Amber Heard’s Witness List Includes James Franco and Elon Musk, Here’s Why

Amber Heard's Witness List Includes James Franco and Elon Musk, Here's Why

The defamation trial of Johnny Depp has been continuing for a long time. Every day, new evidence and witnesses are coming into the picture. However, it is still unclear whether the accused is guilty or if there is some more to the story.

The trial began with filing the suit against Depp by his ex-wife Amber Heard. Heard posted a social media post claiming that she was an unfortunate victim of domestic violence and wanted justice against such tortures. As a result, Depp suffered a lot of humiliation and even rejection from Hollywood. But the supporters of Depp prepared an online petition against this trial.

Amber Heard’s Witness List Includes James Franco and Elon Musk

This time Johnny made an audio clip viral where the listeners heard that Amber was accepting the wrong deeds she had done with Depp. In other words, the story is the opposite. Not Amber, but Johnny was the real victim of domestic abuse in his marital life with Heard. Things went complicated, and to date, the trial did not receive any final order.

Amber Heard's Witness List Includes James Franco and Elon Musk, Here's Why

Recently, the names on the witness list in favor of Amber Heard made people frown. They are renowned personalities like Elon Musk and James Franco. Are you also curious to know about the connection? Be with us till the end to know everything related to this high-profile case.

Connection Franco With Johnny Depp Case

James Franco has known Amber Heard for a pretty long time since they were a hit pair before. Heard and Franco worked together in The Adderall Diaries of 2015 and Pineapple Express of 2018. However, it was unexpected that James was a witness in the trial of Depp. The name first time appeared in connection with the case of The Sun. This British newspaper termed Depp the ‘wife-beater,’ and Johnny filed a suit against this daily. On this behalf, Heard stated that Franco was shocked to see the condition of her face. Moreover, he believed his co-star and questioned her about what was the matter. After this witness, Johnny Depp’s suit could not stand firm, and he eventually lost.

However, the actual matter did not stop here, and the trial took a new turn after Amber came forward with a new lawsuit. In the previous week, Depp testified that he suspected his ex-wife and Franco had a romantic relationship. James Franco’s name thus again got linked with the domestic violence case of Heard and Depp.

In response to such an allegation, Heard presented an audio clip. People could hear Depp confessing that he was jealous of every male co-star with whom Heard worked. So this explained that Depp’s testament did not hold good in the court of law.

Role Of Elon Musk In The Defamation Suit

The next name that surprised the audience concerning the defamation trial is Elon Musk. According to his words, after having a split with Depp, Amber Heard became involved in a relationship with Musk. However, one of Johnny’s agents confirmed that the couple had parted ways. Amber’s social media post in 2017 also indicated that she was going through a disappointing breakup. In reply to this post, Carino, Depp’s agent, put a question about her feelings about Musk. He publicly expressed his anger against Heard and wrote that the actress was never serious about her relationships. Hence, there is no point in gaining sympathy from the public by posting such fake feelings.

Expected Declarations From Franco and Musk

Since the names of both Musk and Franco have a close connection with the life of Amber HEard, undoubtedly, their witness may be relevant for the course. Although, till now, they never appeared in the witness box, it would not be wrong to expect positive remarks from both of them on being called subsequently.

The story of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp began in 2011 when the two met on the sets of a movie. They were into each other so much that finally, the couple decided to take vows in 2015. Unfortunately, the relationship did not sustain for long, and in 2016, Heard filed a divorce case. Her allegations against her ex-husband were very serious. As per Amber, verbal and physical abuse were too much to handle for the actress. Hence she decided to end all ties with this cruel person.

The defamation case is still going on, with many twists and turns coming and going. Musk and Franco’s involvement in the case made the trial spicier. It is still not sure when the court will declare the final order.