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How To Use A Ring Light For Zoom Meetings? TONOR TRL-20 review

Since the arrival of the COVID pandemic, 70% workforce is still working from home, right? Due to this, we have to attend a lot of virtual meetings on Zoom or other platforms. And who doesn’t like to look good at these zoom meetings? Here we are not talking about makeup but the better lighting. Sometimes we make the room more lit but that makes our faces look fader in Zoom calls and the rest of the time, it’s too dark that shadows appear.

So what to do for the perfect lighting for Zoom meetings? if you are also struggling with this issue then Ring Light is a perfect one-shot solution for you. Do you know, why we are saying this? Actually Ring light does not focus on the background, instead, it majorly focuses on faces and makes them look brighter and more attractive.

Most of the time what happens is that two IT professionals on a video conferencing call, try to solve the problem, or are participating in a corporate call, at that time, the perfect lighting is what we need !! In the corporate meetings, appearance means a lot.

And if you are thinking that, ring lights for Zoom meetings will cost you a boom, then you are wrong, there are many affordable ring lights available on Amazon that work perfectly and are highly efficient. Check out TONOR 12″ Large Selfie Ring Light with Stand for more details.

Now the question arises How can you fix your lighting for Zoom calls using Ring Light? You may believe it or not, it’s definitely not that tough. Here we will give you some handy tips for better Zoom lighting.

What is a ring light?

Ring Lights are basically the lamps where LEDs are arranged in a circle. The main benefit here is that light spread evenly on the user’s face and makes it easier for the user to adjust the camera properly and balance the warmness correctly.

And the best part is that here this ring light can be placed on all sorts of gadgets like phones, webcams, or other cameras in the middle and provide an even spread of light. This enhances the colour and quality of your videos or video calls.

How much do ring lights cost?

Like most products, prices depend very much on the quality and features you require. Some light rings offer variable settings for colour temperature and brightness (this is a key one), colour filters, remote controls and a range of other accessories. They can cost upwards of a hundred pounds or dollars.

Now let us talk about how much ring lights cost? every product quality varies from company to company and above all, what features you require. Like many rings, lights offer variable settings for colour temperature and brightness, colour filters, remote controls and a range of other accessories. On the number of features and quality, cost varies. One product that I have found worth and value for money is TONOR 12″ Large Selfie Ring Light with Stand for Phone as it comes at very affordable pricing, Check out here. However, the price of ring lights starts from $20.

What do we like in TRL-20 the most?

  • TRL-20 features 3 colour modes (cold, warm, and natural) along with 10 brightness levels.
  • It adopts over-voltage protection and electrostatic shielding tech, making the average life reach 20000H.
  • The base of the light can be adjusted freely, which ensures you get the perfect angle.

How to set up and use a ring light?

Here are our top tips for getting the most out of a ring light.

1. Use mains power

One thing, you must ensure that the ring light you are using is recommended for use on a laptop or not. Since heavy brightness will draw more power and can lead to laptop damage if plugged directly into a USB port. It is always advised to use a phone charger or even a USB power bank if you need to be mobile.

2. Place the camera in the middle of the ring light

If you are using the ring light on your smartphone, then you should keep the ring light in the central position. You can also use a tripod here. Since the camera will be in middle, it will practically eliminate shadows and give the best results.

3. Using a ring light with a laptop camera

If you are using a ring light for a laptop camera, then place the ring light at the upper edge of the screen so that your face is illuminated properly.

4. Check positioning and reflections

You can also try setting ring lights at different distances and check which gap suits you best since the dimensions and lighting of all rooms are different.

5. Set the colour temperature

Many ring lights come with controls to manage colour temperature and pop. You can set the light the way you want – cool or warm.

Moreover, if you don’t have colour temperature control, then you can also try filters that clip onto the light itself and act like sunglasses to change the whiteness level.

Note: You can get ahead with your ring light with a special offer until May 22, 2022. From its original price of $57.99, you can get one of your own at $33.99 on Amazon.

Wrap Up :

Nowadays every swanky vlogger, or professional photographer use Ring Lights. They are easy to carry and have taken the photography world to the next level. It also brings light and makes your features look brighter by drowning out the background noise to create a stellar appearance. Check out some best ring lights here



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