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The Book Eating Magician Chapter 46 Release Date: Who Will Win The Match?

In no time the new addition to the Book world “The Book eating magician” has caught the attention of many readers. The 46th Chapter of the Book Eating Magician is all lined up to release today which is 28 April 2022. We saw in the previous chapter that the first fight of the student tournament round commenced. There was a tough fight between Theodore and Sylvia. Who will win the match? Is the big and most interesting question. The answer for sure is still hidden in the garb of the 46th chapter of the story. 

The Book Eating Magician Chapter 46: Who Will Win The Match?

This underrated story of The Book eating magician is fairly a good book. The book tells the story of Theodore Miller who is a descendant of an ending noble family and who is trying to become a great magician. Theodore has a high comprehension and a quick understanding of magic which made him a genius.

The only problem he faced is a lack of sensitivity to magic and this is the only obstruction that is preventing him to move beyond the second circle and become a great magician. He had to repeat the same year two times which entitled him to a dunce which means a person who is super slow in learning. Theodore worked hard and moved beyond the third circle and later on became more knowledgeable than some other teachers. He was left with only one chance to repeat a year and graduate when he came in contact with a grimoire who called himself Gluttony.

Gluttony is able to eat any book and assimilate the knowledge and experience of the author into its user. This would only happen if the user is able to comprehend the book. The world-building in the book is pretty simple and anyone can easily understand the novel since it is written in simple words.

The Book Eating Magician Chapter 46 releasing today!

The interesting chapter is all set to release on 28 April 2022 and is sure to entertain the audience once again. In the upcoming chapter, the fans are expecting to see the star of the blue tower unveil the best of her superpowers. On the Contrary, the budding magician is also expected to face her using his great powers as a symbiote. This is surely going to increase the interest of the people in this story. 

What will happen next? 

In the next chapter, the fight which started in the previous chapter is all set to continue. The fight is between the failed student of Bergen and the Rising Star of the blue tower. The failed student is no one but Theodore miller who is an aspiring magician who was bullied in all the five terms of his school by others for not being good at performing the interesting art of magic. In the 46th Chapter of the Book Eating, magician fans are expecting to see the powers of the symbiote which is hidden in the body of the boy. It will be interesting to see that Can Theodore win the match after having a strong source of power? 

The Recap of the previous chapter

The Book eating magicians 46th chapter started in the mid of the student tournament finals. The 45th Chapter witnessed the match between the Bergen’s Failure student and the Rising star of the Blue tower. Both the interesting characters are Theodore Miller and Sylvia Aderunks respectively. The 45th Chapter escaped to the past sequence where Theodore miller is trying his best to establish himself as a fighter in the ongoing match. He got to explain to the man in the authority that he wanted to be a skilled magician and this is the reason for him to compete in the tournament. The principal asked him that in which circle he was in, to which the boy replied ‘second circle’ The boy was bullied by the other students of the school as he walked out of the cabin. Finally, in the final part of the chapter, Fans witnessed that the ambitious boy was attacked by the symbiote which in return turned him into a powerful beast. 

About the author

Theodore Miller is an American author and producer. He is well known for The Cruise (1998) and Zombeavers (2014). Bennet Miller is an American Film Director who is well known for his film Capote the sibling of Theodore Miller. He began his film career with Theodore Miller’s Documentary ‘The Cruise’. He married Mika Ahn who is an actress by profession. She has acted in the films like the last one standing (2022), From Zero to hero (2016), and many other iconic films. 

It is going to be super interesting to see the outcome of this 46th Chapter of the Book Eating Magician.

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