Top 6 Websites to Download Stock Vector Images


Vector images are one of the most popular formats for images on the web. They are used in various ways, from creating logos and icons to making simple illustrations and cartoons.

However, while vector images have been around since the early days of computing, it wasn’t until recently that they became famous for use on websites.

Vector images are created using mathematical formulas instead of pixels. This means that vector images can be scaled to any size without losing quality.

Vector images also tend to be smaller in file size than other image types, making them ideal for websites that need to load quickly.

And if you’re looking for a subscription plan, take a look at 6 of these top websites that offer extensive collections of High-Quality vector images.

Top 6 Websites for Vector Images

Deposit Photos

Today, I’m starting the list of top 6 websites to download vector images with

This website comes with millions of royalty-free images, videos, vectors, and illustrations.

Not just high-quality vector images, comes with another comprehensive stock music & video library collection.

This can be helpful for agencies that work on a variety of projects simultaneously.

If you think can fulfill your business needs, you can opt for its monthly or yearly subscription plan.

Their plan structure is divided into three modules –

  • Photos & Vectors;
  • Videos;
  • Music & SFX.

Or else, you can contact their customer service team to request a custom enterprise solution based on your business requirements.

Open Clip Art

Openclipart is the second website on this list to download Vector Images online. It is an online community where graphic artists can upload clip art images for others to use in their projects. Openclipart has a robust search engine that allows users to find photos based on keywords or categories such as “art” or “nature.”

The site also has a feature called “Collections” that allows users to save images they like into collections to be found more easily later on.

Overall, Openclipart is a good resource for anyone who needs clip art images for their projects.


Vectorstock is the third website to download Vector Images online. It is one of the most popular sites for finding vector images.

The site has many different vector images, including animals, buildings, flags, and more. The site also allows users to purchase premium vectors.


Vectorportal is the 4th website in this list to download Vector Images online.

The site has many different vector images, including animals, buildings, flags, food, and much more. All of the pictures on the site are free to use in any project, and you don’t need to credit the creator when using them.

Freepik is the 5th website to download Vector Images online, which offers over 1 million free vector images and illustrations.

Even though the number isn’t as significant as compared, its unique algorithm allows you to search for the perfect image from a library of over 70 million images.

If you’re thinking about starting a blog or just want to improve your current one, check out

This free resource website provides everything from templates to helpful tutorials, and it’s always up-to-date with the latest trends in blogging. So whether you’re just getting started or have some tips and tricks you’d like to share, Freepik is another nice place to start.


Vecteezy is a website that allows users to create customized designs for T-shirts, hoodies, and other clothing items.

The site offers several templates that are easy to use and customize, and users can also upload their images or designs. Vecteezy charges a fee for each shirt design created, but the site offers a free trial period that allows users to test the platform before making any purchases.

The site features a user-friendly interface and a variety of tools, including templates and brushes, that allow you to create professional-looking graphics quickly and easily.

Vecteezy also offers support for various file formats, including PDF, JPG, PNG, EPS, TIFF, and WMF.

Conclusion: Which One Should You Pick?

This list of the 6 best places to download High-Quality Vector Images includes some big names.

So, when it comes to picking a service, the final decision will make you scratch your head.

I’ve listed some of the best websites in the vector images biz with this post—all you need to see is which one suits your needs.

That’s all for now.

If you need our help in making the right decision for your business, do let us know in the comments section below.