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How to Make Sure That Your Instagram Profile Is Secure While You’re Organizing Its Promotion?

Today Instagram is the biggest social media network that suits almost anything you can think of. People come here to share their interests, their good memories, to find new friends, and of course, to advertise, promote and sell their products and services. You’ve probably heard about the chance to buy Instagram followers – and you’ve probably also heard about how it can be somehow harmful for people’s Insta profiles and how you should try to avoid that if you’re aiming for quality promotion. Today we will tell you why this is a major misunderstanding, how to stay safe while purchasing something for your account and why this service is necessary for your profile’s quick growth. Let’s go!

So, first of all, you should remember the simplest thing: if somebody or something on the Internet is asking for your personal data, run for the hills. We mean literally anything, that’s not your Instagram account name or an email address. Your own name is also kind of safe to tell people, but not in every case possible. If we’re trying to summarize, then the decent promo website or a promo professional should ask for:

  1. Your Instagram’s account name
  2. Your email (to send you a paycheck or any additional info about the payment)
  3. Your name (might be needed for a payment)

Passwords, addresses, data that’s on the card – all of those are prohibited to tell anyone, because this information can be used to harm you. It goes to online and physical safety even, so in no case should you be saying anything more than that to anybody whom you’re willing to cooperate in terms of promotion.

Now let’s talk about why the paid service itself might be harmful for anybody’s profile. What do we know about them? When you’re purchasing paid subscribers or thumbs up, those are coming to your page’s count and create an illusion that your profile is already successful and interesting to many people. It plays a nice psychological trick on people who are randomly looking through your page and increases the chance of them wanting to subscribe as well. All correct! But what about the harm, is it even possible?

Yes: but only in one case. If you’re purchasing fake likes and followers, you should be very careful with what exactly you’re buying and whom you’re buying it from. The “followers” that are actually bots will “destroy” your page: first of all, Instagram algorithms are super smart today and these will easily scan that your main audience consists of the fake profile pages. Therefore, it won’t show your content as recommended to any real people – only to fake pages, like those that already follow you. Not that nice, isn’t it? And second of all, if you’re purchasing fake subscribers, those are very easy to distinguish from the real pages: people who will go into your subscribers list will see straight away that you’re faking everything. And that’s not wanted either.

So, if you’ve planned on using paid services to boost your account’s promotion, you should check whether you’re going to purchase bots or real people. And yes, the second option is very much possible: it’s going to cost more, it’s going to take a tiny bit more time, but it’s going to be so much better for your page’s reputation and online statistics. Don’t hesitate and look for a quality promotion package that’s going to take you straight to success.

Also safety comes from having a suitable option for making the payment – if a company that you’re looking at is offering one or two ways of paying for the package, there might be something wrong with it. A decent company that works orienting on its clients comfort should have all the possible corridors for money transferring, plus they should also give you a chance to pay with cryptocurrency. It’s just how things work today, and it can say a lot about a certain promo website.

Let’s summarize: if you want your promotion to go safely and smoothly, make sure that you’re giving away only the data that’s needed to find your page on Insta and make a money transfer for your purchase. Check twice if you’re purchasing bots or real followers and don’t be shy to talk to the company’s manager to figure everything out before you pay them any money. The customer is always right and you have all the rights to ask whatever you want to know about the process of the service’s delivery, etc.

Making money off your account on Instagram is totally possible, more than that, it is possible literally from day one if you do everything right and don’t neglect the chance to add some professional help to your own efforts and time.

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