Zara Phythian, And Her Husband Victor Marke Have Been Accused Of Having Sexual Relations With A 13-year-old Child

Zara Phythian & Victor Marke

In a recent report, the Doctor Strange actress Zara Phythian was accused of repeatedly having sexual relations with a young adolescent after grooming her alongside her husband Victor Marke. According to reports, the girl, who is now an adult, testified in court that the majority of the abuse was filmed because the couple was attempting to recreate pornographic scenes.

Zara Phythian And Victor Marke Are Accused Of Having Sex With A 13-year-old

A total of 14 joint charges of sexual activity with a child have been levelled against Phythian and Marke, who both deny all allegations. The woman has told police that the abuse occurred over a three-year period, between 2005 and 2008, when she was between the ages of 13 and 15 years.

According to the woman, she looked up to Phythian and her husband due to the fact that they were both martial arts instructors. In one instance, Phythian allegedly provided her with alcohol and instructed her to engage in oral sex with Marke, who then engaged in sexual relations with the two of them.

‘I knew what I was doing was wrong, but I didn’t know how to get out of it or say anything,’ she admitted to the police,. ‘I knew it was wrong, but I didn’t know how to get out of the situation or say anything,’ she said. At the time, I remember trying to mimic Zara’s reaction because I admired her and wanted to be just like her in every way.

Zara Phythian & Victor Marke

The woman also testified in court that Phythian ‘coaxed’ her to become more proficient in her sexual activity. She reported to the police that, as the abuse continued, Marke threatened to smash her kneecaps if she told anyone. ‘He just said that nobody would believe me if I told them anyway,’ she said. ‘They’ve always had a lot of influence over me.’

Marke has been charged with four additional counts of indecently assaulting a child, which were brought against him by a second woman who had reported the abuse to the police. She was also 15 at the time of the alleged abuse by Marke, which occurred between 2002 and 2003.

Who Is Zara Phythian, And What Is Her Story?

Zara Phythian is an actress who rose to international prominence after landing a role in the Marvel film Doctor Strange, which was released in 2012. She was born in Nottingham, England, and has worked as an actress, stunt double, and martial arts expert throughout her professional career. She is a multi-style martial arts world champion who has won 13 titles. She has also appeared in a number of films.

Victor Marke Is Zara Phythian’s Husband, But Who Is He?

Besides being a Taekwondo and mixed martial arts instructor, Viktor Marke has also worked as a director and producer in the film industry. He is best known for his work on Furor: Rage Of The Innocent and The Summer Of The Massacre, both of which were released in 2004. In addition, he worked as a stuntman on the 2015 film Landlord: Time To Pay Rent, which he co-wrote and directed.

Zara Phythian & Victor Marke

When Did Zara Phythian And Victor Marke Exchange Their Wedding Vows?

Zara Phythian and Victor Marke have never made it known when they were married, when they first started dating, or whether or not they are parents. However, the court was informed that Marke was married to another woman at the time of the allegations and that his previous marriage had ended shortly after he began his relationship with Phythian – who was a teenager at the time – and that his previous marriage had broken down.

Zara Phythian Played The Role Of Doctor Strange In The Film Doctor Strange

Zara Phythian was cast as the sorcerer Brunette Zealot in the Marvel film Doctor Strange, which was released in 2016. During the film’s production, she co-starred with Benedict Cumberbatch as a member of the Masters of the Mystic Arts, who joined the Zealots in an attempt to defeat the Ancient One and bring Dormammu to Earth.

What Other Films Has Zara Phythian Been A Part Of Are There?

The actress Zara Phythian has also appeared in films such as Transit 17, Tribal Get Out Alice, Underground, The Hike, Alien Uprising, He Who Dares, Kung Fu Darling, and Brutal Dragon in addition to her television work. Crops was her first film role, which she landed in 2006.