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Ahead Of Season 6: ‘I’m Forever Grateful’ S.W.A.T. Cast Member Lina Esco Is Leaving The Drama

S.W.A.T will now come in a new form in Season 6. Unfortunately, the fans of Lina Esco are going to miss the actress a lot in this upcoming Season. Yes, the news is absolutely true, and Esco confirmed it recently.

Although this has been a very difficult decision for the actress, for Esco, it was necessary. The exit of the favorite actress from such a cherishing series will surely upset the fans. Are you eager to know the real reason behind such an exit? Here are all the details about the news.

Lina Leaves S.W.A.T. With A Heavy Heart

On being asked about her role in the next season of S.W.A.T., Lina Esco remarked that she would remain grateful to the makers for making her an important part of the series. However, it will not be possible for her to continue appearing in Season 6.

The audience already understood the change in the storyline in the previous Season only with the new decision of Officer Alonso. Moreover, the scene showed that Chris is now more interested in supporting a social worker named Mama Pina. The lady is the owner of a safe house located in nearby regions to provide shelter to some helpless immigrant women.

However, due to some circumstances, this great lady is currently undergoing health disorders and admitted to a hospital. Amidst this scenario, Christine (Chris) wanted to be at her side. So, she has decided to bid goodbye to the S.W.A.T. team. Lina Esco told the story to Jim Street, her best friend. This sequence indicated that Esco would soon be leaving the show. It is heartbreaking news for all the fans admiring her outstanding performances in the series.

Statement Of Lina Esco

Esco, in an interview, revealed that although she is upset about leaving S.W.A.T., the current storyline of Mama Pina seems to be quite intriguing to the artist. After five years of continuous journey as Christ, Esco also felt a deep connection with the character. She thanked all her fans for being a great support system throughout.

This year, Esco took the director’s chair and made a debut in this new division of the entertainment industry with S.W.A.T. However, after being a successful director and actress, she now wants to come out of her comfort zone and try something more exciting. Lina believes that all her future endeavors will be successful if her admirers are with her always.

While discussing her character in S.W.A.T., Esco revealed that it was not a very easy task to portray a smart yet bisexual lady. Moreover, this intelligent personality appears to be very strong and confident. The character truly inspired Lina also as she played different shades. But now it is time to open a brand new chapter of life after this 5-year long journey.

Along with the fans, Esco also did not fail to show gratitude to every crew member of the S.W.A.T team and her fellow actors. The makers also showed immense respect and love towards the actress, specifying that no one can replace her in the show. Of course, everyone will miss Christ on the screen, but they have high hopes for the future of Esco.

The role of Christ is iconic among all the viewers of the show and so irreplaceable. Moreover, people already connected themselves with the thought-process and spectacular journey of the brave Officer. But every good thing comes to an end one day, and it is valid for the character of Chris too. Let us all wish all the luck to the fabulous artist and be with her forever.

Release Of The New Season

The sixth installment of S.W.A.T. took over the spotlight in April 2022. The Friday nights will be highly compelling as this Fall’s new episodes will begin to amaze the audience with the new adventures. Fire country and Blue Bloods are the two new series that will follow this entertaining show in the coming months.


Your journey will be very exciting as you continue to watch the show with the same enthusiasm. The thrills will be present in every episode of the new season, but there will be a vacuum for Chris. Undoubtedly, no one can take the place of Lina, but the storyline will have more twists awaiting you. Be with the makers and continue to support the show after its leave of Chris’s also. According to Esco, the viewers are the backbone of the show. Hence, let us all understand the reason for this change and appreciate Lina for her bright future.