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Ultraman Season 3: Has It Been Renewed or Not?

‘Ultraman’ is a science fiction action film based on the same-named Japanese manga series by Eichi Shimizu. Ultraman Season 3 release is opted not to renew for the new season due to the lack of content. Ultraman, an alien giant of light who averted a tragedy for the earth decades ago, vanished without a trace. Shin Hayata, the hero’s human host, lost all memory, but SSSP, the organization that assisted Ultraman years ago, ultimately informed him of his background. Shin suffers a horrific injury defending his son Shinjiro during a surprise attack, and the latter is compelled to carry on the flame of humanity’s hope.

Shinjiro must navigate moral dilemmas while battling for the greater good as the weight of rescuing the world falls on his shoulders. The anime launched on April 1, 2019, and has acquired a considerable fan base since then. It has received critical acclaim for its mind-blowing action sequences and engrossing story. After the conclusion of the second installment, fans are eager to learn when the series will restart with fresh episodes. If you’re asking the same question, fear not; we’ve got you covered.

Ultraman Season 3 Anticipated Release Date, If Renewed

Season 2 of ‘Ultraman’ was released in its entirety on Netflix on April 14, 2022. The most recent installment consists of six 25-minute episodes. Kenji Kamiyama (‘Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex,’) served as the anime’s primary director, while Shinji Aramaki served as the anime’s secondary director.

Regrettably, Netflix has opted not to renew the third season at the moment. However, neither Production I.G. nor Sola Digital Arts have commented on the show’s future. Fans, on the other hand, can be assured that the anime will almost certainly be renewed for a third season. The first hint is taken directly from the source material. Eichi Shimizu is a Japanese manga series that has 17 volumes to date. Although viewers were forced to wait three years for the second season, it was further delayed due to a shortage of source material and Eichi’s declining health.

Due to the fact that the second series is only an adaptation of the first 11 volumes, development on the third episode can begin immediately. Netflix seldom renews shows immediately following the release of their first season, which is most likely the case with ‘Ultraman.’ However, positive effects are expected after a few months. ‘Ultraman’ season 3 is expected to premiere in Q3 2023, provided if the show is renewed within the next 3-5 months.

What Could the Ultraman Season 3 Plot Be About?

In season 2, Shinjirou discovers a rogue extraterrestrial and confronts him. Kotaro, a journalist, witnesses the unusual event, which involves the mass disappearance of persons in Tokyo. Alien Padent’s power develops exponentially, and he prioritizes his wants over humans. Even the SSSP headquarters is not immune to the mayhem, as Padent eventually unleashes humanity’s most fearsome weapon, the Golden Fortress. Shinjirou and Shin, fortunately, prevail in the last battle, sparing numerous innocent victims the misery of death.

Season 3 will see the Star Cluster Council hire the Leo Brothers, two vicious assassins, to assassinate Adad after he betrays them and attempts to upend the status quo. Ironically, they would come to view the Ultra race as a potential threat to the entire globe. As tensions rise, Shinjirou, Red, Adad, and Moroboshi will join forces in a bloody clash between the two gangs.

What Will Happen To Those Who Disappeared?

Season 2’s opening episode saw problems erupt amid the tranquil respite. Shinjiro and Rena Endo were enjoying coffee and discussing the unusual disappearance of a throng in New York. People vanished in the flash of an eye, emulating Thanos’ ultimate move. The only thing they had in common was their abandoned phones.

Similarly, in Japan, the rest of the population vanished as Shinjiro and Moroboshi battled a rogue extraterrestrial that was wreaking havoc on the streets. Suddenly, the people photographing them on their phones vanished, as did Shinjiro. He contacted SSSP officers and his father via his suit, requesting instructions on how to deal with the monster after Moroboshi was injured.

Moroboshi had been disconnected from the network during a brief period of unconsciousness. Thus, the only individuals conveyed were those linked to the internet, which served as the medium of transmission. Due to their lack of network connectivity, Kotaro Higashi and Izumi, his girlfriend, were the only other civilians to survive this broadcast.

Kotaro, a journalist, obtained incriminating proof about the aliens present at the event dressed as maids with masks. He and Izumi were occupied observing from afar and photographing with Kotaro’s camera. Kotaro attempted unsuccessfully to reach Moroboshi after everyone had vanished in order to pass on the proof but to no effect. Moroboshi dismisses Kotaro and departs to carry out new orders, allowing Kotaro to research his hunch further.

When Kotaro finally made his way to the Maid café, where the alien Wadoran was currently staying, he discovered that the masses had been safely hidden away inside a realm inside the spaceship. The only persons who were impacted were those who were on the scene and connected to the internet via their phones. Additionally, he discovered that Extraterrestrial Wadoran and their princess Maya were acting on the commands of another alien known as Pedant.

Pedant intended to conquer the Earth, and the Wadorans were given human life in exchange for their survival. He eavesdropped on them before being apprehended. They attempted to transport him by force, but in doing so, they unlocked his Ultraman ability to control fire. However, when they attempted to forcefully transfer Izumi after discovering she was carrying the camera and passing along evidence about them to Moroboshi, they were unsuccessful since she was not on her phone.

Due to a paucity of internet waves, the broadcast was incomplete, and Izumi vanished into thin air. Kotaro lost his sanity upon learning Izumi had not survived and was about to self-destruct when Jack, the SSSP informant, sealed him within an Ultraman suit to save him.

Did the Maya Perish? What Was Pedant’s Objective?

When Pendant discovered that Maya, the Wadoran princess, was unable to transmit Kotaro and had mistakenly released his power, he ordered them to make amends by enticing Kotaro, Jack, and Moroboshi to the transmission machine, only to have them killed in transit. Maya lost her friends due to Pedant when they self-destructed in order to murder the Ultraman they lured after the machine cracked during the combat.

Maya chose to support Ultraman when Kotaro convinced her with his remarks. Kotaro had absorbed the blast as well, so rescuing Jack and Moroboshi. Maya, on the other hand, was consoled by Shinjiro, who had been locked up after being discovered conscious in the realm following transmission. He had escaped when Hokuto sneaked into the spaceship in order to save Shinjiro. Shinjiro then consoled Maya and offered to preserve her race if she swore to securely convey the realm’s humans to Earth. Maya and Hokuto remained behind to transmit the people, while Shinjiro returned to rescue his friends and father from Pedant’s clutches.


Pedant’s primary goal was to eradicate all Ultraman from Earth in order to successfully conquer it. He apprehended Shin while the other Ultraman was engaged in combat with their adversaries. Shin, as the previous Ultraman, donned his suit and fought valiantly until he was overpowered and captured. Meanwhile, Pedant learned about Maya’s treason and immediately ordered her execution. Maya and Hokuto battle Pedant’s minions.

Hokuto lost his arm, but he continued to fight and protect Maya. However, she was struck and, with her dying breath, ensured the Earthlings’ safe return to Earth. Maya is seen winking with her tongue out as Hokuto takes her into his arms and is stricken with anguish at her passing. This can only suggest she is still alive and will most likely appear in the third season.

Season 2 of ‘Ultraman’ Explained – Did The Ultraman Defeat Pedant?

After Maya appeared to have perished, Hokuto returned to assist with the remainder. He escorted Shinjiro to the location of Shin’s imprisonment. They rescued Shin and exited the spaceship to confront Pedant. Meanwhile, Pedant had already begun construction of the Golden Fortress and was destroying Japan’s cities. Kotaro, Jack, and Moroboshi collaborated and staged team combat. Moroboshi leaped into the air to disable the armor and pave the way for Kotaro and Jack to follow and attack the nuclear plant. He was trapped in the explosion but survived unscathed and proceeded to clear the way for Shin and Shinjiro to leave the vessel.

On the other hand, Jack was confronted by another of Pedant’s henchmen. While he kept the minion occupied, he directed Kotaro to proceed to the Golden Fortress’s nuclear power plant and destroy it. Kotaro lost control of his temper after being egged on by Pedant and self-destructed, successfully destroying the nuclear sphere but having no impact on Pedant. Pedant was then defeated by Shin, Shinjiro, and Bemular, who had arrived to assist them.

Shin and Shinjiro had already aided them by absorbing the majority of the Golden Fortress’s attacks. He had depleted his own abilities, yet he remained to assist Shin and Shinjiro. They destroyed Pedant together and also escorted all Earthlings successfully returned from the realm to the stadium.

When Can We Expect an Official Trailer for Ultraman Season 3?

As we said earlier, Ultraman Season 3 has not been renewed yet and if resurrected, it will probably consume a lot of time. In that case, the trailer for Ultraman Season 3 would be released sometime in 2023.  How about you engage yourself in the Season 2 trailer for the time being? If you’re interested, find the clip right after the jump.

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