Some Of The Biggest Wins In Online Casino History

Some Of The Biggest Wins In Online Casino History

Although the birth of online casinos dates back only to the late 90s, they were quick to reach vast popularity. In recent years, the iGaming industry sees new online casinos every month, all competing for the top charts. New games, splendid bonuses, free spins, loyalty rewards- there is no end to how much online casinos can offer. And so, there is no end to the chances of winning big. In fact, some of the biggest victories have gone down in the history of online casinos as examples of how grand you can land. Read this article to know all about them!

£13.2 Million in 2013 by a British soldier on Mega Moolah

After certain initial wins from Mini, Minor, and Major jackpots at Mega Moolah, it was this 26-year-old British soldier, Jonathon Heywood’s turn. The soldier from Cheshire hit the Mega jackpot, landing a record win of a stunning £13,213,838.68. This win came at a time when the Crewe-based soldier witnessed his grandfather’s death and needed support for his father’s lung and heart transplant. Hence, he swore it to his father’s cause along with, perhaps, a yellow Bentley Continental GT. However, coming to terms with his reality was quite difficult when he just pocketed such a huge sum. As surreal as this win was, Jonathan went back to work the very next day!

$11.6 Million in November 2016 by a Canadian on Mega Moolah

Marcus Goodwin, from Canada, is one of the prime examples of how consistent small efforts can lead to huge wins! On the Saturday of November 5, he was playing the Mega Moolah progressive jackpot on his phone, something that he claimed to do only rarely. However, after investing about two hours in spinning the wheel, making small bets of only $1.50 per spin, he could not believe his eyes. The screen of his phone showed him that he won a deal of a whopping $11,633,898.44!

$19.9 Million on Mega Moolah, one of the five biggest wins of all time

By now you might have noticed that some of the biggest wins in online casinos have been from Mega Moolah. The jackpot of this slot struck again when a man won a bombastic $19.9 million. However, what is even more fantastic is that his bet was a mere $0.25 in comparison. This was one amongst 5 of the biggest wins in online casinos that Mega Moolah’s progressive jackpot churned out. In fact, it is the second biggest win in the history of Mega Moolah slot itself. This is only natural when the slot pays out over $70 million every single year!

$22.4 Million in September 2018 on Mega Moolah

Another thing that is quite noteworthy in this list of wins is the cost that they came at. It shows that stakes do not have to be high for you to win big. All you need is patience and Lady Luck on your side. Perhaps the same happened with the man that won $22.4 million from Mega Moolah in September 2018 by betting only $0.75 per spin in return. Moreover, the win came after even less than 50 spins! Hence, it is probably only a matter of time till the stars align to land such a big win.


The popularity of online casinos primarily come from the fact that they are more easily accessible than their on-site counterparts. You can play your favorite games from any part of the world as long as you have a fully functional device – phone , tablet, or desktop. Online casinos like Platin online casino build their games and slots for a large audience, having both newcomers and experienced players. Hence, all you need to win is some luck and dedication to keep going. And if you find yourself losing will, recall this list to boost your patience!

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