Pooh Shiesty Net Worth In 2022: Personal Life, Career, Age, Height, Brother, Girlfriend!!

Pooh Shiesty Net Worth In 2022 Personal Life, Career, Age, Height

Pooh Shiesty, one of the shining stars among the rappers of America, is a wealthy personality at present. Furthermore, the peculiarity in the artist’s name attracts millions to hear his voice. It is a combination of his birth name and stage name. He got this unique name from his brother and still now considers it lucky for so much name and fame in the music industry. Do you wish to know more about this fabulous artist and his net worth? This content can provide many answers to many questions you are bearing about Pooh’s personal life. Learn the secret of this exceptional name.

Pooh Shiesty: Net Worth, Personal Life, Career, Age, Height, And More

Pooh Shiesty, an American rapper, won the audience’s hearts with the incredible single Back in Blood. Furthermore, his name is very common in multiple albums and close to heart for many. The birth name of the celebrity is Lontrell Emeka Williams Jr. However, in childhood, people used to refer to him as Pooh. But the addition of Shiesty to this name is the idea of his brother, who is no more in this mortal world. He was influenced by Pooh’s lifestyle, termed “Shiesty.” The artist also collaborated with Gucci Mane and came into the headlines in 2020.

Pooh Shiesty Net Worth In 2022 Personal Life, Career, Age, Height

Quick Facts About Pooh Shiesty

The life of Pooh Shiesty is highly interesting, with success at a very early age. The young guy is only 22 years and has already given this world many musical hits. Furthermore, the American superstar is a popular hip-hopper, songwriter, and renowned rapper. 178 cm is the approximate height of the celebrity whereas 72 kg is the average weight. Scorpio is the zodiac sign of this spectacular artist.

How Much Does Pooh Shiesty Earn?

Pooh Shiesty earns quite a considerable amount from the American music industry. However, he also owns a garment brand making a good amount. Furthermore, his Youtube channel gives around $198 thousand every month. The connection with so many business giants ensures that his bank balance increases rapidly.

Pooh Shiesty Age and Early Life Explored

Pooh Shiesty took birth in Memphis, Tennessee, to Gladys Baines and Mob Boss. His birthdate is November 8, 1999. Pooh, born in Montreal, became interested in music very early. In the initial days, the family stayed in Texas for some days. But ultimately, all of them came back to Memphis.

Moreover, the primary people responsible for growing this love were his father and brother. Pooh’s father was also a marvelous rapper. Later on, the Summer School of Memphis played a significant part in enhancing his knowledge of music. Finally, Pooh completed his graduation and pursued music as a serious career.

However, not many details are there regarding the names of his educational institutions or his siblings. But many reports clarified that TeeDa P was his brother and a remarkable hip-hop artist. Unfortunately, the world lost this talent very soon. His Instagram account shows how attached Pooh is to his family. After the demise of his brother, the famous celebrity was grief-stricken. As a result, he could not manage to sing anymore and took a long break. After spending some time in solidity, the rapper made a comeback.

Girlfriend/Wife and Children Of Pooh Shiesty

Pooh Shiesty is reportedly single as per the official records. However, the rumors indicate a romantic relationship between the artist with a Petite Girl. But the truth is yet to be revealed from the mouth of the rapper himself. This story was everywhere on social media after a video of the duo went viral. Interestingly, another development in the personal life of Pooh brought his name to the headlines once again. A stylist suddenly declared to the media that she was expecting a child with Pooh Shiesty. This information came as an alarming fact to the rapper, his family, and also his fans.

Pooh Shiesty Net Worth and Career

The average net worth of Pooh Shiesty is 2 million dollars. This amount results from combined earnings from the music industry and his merchandise brand. The collaboration with top-notch companies like Gucci Mane played a big part in enhancing his income.

The music video of Pooh’s single Hell Night caught the attention of millions of global listeners overnight. It was released in 2019 with one of her friends, Big 30, playing a major part in the video. After this, his career took a great turn with the launch of the next big single track Shiesty Summer. Soon after some consecutive hits, Pooh did not get any chance to look back. Success is now the only thing that is present in Pooh’s life.

Interesting Facts About Pooh Shiesty

Although Pooh’s songs and rapping styles impressed hundreds of listeners, he has some ongoing criminal proceedings. Controversy is a frequent thing that keeps on coming into his life. The days in prison are a black mark in the youngster’s career.


If you love American music and rap, Pooh Shiesty must be on your wishlist of songs. His musical career started at an early stage and grew profusely with many hits.