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How Did The Broadway Legend Die? Robert Morse Net Worth, Age, Children & More!

The legendary artist Robert Morse will always remain alive in the hearts of millions of fans from different corners of the world. The television industry still does not fail to show the impressive works of this fabulous artist.

Morse Made A Tremendous Impact To The American Film Business

Every past work of Robert Morse mesmerizes the viewer now.

How Did The Broadway Legend Die? Robert Morse Net Worth

Many fans are eager to know about his personal life and the reason for his death. We hope that most of your questions will get the answers with this content.

We have tried to gather as much information as possible from various sources to get an idea about the considerable wealth of this late actor.

Morse’s contribution to the American film industry is significant. However, it is the bad luck of the world that he left all of us, recently, at the age of 90 years. Here are the details of different facts of his life that you may be interested in reading.

About Robert Morse

Robert Morse was a remarkable actor and gave the world several brilliant movies. Furthermore, he also showed his skills as a fabulous director.

He participated in various stage dramas during his school days and even directed a few of them. In 1949, the world saw his first professional appearance in a play, On The Town.

Along with the movies, he equally rules the television industry of the United States. Several awards are in his bag for his fabulous performances in many shows. The fans love him both as a director and actor.

How Did Robert Morse Die?

The exact reason behind the death of Robert Morse is still not clear. It seems to be a plane crash. However, we lost this great artist on 24th March 2018.

His family includes his wife, Elizabeth Morse, and five children. David Shaul, one of the capable agents, confirmed his death. Thus, the stage artists continued to entertain the audience until he was awake.

Nobody ever got a chance to complain about his health conditions or activeness. He was always ready to give the best performance in every work he indulged in. This person is primarily well known for several plays and the show with the title Mad Man.

How Much Does Robert Morse Earn?

The sources of earnings for Robert Morse were his movies, television shows, and also stage shows with different theatrical groups. However, the exact figure cannot be mentioned with certainty.

Robert Morse’s Age And Early Life Explored

Robert Morse came to this world in 1931, and his hometown was Los Angeles. Moreover, he celebrated his birthday on 18th May. Mary Silver and Charles Morse were his parents.

He joined a local private high school in the early years and completed his school-level education. Furthermore, he graduated from a local university only. However, apart from this information, no further details about his height, weight, or other physical attributes are available.

Morse gained experience by working in various plays in the initial days of his career. After fabulous work in this sector, he got a call from William Wyer to be a part of The First Mrs. Fraser, a national tour.

This marked the beginning of a remarkable acting career, including some brilliant works like Assassin, School for Slavery, and others.

The area was very broad and included stage plays also. In later times, people started recognizing his evil roles in multiple genres. The debut stage performance of this great actor was Our Town.

Wife/Girlfriends And Children Of Robert Morse

In 1961, Robert married Carole D’Andrea, and Robert is the father of three children from her. Carole, one of them, is a noteworthy actress today with an average net worth of about $5 million.

After separation from his first wife, the actor married Elizabeth Roberts. It has been seven years, and she is still his wife and a widow. They have four children together.

Most of the person’s children choose the entertainment industry as their area of operation. Allyn Elizabeth, however, is making a mark as a fabulous writer.

Robert Morse’s Net Worth And Career

Mad Man is one of the most glamorous and well-known roles that brought immense popularity and fame to Robert Morse. Besides, people also appreciated his performance in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.

He also got nominations for the Tony Award more than once. Moreover, he was the winner of the prestigious SAG Award and received nominations for Emmy Awards too.

At the time of the Korean War, he took an active part in serving the American Navy. Currently, the estimated net worth of the late actor is $4 million per annum.

Interesting Facts

The late actor was superb as a vocalist also. Henry Lasker, his first teacher of acting, gave him the confidence to pursue his dream in the world of acting. Furthermore, Broadway musicals are famous for his marvelous numbers.


The name of Robert Morse in the world of American acting will not fade away ever. Every star sent condolences to the family to be strong after his sad demise.

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