According To Investigators, Raymond Spencer, A Suspected Dc Shooter, Was Discovered Dead In His Apartment

Raymond Spencer, a suspected shooter in the District of Columbia, was discovered dead in his residence.

It has been verified that the 23-year-old Fairfax, Virginia man accused of shooting four people, one of them was a 12-year-old kid, has been dead. He was suspected of shooting four individuals, including the 12-year-old girl.

Raymond Spencer, A Suspected Shooter In The District Of Columbia, Was Discovered Dead In His Residence

The Metropolitan Police Department confirmed that Raymond Spencer committed suicide in a lavatory on the fifth floor of an apartment building in the 2900 block of Van Ness St., during an interview with the station.

The District of Columbia Police Department said they got a complaint about a gunshot in the 2900 block of Van Ness Street, NW, near the Edmund Burke School, around 3:30 p.m. on Friday. Apparently, the incident took place in close proximity to the Edmund Burke School.

Witnesses to the incident told that they heard a big bang followed by what sounded like 100 gunshots. In response, a significant number of police officers converged on the scene, evacuating residents from adjoining apartment buildings and searched the surrounding area for suspects.

Raymond Spencer, a suspected shooter in the DC, was discovered dead in his residence.

An evening press briefing conducted by MPD confirmed that all of the victims were in stable condition and that they were expected to survive the night without any additional medical issues or difficulties.

In the meantime, the investigation into the shooting is still ongoing. Contee stated that there is no longer a danger to the general population.

Police were dispatched to the area of Connecticut Avenue and Van Ness Street NW at approximately 3:20 p.m. local time to investigate reports of gunfire. A lady in her 30s, a woman in her 60s, a 54-year-old male — who, according to Contee, is a retired D.C. police officer — and a 12-year-old daughter were all injured in the incident, as was a guy in his 60s. The woman, who was in her 60s, was taken to the hospital on the spot. The three others were taken to nearby hospitals and are in stable condition, according to assistant police chief Stuart Emerman, who spoke earlier on Friday morning.