Five Criteria of Effective Writing: Features

Five Criteria of Effective Writing: Features

Before talking about what criteria an effective and high-quality letter has, you need to think about why quality writing is needed at all. The further we move towards digital development, the shorter the texts become, the less requirements are placed on grammar, the easier turns in English become. English, being a truly universal language, like a sponge absorbs words from a variety of languages, it becomes more and more concise at the same time, so that it is equally understood on different parts of the Earth. Does it make sense in such a situation to think hard and worry about how well you write, how effectively you work on certain texts? We think so.

Why Is It So Difficult to Learn to Write Effectively

In most cases, the lack of motivation to do something is just a lack of understanding of why you should do it. After all, when you are thirsty, your motivation is as strong as possible, you do not need to motivate yourself in any special way to get up and pour yourself water, when your head hurts, you take pills, because it makes you feel much better. The problem with motivation is that it is difficult to keep it for something illusory, something far ahead. It turns out that you need to sacrifice time, effort, some pleasures here and now in order to get something sometime. This is why we quite effectively want to see the doctors when something hurts us, but we find it difficult to live a healthy lifestyle just from day to day to prevent illness. And if with health you can still somehow explain to yourself “why”, then with the categories “knowledge”, “improvement”, “skill” everything is much more complicated. Don’t beat yourself up if you find it difficult to pull yourself together and invest enough time and effort into writing well – even small efforts can make a difference over the long term.

Why Do You Need Effective Writing Skills in the Global World

And again we come to motivation, without which any attempts to do something will end pretty quickly. Why do we need the ability to write well in our world and ten years from now?

  • Competitive advantage. More and more people are leaving the humanities to focus on technology, information technology, robots, artificial intelligence, and so on. By being able to write effectively and efficiently, you gain valuable competitive advantages in the labor market.
  • Educational advancement. The Anglo-Saxon system is geared towards writing assignments. You may be surprised, but this is not the case all over the world. In many countries tests and oral answers are used to assess educational advancement, but we have such a system. In order to get the right diploma and not overpay for additional courses or semesters of study, you need to write efficiently and effectively. If you do not have a problem with writing well, but there is little time to complete all your assignments, then you can delegate your papers or essays to someone from a professional writing service and pay academic writers online. Here, experts will help you with a written assignment of any complexity in the right time, and you can balance life and study in the way that is right for you.
  • Overall cognitive development. Writing is closely connected to centers in the brain that help us develop, keep track of more tasks at once, respond faster, and solve more complex problems. We recommend at least occasionally writing texts by hand (like a diary), because such a simple act has an even more positive effect on the brain.

Five Features of Effective Writing: Definition

And we finally came to discuss effective writing and its criteria. From them you will determine how well you write, what aspects of writing you still need to improve, and what is already a characteristic of your daily style.

  • Focus. The key feature that is relevant to both beginners and professional writers. Focus is everything. You cannot create a quality writing piece without focus, as your storyline will be tangled, your abstracts not united with one another and your overall idea illusive. Focus is also extra meaningful when it comes to complex assignments and close deadlines.
  • Position. No matter what you are writing about, you should have a position, as your position is a backbone of the text. If you have a position, you don’t even need a preliminary outline so as not to lose the thread of thought later. Position adds clarity to your writing and also serves as a hook to a reader. Position gives purpose to your writing, and with purpose you always have motivation, and with motivation you don’t violate deadlines.
  • Grammatical excellence. More and more nowadays we forget about. There are studies that make style and grammar checks in the prominent newspapers, political speeches, and they prove that the situation gets worse. Don’t take this as an example — keep your grammatical integrity intact.
  • Originality. Originality is a complex issue. Originality is about writing from scratch in your own words, without plagiarizing anything, it is about providing original thoughts even on topics that have been discussed many times before. It is about using right citations and citing everything you use in your writing. Originality starts with ideas and goes into execution. Your writing should be original, otherwise this world simply doesn’t need it.
  • Timing. There are so many meanings of timing in writing as well. But the key one is this — your writing should see the world in a needed time, in a needed place. If you write an excellent essay after the deadline — it has no meaning. If you write about urgent news three days later — you are late. Remember about timing.

If you look for more criteria of effective writing, you will find plenty, first of all because we all have different opinions about such things. Choose the ones that add up to your motivation, and you will have no problems advancing your writing skills. Choose your motivation to write more effectively and move towards your goal.