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Gizelle Bryant Is Now Dating Cynthia Bailey’s Ex-Husband Peter Thomas!

According to several sources, Gizelle has been hanging out with Peter a lot freshly. She has been spotted at his new Bar One restaurant positioned in Baltimore Harbor. Individuals who have seen the two interrelate have said they seem very close. Despite neither of them confirmative or denying their relationship, there are a few signs that approve they are dating.

Peter Is Most Known For His 2017 Divorce From Cynthia Bailey

Whereas, Gizelle has been a common customer of Peter’s new Bar One restaurant in Baltimore Harbor, according to several people close to the production, and the two have construct more than a friendship.

Gizelle Bryant

At least five scenes have deceptively been shot at the restaurant by the Bravo, and Peter’s new Miami Bar One location also got some screentime throughout the cast’s trip to the Miami.

Whereas, sources close to Real Housewives of Potomac star have said that Peter is being filmed for a forthcoming season of Bravo show. Not just that, but his relationship with Gizelle Bryant is her whole storyline.

This can only mean their relationship will be Gizelle’s major focus coming season. Some sources claim Peter will advantage the most from being on The Real Housewives of Potomac.  

Peter gets inordinate publicity for his restaurant. His Miami Bar One location also got airtime throughout The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip. Fans questioning Peter’s motives will just have to wait ’til the coming season to approve his intentions.  

Although, Gizelle’s denial of this rumor squashed the news pretty rapidly. Some fans were thrilled about the possibility of this stimulating Housewives crossover. Also, it would be inordinate publicity for Peter’s businesses, as he has presently been having financial problems, involving a debt of $450K in back taxes. 

Peter And Gizelle Have Been Separated From Many Years

Gizelle and her ex-husband, Pastor Jamal Bryant, have been separated since 2009. The couple split owing to Jamal’s several infidelities but endured to co-parent their three children: Grace, now 17, and twins Angel and Adore, 16.

The couple offered it another try for a few years, which played out on the RHOP, but the long-distance of Jamal living in the Atlanta kept their relationship from continuing, and Gizelle called it quits during 2021.

About Cynthia Bailey And Peter

However, Peter is best known for his relationship with the Cynthia Bailey which ended with their divorce during 2017. Their marriage came to an end throughout filming of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Cynthia and Peter’s relationship was full of a lot of ups and downs; Most remarkably, Peter’s failed business and his usage of Cynthia’s money to fund his unsuccessful businesses. 

Peter spoke to E! about the prerogatives that he had taken his then-wife’s money saying, “I have never cheated on Cynthia. She knows this. I have never taken any money from her. She knows this. I have never done anything wrong, but love and protect my wife. She sees this, too.”

Above the beyond, earlier that similar day, Media Take Out had shared a report, appealing that after becoming a common visitor of Peter’s Bar One restaurant in the Baltimore, Gizelle recognized “a relationship” with Peter.

Although the outlet specified that they couldn’t authorize the romance, they said that individuals who have seen the supposed couple interrelate with one another were persuaded that something was going on between them beyond the friendship.

The report went on to say that Peter has looked in front of the cameras among production on the fresh episodes of RHOP and that his supposed “relationship” with Gizelle would “be the center of her storyline.”

Reasonably, Real Housewives fans on social media went wild at the thought of the edge. But just as Gizelle considered the romance rumors as “false,” Robyn spoke to The Reality Rundown, seconding Gizelle’s claims that the reports or rumors about her and Peter were “not true.”

Who Is Gizelle Bryant Dating?

After decisive to break things off with Jamal, Gizelle gave fans an apprise on her love life post-split. Throughout Season 6, she elucidated to her daughters that she was “casually dating” someone but never revealed more information about the mystery man.

During the season, Gizelle also decided not to showcase her romantic interest in RHOP. The decision was dissimilar for the EveryHue Beauty CEO, as she classically shares her relationship with the fans.

Gizelle previously flourished retired NFL player boyfriend Sherman Douglas, who she dated for 2 years. Gizelle felt she was more contributed in them staying together throughout their relationship than Sherman.

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