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The Ultimatum Season 2 – Release Date, Cast, Spoilers, & Updates!

The Ultimatum is a Singaporean Chinese drama that aired on MediaCorp Channel 8 in Singapore. It premiered on 27 May 2009 and concluded on 7 July 2009. This 30-episode drama serial aired on weeknights at 9:00 p.m.

As Channel 8’s mid-year blockbuster in 2009, it was the network’s first drama to be entirely shot in high definition. This is the first series without commentary for News 8 at 10, owing to the series’s presenter, SingTel, promoting its services.

Despite being hailed as the year’s biggest blockbuster and starring a number of prominent actors and actresses such as Zoe Tay, Li Nanxing, and Fann Wong (commonly referred to in the press as a “Two Queen and One King” billing), the show received mediocre reviews. Numerous fans criticized the serial for its odd casting (Lin Meijiao was cast as Tay’s mother despite being only five years her senior in real life). Additionally, the two had previously acted as sisters in My Mighty-in-Laws.) Additionally, the series was chastised for being excessively melodramatic and for a lack of innovation in many aspects of the screenplay. However, newbies such as Jerry Yeo, who portrayed an antagonist for the first time, received widespread recognition for their performances.

The series is now streaming on Netflix.

Netflix has chosen to deliver by confirming a second season. Here’s all we know about season 2 of The Ultimatum thus far:

The Ultimatum Season 2 Expected Release Date

Netflix announced the return of The Ultimatum for a second season on March 24, 2022, but has made no other production announcements. The streaming company is well-known for its rapid turnaround on reality television — it released Too Hot to Handle Seasons 1 and 2 less than a year apart and the third season in only seven months. Fans will have to wait for an official announcement from Netflix, which, given the show’s popularity, could happen very soon.

It’s difficult to tell when The Ultimatum’s second season will premiere, but hopefully, it will follow in the footsteps of its sister show Love Is Blind, which shot its second and third seasons concurrently and is scheduled to return later this year/early 2023.

Are Nick And Vanessa Going To Be The Second Season Hosts?

Although there has been no official confirmation of who the hosts would be this time around, we can reasonably assume (hope? pray?) that Nick and Vanessa Lachey will return. After all, they did face their own ultimatum. Vanessa confessed at the start of season 1 that she issued an ultimatum to Nick after five years of dating.

“We both saw one another and recognized that if we could just get out of our own way, we could be incredible together. As an example, the larger picture is how I feel about this person and their ideals of desiring to be with me and knowing everything about me,” she explained.

We’re not sure about you, but we’re completely invested in the show and can’t wait for the second season to premiere whenever it does.

The Ultimatum Season 2 Cast:

At the moment, there is no information on who will join the season 2 cast. However, Netflix did publish a video announcement including cast members of Too Hot to Handle Harry Jowsey, Nathan Webb, and Nathan Soan Mngomezulu, as well as Love Is Blind cast members, Jarrette Jones, and Matt Barnett, to provide a huge hint. Let’s just say that amid the sleeveless white tops, pillow hearts, cowboy hats, and abs, the skit’s faux boy band N-2-LUV stated that the show’s next installment will have an all-queer cast comprised primarily of women.


The opening was seen as the drama’s conclusion, with Ye Yuchen abducting Zhou Zhida and Fang Songqiao receiving a call from her to meet at a desolate field. She was to be accompanied by Sun Jie. She arrived unaware that she desired vengeance for her family. Songqiao assuaged her fears by assuring her that she was not the murderer. Yuchen discharges her rifle, oblivious to her explanation.

However, this is only the beginning…

Years ago, Ye Songnian (Chen Shucheng), the chairman of Phoenix Corporation, raped Zheng Wenyu (Hong Huifang), who was already pregnant with her husband’s child. Months later, both Wenyu and Songnian’s second wife, Suzhen (Lin Meijiao), give birth to daughters in the same hospital, and the baby girls’ identities are swapped due to the caregivers’ incompetence. Wenyu learns that her biological daughter was born with a congenital heart defect. Due to a mother’s desire for the greatest medical care for her child and her animosity for Songnian, she chose to profit from the situation by repeating the error. Thus, Ye Yuchen (Zoe Tay) and Fang Songqiao (Fann Wong), who had their identities swapped, grew up in two completely different worlds.

Songnian enters semi-retirement in his old age, having delegated management of his company to his god-sister (Jiang Ruolin) and sons (Renxiao and Renyi). Rende, Ruolin’s son, works for Songnian. Yuchen is also an AVP. The family appears to be harmonious on the surface. However, underneath this façade, everyone is eyeing Songnian’s position, clamoring to earn Songnian’s favor in order to be given a significant role in the corporation. Yuchen’s survival instincts have been sharpened as a result of growing up in such a cunning and deceitful environment.

On the other side, Songqiao’s childhood was unhappy. Wen Yu directs her rage at Songnian at her. She was frequently reprimanded and thrashed for minor infractions. Songqiao, who was close to her foster father, endures it silently and eventually becomes a lawyer. When Songqiao was a child, she had an unusual experience with a boy named Sun Jie (Tay Ping Hui). Sun Jie’s father, Sun Nanhai, was a con artist who had been used as a scapegoat in a kidnapping. Sun Jie, as a child, resorted to theft to support his younger sister, Sun-Min (Felicia Chin), until he was adopted by Songnian. He gets along nicely with Yuchen.

Over two decades later, the girls, whose identities were switched at birth, come upon a molest case.

Rende (Jerry Yeo), Yuchen’s godbrother, molests an employee, Anqi. Songqiao, the just, brings Rende to court. Ruolin is concerned that Songnian will get aware of the case. Yuchen offers to assist in resolving the situation. Yuchen seeks an out-of-court settlement and demands a large sum of money, while Songqiao is adamant about bringing Rende to court. Though they were on diametrically opposed sides, the females couldn’t help but appreciate the other’s fortitude and courage.


Phoenix Corporation has evolved into a conglomerate over the years, with operations spanning the globe and including luxury cruises. Songnian, who is now elderly, is indecisive about his successor. Songnian’s eldest son had been murdered years ago in a botched kidnapping (unbeknownst to everybody, this was Ruolin’s doing). Renxiao, the second son, is secretly enamored with Ruolin and blindly supports all she does, promoting Rende’s accession to Songnian’s empire and treating his own wife, Yuki, with contempt. Renyi, Su Zhen’s son with Songnian, is ambitious yet inept, frequently failing to do what he sets out to do. Fortunately for him, Yuchen is constantly on hand to assist him in cleaning up his mess.

Yuchen was up in a distrustful environment and is perpetually entangled in vicious conflicts with Ruolin’s group. Due to her ability to maintain her composure and turn around circumstances, she eventually earns her father’s trust and ascends to the position of CEO of Phoenix Corporation.

Yuchen had an enthralling romance. Three years ago, she met and intended to marry the famed Zhang Feng (Li Nanxing), called the God of Gamblers, in Macau. However, on the eve of their wedding, he vanished and was never seen again. According to rumors, he was assassinated by his adversaries. Yuchen is unconvinced by those rumors and continues to hope for his comeback. She encounters Zhou Zhida (Li Nanxing), who shares an amazing likeness to Zhang Feng (despite the fact that the two are diametrically opposed in every other way), and becomes persuaded the two are the same person.

Da is a genuine gambling addict who is adept at all forms of sin and struggles to maintain employment. Unable to find work, his wife (Bao) suggests a cleaner position at the café where she works. Yuchen is persuaded that A-Da is Zhang Feng, who may have experienced amnesia as a result of an accident, although the latter is unaware of her existence.

Sun-Min (Felicia Chin) is Sun Jie’s younger sister. Since she was a child, she has been fascinated by the art of gambling. She desired to learn from the God of Gamblers and, like Yuchen, becomes obstinately convinced (by a fortuitous encounter with Da) that A-Da is the God of Gamblers. To her, this is divine intervention, and knowing that the God of Gamblers does not accept female followers, she comes up with the insane idea of impersonating a guy and entering cafés disguised as a man in order to learn to gamble from Da.

The café’s master baker is Fang Songqing (Zhang Zhenhuan), Songqiao’s younger brother, who has been dubbed Prince Cake due to his outstanding physique. Sun-Min believes that “infiltrating” the café as a guy is a mistake. To her, he is simply a straightforward individual whose universe revolves around cakes. They begin to develop affection for one another unknowingly. Songqing is unaware of Sun Min’s gender, which results in several amusing circumstances. He fell in love with Sun-Min after discovering her true gender. However, just as they were beginning to accept one another, Rende “kidnapped” Sun-Min and tormented her, leading to her depression and eventual loss of sanity. Songqing is even beaten by her.

Da becomes perplexed. He’s been aimless his entire life, and when Yuchen and Sun-Min continue to insist that he is the God of Gambler, he begins to doubt his own identity. He begins to believe he is the God of Gamblers, that he experienced amnesia as a result of an accident, and that Bao rescued him and transported him to Singapore to escape the Macau feud. He gradually transitions into the character of the God of Gamblers. Unbeknownst to most, Da is not Zhang Feng, and the genuine Zhang Feng later returned.

Songqiao re-meets Sun Jie, who falls in love with her. Songqiao is unaware that Sun Jie is a master thief until the Interpol, He Chaoqun, arrives (Terence Cao). He Chaoqun appears to be interested in Songqiao and is adamant about apprehending Sun Jie. Songqiao is forced to abandon her growing romance with Sun Jie after discovering his true identity. Sun Jie’s “talent for theft” is lost due to a hand injury sustained in an accident, driving him into despair.

Wen Yu has been privately anxious about her daughter after exchanging her for Songnian’s years ago. She makes an attempt to approach Yuchen. Eventually, unable to suppress her emotions any longer, she blurts out Yuchen’s true identity, much to Yuchen’s surprise. Yuchen is thrown into emotional difficulty after regaining her composure. She is unable to divulge her true identity, particularly to the Ye family, due to the power and status she has fought so hard to obtain. She plots to prevent Wen Yu from exposing the secret while also defending Songqiao, attempting to avoid her interaction with Songnian in order to keep her from learning the truth. She even mistakenly kills Wen Yu in an attempt to prevent him from disclosing the truth. As a result, her life begins to unravel. However, she is unaware that the recorded video is being stored on Songnian’s, Renyi’s, Suzhen’s, and Zhida’s phones.

Chaoqun’s probe into Wenyu’s murder leads to the discovery of Songnian’s rape of her. Songqiao swears to bring Songnian to justice but is perplexed when she discovers her true ancestry. Yuchen’s true colors are shown, which increases Songqiao’s belief that the former was responsible for Wen Yu and Renyi’s deaths.

Da is unable to tolerate the sight of Yuchen lonely and ensconced in her criminal ways. Thus, he chooses to remain vigilant at her side, despite the fact that he is well aware that Yuchen will eventually tread the path of no return…

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