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Hannah Gosselin Reveals Why She Chose To Live With Her Father Jon!

For many days, one question has been floating in the air about the decision of Hannah Gosselin. Currently, the actress is residing with her father. Kate and Jon Gosselin are the parents of this young lady.

Currently, She Lives With Her Father

The occasion of her 18th birthday became more special and crucial, too, as she revealed the reason for supporting her dad. The superstar is presently living with her dad. Her brother Collin also supported Hannah in this and started living with Jon. Although they are missing their fellow sextuplets, such a decision was necessary.

Hannah’s opinion about this matter is described in this content. Of course, it is a personal decision of the daughter whether she prefers to stay with her mom or dad. But to mitigate the queries of the public, Hannah Gosselin is ready to open up about her personal life. We are going to discuss this here.

Confession Of Hannah Gosselin

While giving an interview on her birthday, Hannah Gosselin confessed the real reason. She stated that Hannah has always been closer to her dad than her mom.

Since they shared such a strong bond, it was difficult for Hannah to stay away from him even after the separation of her parents. Moreover, a one-to-one relationship is not possible in a family with so many kids. But it is definitely a great thing that Jon always cared and showed more concern towards Hannah, which made her feel very special throughout her life.

Of course, it was not easy for a mere teenager to leave her siblings and come to her dad. But as per the young Gosselin, this was necessary for the betterment of the family and her.

Although she was not willing to stay away from other siblings, Hannah was not comfortable staying with her mom. This made her make the final decision to leave her mom’s place.

However, this does not mean that Hannah is not keeping any connection with her mother. The actress is confident that her mother is doing very well in life, and as a daughter, she is very happy to see that. Furthermore, according to her, she is in regular touch with her mom, and it’s pretty normal.

The Jon & Kate Plus 8 Self star is also confident about the well-being of her siblings. Undoubtedly, she missed all of them a lot, but that is how life is. It must go on and on. It is important to face the challenges when life makes you go through a roller coaster ride. Hannah does not have any problem staying away from her mom. She says that it is her duty to support that special person who means a lot to her.

Wish On The Birthday

Hannah was very spontaneous in revealing her wish to stay with her beloved father. However, on the special occasion of her 18th birthday, which she shares with sextuplets to her parents, Hannah also got a lovely birthday message from her mother. This shows that everything is pretty normal between the mother-daughter duo.

Hannah said that it was a simple text from Kate that contained nothing exaggerated. However, she felt that her mother loved her a lot, which was enough for her.

It implies that Kate also respects her daughter’s decision and does not want to interfere in questioning her on this. The teen told the media that there is no doubt that she misses her siblings very much. But after all, birthdays are special for all of them. So, everybody will be enjoying the day with loads of wishes from the near and dear ones. Moreover, it is the 18th birthday of the children, and hence everyone has some longings for it.

For so many years, they have been habituated to sharing their birthday together. However, this year, Hannah’s siblings also did not miss to wish her first just after she opened her eyes in the morning. For the birthday girl, it was indeed a very sweet moment.

Hannah also expressed that she is having immense fun while staying with her dad and brother. The brother-sister duo is ready to stand by their father firmly and enjoy the occasion to the fullest.

Jon Gosselin was also very frank while giving a candid interview on the occasion of her daughter’s birthday. Collin and Hannah have been staying with Jon since August 2021.

They are very happy with each other and do not let the past have a negative impact on their present. Although the decision to leave her mom’s house was difficult, Hannah did not take considerable time to arrive at the right decision. She is only a teenager but handles every situation maturely. From her words, it is clear how much love and respect are there in Hannah’s heart for her father.

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