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Annika Season 2: Is Nicola Walker Starrer Going To Make a Comeback?

Annika is a British television criminal drama series, adapted from the BBC Radio 4 drama Annika Stranded. The first episode, produced by Black Camel Pictures for Alibi and All3Media, premiered on 17 August 2021.

Annika Strandhed is a Scottish Police Detective Inspector who was recently assigned to the Glasgow Marine Homicide Unit. She is accompanied by her adolescent daughter. The bond between Annika and her daughter serves as the foundation for the whole episode’s subplot.


Annika, like the original radio series, is of Norwegian background.

Nick Walker also wrote the radio series Annika Strandhed, which starred Nicola Walker as Annika Strandhed but was situated in Oslo.

If a program with record-breaking viewing figures isn’t enough to entice viewers, perhaps Annika’s lead actor will. Fans were heartbroken when Nicola Walker left Unforgotten, and they’re salivating at the prospect of seeing the actor back in the saddle investigating crimes.

This time, she’s jumped ship (pun intended) to join a new marine-themed crime thriller. The program is a spin-off of a BBC Radio 4 series set in Norway. Nick Walker’s Annika Stranded. The series has been adapted for the cinema to be set in Scotland, and move over Scandi Noir, it appears as though Scottish Noir is taking off.

“I fell in love with Annika immediately,” Nicola told Sweet Talk Productions, the show’s producers. “She simply leaped at me off the page!” It was immediately clear that Nick had invented this woman who was brilliantly complex, amusing, and completely distinct. And she is ‘difficult’ in an endearing sort of manner. I adore ladies that are challenging.”

“Annika is unquestionably my ideal alter ego!” she said. Her professional and personal lives are inextricably linked, and she is never anything less than authentic. She is a lot more courageous than I am and far less bothered about other people’s opinions, which I like in her. And I like her approach toward the more challenging aspects of her profession and life.”

Everything you need to know about your new favorite show is right here.

About Annika

Based on Nick Walker’s smash-hit Radio 4 piece Annika Stranded, Annika explores the story of DI Annika Standhed. She’s been thrown into the deep end as the newly appointed chief of the Marine Homicide Unit. Despite her new location, Nicola retains her Norwegian identity. Another unique aspect of the show is the amount of time Annika spends chatting directly to the camera, thus making us viewers her secret sidekicks!

“Annika has a direct path to you down the barrel of the lens,” Nicola explained in an interview with Virgin Media. “I envisioned speaking to someone sitting on their sofa at home as if they were my silent partner-in-crime, and I disclose information to them and withhold information from them,” she stated.

The forthright DI is entrusted with rallying her brand-new squad before they embark on their first case. After a male victim is discovered dead with a harpoon in his skull, the squad is tasked with uncovering a gruesome crime.

Nicola mentioned that Annika is not your typical investigator and that her unique selling point is a little more scholarly in nature. “She has her own distinct method of extracting stories from Chaucer, Ibsen, or Shakespeare. [In episode 1, she makes an allusion to Herman Melville’s Moby-Dick.] She has a track record of obtaining outcomes through this method of investigation “the actor continued.

Has Annika Season 2 Been Renewed? 

In terms of release, the second season has not yet begun production since the show has not been greenlit. This might cause filming to be delayed, making it unlikely that new episodes will be released in the UK this summer. If the first take is completed by October, the new episodes might premiere on Alibi in late spring or early summer 2023, followed by Giallo in Italia in the autumn.

Are Nicola and Walker connected?

Nope! It is purely coincidental that they share similar first names and share a surname.

They have, nevertheless, been collaborating for years. Apart from the Annika Stranded radio series, they also collaborated on the BBC Radio 4 drama Lifecoach in 2010.

The Cast of Annika Season 2: Who Is Expected to Join?

If a second season is greenlit, Nicola Walker will reprise her role as the titular investigator, DI Annika Strandhed, in Scotland, where Annika is filmed.

The rest of her Marine Homicide Unit, including Jamie Sives (Guilt), Katie Leung (The Nest), Ukweli Roach (Blindspot), and Kate Dickie, are also expected to return (The Cry).

Morgan, played by Silvie Furneaux, and Dr. Jake Strathearn, Annika’s psychiatrist and love interest, should both return (Paul McGann).

What Will Happen in the Second Season of Annika If Renewed?

We don’t have any story specifics for Annika season two yet, but it’s expected to follow the same pattern as season one’s crime-of-the-week style.

Additionally, we anticipate continuing our investigation into Annika’s personal ties. Annika had a loving involvement with her daughter Morgan’s psychiatrist throughout season one, and a prospective second season would undoubtedly expand on that plotline.

Of course, we anticipate that the second season will continue to include several connections to great literature as Annika solves her weekly case.


Is There a Trailer for the Second Season of Annika?

Not yet, but we’ll update this page as soon as it becomes available – if a second season is confirmed. Let’s watch the trailer for season 1,

How can I watch Annika in the United States of America?

On Sunday, April 17, the new crime series “Annika” premiered six episodes on the PBS Masterpiece Amazon Prime Video Channel. Additionally, it will be accessible on PBS Passport. PBS Masterpiece Prime Video Channel is now offering a seven-day free trial.

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