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10 Best Minecraft Prison Servers! Check Out More In Details!

Minecraft games are truly stimulating activities to keep people engaged for a long time. Moreover, correct investment decisions at different levels of the game can make a player earn lots of attractive bonuses.

10 Best Minecraft Prison Servers!!!

To reap the most benefits, there are many Minecraft Prison Servers. The advanced attributes of these exciting Prison Servers will let you play with more interests.

We mention the top ten Minecraft Prison Servers to remove the confusion from your mind. They are fabulous partners for winning various games with excellence.

10 Best Minecraft Prison Servers

1.   Purple Prison

Purple Prison is one of the most popular and effective prison servers for Minecraft entertainment. The automated PvP is a significant feature for all the activities that this gaming mode hosts. Furthermore, you will love the marvelous community and go ahead with the game with more confidence. Qualifying different levels become manageable by building or mining with the help of this Prison Server of Minecraft. The secured server has the IP address

Purple Prison

2.     JailsMC

This Minecraft Prison Server is a great choice in terms of quality and innovativeness. Moreover, the fabulous experience will let you enjoy the game without the disturbance of any bugs. The IP address for this server is The availability of pickaxe generating hostile mobs, lightning pickaxes, etc., will fascinate you at every step.


3.     Pluteria

Pluteria is another ideal alternative for Minecraft Prison Servers. The gripping features will make your journey more enjoyable as you level up. It comes with the IP address and makes the gaming style simple. There are 10 tiers in the backdrop of space, and you can trade by indulging in various activities on different planets.


4.     MC Prison

This is the first prison server that gained popularity for its incredible flexibility. The player gets the right to conduct any activity in prison as per his or her wish. Being the oldest among the Minecraft Prison Servers, MC Prison is highly preferable by most with the facility of cells, guards, and lots more present in the background.

MC Prison

5.     OP Blocks

Initially, people may find it quite weird that a prison server is full of colorful candies. However, it is only a way to make the games look more interesting as you keep on rising. The IP address of OP Blocks is With the completion of every level, a new mine full of candies will appear before you. Hence, it is one of the most unique mining activities you can ever encounter.

 OP Blocks

6.     PikaNetwork

PikaNetwork is a very intriguing prison server, especially for beginners. Moreover, several new features and content continue to get added to this area to better the gaming mode. Thus the recreational activity will let you enjoy every moment with the chances of earning a good amount of cash. The IP address, in this case, is


7.     Mine Superior

This network will make you acknowledge the benefits of a Minecraft Prison Server in a unique style. Several new concepts continue to come up to make things work more smoothly. Moreover, many instances prove it is ideal for the future generation with more realistic ideas of playing prison games. You can connect with this network through the IP address

Mine Superior

8.     Minecraft Central

Continuous updating is a part of this incredible gaming mode. Moreover, you can find different personalized elements in the prison server to ensure an effortless gaming experience. Minecraft Central also comes with vote rewards to make the experience more attractive for the players. The IP address to utilize its benefits is Regularly, the players can get the opportunities to play in the innovative new seasons.

Minecraft Central

9.  MineVille

If you are active on Minecraft, this is a fantastic way of playing games with all the advanced features. The active community will love the regular up-gradation with the introduction of several interesting options time and now. Furthermore, it is full of customized enchantments and highly intriguing levels. The wedding scenarios are also available on this platform to make the concept more unique. You can now deal with different races, chests, jobs, and crates to go up the levels involving incredible challenges. So MineVille is undoubtedly an attractive choice for Minecraft activities.


10.    Triton PVP

This prison server is famous for playing among the visual borders and configurable islands. Moreover, the GUI store is a great feature to let you have everything you need to complete one level. Thus, the Skyblock experience will be top-notch and ensure that your venture becomes captivating and one-of-a-kind. Please go for different missions as you land on the exciting Skyblocking field. TritonPVP’s IP address is

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