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This Is Exciting!!! Squid Game In Order What Are The Six Games In Squid Game?

The lovers of web series are surely familiar with the name of Squid Game, a Korean story. It streams on Netflix and has more than a million views to date. Of course, you will definitely remember your childhood memories after watching this beautiful series. Furthermore, it is a story revolving around the thrilling game of Squid. People who never played the game can also gain information and enjoy the series to the fullest.

Squid Game In Order What Are The Six Games In Squid Game?

Basically, Squid Game incorporates multiple games that children generally use to play. However, there is a meaning for every level in different games. You can thus connect the sequences with the ups and downs of life.

The story is about 400 people who are forced to play a deadly game due to their indebtedness. However, it is completely uncertain where they become uber-rich or lose their precious lives. The surprises at the end of the series will keep the viewers spellbound, undoubtedly. Here is detailed information about the series and the types of games it shows.

 This Is Exciting!!! Squid Game In Order What Are The Six Games In Squid Game?

Plots of The Six Innovative Games

Squid is a bunch of six games that so many people are playing. It is on a top rank presently out of so many web series. According to the order, here are the names of the six games. We begin the series with “0- The Recruiting Game”, which comes as an introductory session before the actual sequence of the six games begins.

The Recruiting Game

As per the rules of the Squid Game, in Korean, 464 contestants need to play this special game to gain acceptance for playing further. There is an immense similarity in the Recruiting Game with the game of pogs. Flipping over a card determines whether the player loses or wins. The opponent will get a slap from the Recruiter if he wins, but he gets a chance to win loads of cash when the Recruiter loses.

1. Red Light & Green Light

This is the child game where one stands facing the back of the other players. As soon as this player (lone player) counts three, every other player has to freeze in whatever position they were in. The ultimate goal is touching the tree against which the leader was standing without being caught. If the leader catches anyone, they will be disqualified. Similarly, in the case of Squid Game, the leader is an artificial doll that utters, as per the Korean rules, “the flower Hibiscus has bloomed.” If she turns and catches a player coming toward her, they will face death.

Red light & Green Light

2. Sugar HoneyCombs

This is the second game of Squid Game that gives the toughest challenge to the players. Only patience can help the contestant to overcome difficulties. The game is to curve the given shapes out of the sugar honeycomb, such as a triangle, a start, etc., without breaking it. Moreover, the player will die if the shape does not come out properly. Gi-hun resolves the problem with a brilliant plan. He used the saliva to make the honeycomb softer for curving the shapes without any damage.

Sugar HoneyCombs

3. Tug of War

After qualifying the second level, the player will continue the game by playing the very common Tug of War. Here, the players can apply their full strength and make the other players lose the game. The loser will only face death. But to II-nam, some smartness is important to win the game. Applying the strength of the body weight can ensure the win when the number of group members is not much.

Tug Of War

4. Marbles

Here a player gets ten marbles in pairs. First, however, they will choose their partner themselves, whom they have to kill at the end of the game. After that, the game will proceed with winning every marble that the opponent player has. Hence, to go to the next round, one has to be responsible for the death of one of their dear friends.


5. Hopscotch

As per the normal game rules of childhood, one player will jump over some squares drawn and avoid others to reach the goal and return. However, no question of return arises in the case of the Squid Game. Here the players have to cross a bridge with two glass squares on both sides. Careless jumping on the fragile squares will cause instant death of that player. Moreover, the time is only sixteen minutes to complete the whole activity and succeed in reaching the next level.


6. Squid Game

 According to The Front Man, this is similar to one of the most dangerous games popular among Korean kids. You can find three types of designs on the grounds: triangle, square, and two circles. The game is hopping across the shapes without touching the lines to enter the space of the opponent. The players will get lots of injuries from the opponents while playing this.

Squid Game

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