additionally, Kardashian applied for the legal change of her last name in Santa Barbara only after the legal marriage.


The confirmation came just now, and the actress is more than happy to add “Barker” to her last name on the social media handle. It is indeed a big step for a superstar like Kourtney, famous for being Kardashian only. Even her reality show also has the title of The Kardashians. However, the couple also cleared that it was a personal decision of Kourtney and no one forced it on her. Her family members were against this decision.

So, legally, this significant change in the name easily reflects her trust in her husband and this marriage. The fans of both Kourtney and Travis are extremely happy after viewing this change on Instagram. Many of them are already flooding Kourtney’s page with loads of congratulations and Best Wishes for a happy married life. We only hope that the couple stays like this forever and gets all the blessings.

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