Is Ranboo Gay? Is He ‘Okay With Gay Label’? Ranboo Age, Height, Net Worth, And More!

Is Ranboo Gay

Twitch and YouTube are two incredible social media platforms to keep the audience engaged in some fascinating videos. Ranboo is one such social media influencer on both the platforms of YouTube and Twitch. The real name is still not known to the world.

Is Ranboo Gay? Is He ‘Okay With Gay Label’

However, the world refers to this incredible youngster as “gay.” But it is still a complicated affair whether Ranboo took it in a positive sense or negatively. In this context, we will be discussing the impact of this title on Ranboo and other facts about the famous personality. Moreover, the informative article will provide sufficient evidence whether Ranboo is Gay or not.

Ranboo’s Personal Life And His Sexual Orientation

Ranboo is only 18 and a very interesting guy, indeed. The streamer took birth on 2nd November 2003 and is currently a youth icon. He is giving a tight competition to all the private streamers, mainly involved in Minecraft. Millions of fans praise Ranboo’s incredible videos and ask for more such content.

Ranboo loves to interact with the audience and considers every opinion very seriously. For more than two years, a rumor about his sexual orientation has become a hot topic globally. However, there was no final reaction from the end of Ranboo. Most people believe that he is gay. But the audience was not sure whether he was okay with that.

Recently, the Question & Answer session of Ranboo clarified his actual thoughts about these sayings. However, most fans could not overcome the confusing state as he was not clear about his opinions of the Netflix series, Heartstopper. This show portrayed the love between two boys. On being asked about his favorite characters of this series, Ranboo sarcastically told how many clues he needed to give to the world in reply to the rumored sexual orientation. But at last, he clarified that he does not have any problem with the Gay label.

Quick Facts About Ranboo

The 18-year-old Ranboo is 6 feet and 6 inches tall. Ranboo prefers to keep his face hidden with a mask. Besides, the weight of this youngster is around 68 Kg. Ranboo’s brown eyes are really dreamy, and his dark brown hair can win the hearts of many. His hobby is traveling.

The social media personality is a Christian with the zodiac sign of Capricorn. Coming from an American town, Ranboo is a sensation today. However, his real name is still a mystery to the world. He is not very fond of giving interviews frequently. But to satisfy the fans, he managed to help a Twitter session address all the queries of his followers.

Net Worth and Career

The primary source of income for Ranboo is YouTube and Twitch videos. $4 million is the estimated figure for this social media sensation’s net worth. Furthermore, Ranboo’s career started in September 2020. Minecraft fans have been following him for a long time. But unfortunately, the world did not get any content from this talented personality recently.

The channel of Ranboo is mainly for video games. Therefore, the gamers follow him a lot for all the updates about the upcoming levels of various exciting games. Besides Minecraft, some of the popular games in this respect include UNO, Super Mario Party, and others. Thousands of enthusiastic followers joined his channel and made him a sensation within a very short duration. Furthermore, its YouTube channel of Ranboo currently has more than 56 thousand subscribers. The number is rising profusely with every passing day. This shows how much people enjoy his content and consider his videos to be one of the primary sources of entertainment. His reach on Twitch has crossed 3.9 million already. Although his inconsistency is one of the drawbacks for a social media influencer like Ranboo, people are still crazy about him. You can find over 58 million videos currently streaming on his channel.

Interesting Facts About Ranboo

The Twitch streamer posts some marvelous content quite often and impresses his audiences greatly. Unfortunately, not much information about his parents, siblings, or early life is available. He prefers to remain secretive and not open up about his family much. However, as so many people showed interest in his sexuality, it became evident for him to come forward and give some answers.

Although his words were vague initially, Ranboo made things clear with a video clip from Heartstopper. He happily agreed to be called a gay and does not feel disappointed about this. According to the renowned personality, there is no harm in being homosexual. Moreover, several movies and shows are coming now to portray the stories about gay couples.


Ranboo connects with the audience through YouTube and Twitch channels. Furthermore, his Twitter account is also there to hear audiences. As a result, the incredible youth sensation is now a prominent public figure worldwide.

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