Does Super Crooks Going To Have a Season 2? Everything We Know!


While there is no confirmation of a second season of Super Crooks at the moment, we can offer insight into the show’s intentions and speculate on the possibility of a sequel.

To begin, Super Crooks season 1 serves as a prequel to the story, and there are plans to continue overlapping the anime series and the comic book adaptation. Clearly, the story has a long-term goal. Netflix will also be hoping that this anime series takes off and can compete with animated series such as Invincible.

We gave Super Crooks a less than favorable review at Ready Steady Cut because we felt the story fell flat; however, Netflix anime series have a habit of being renewed and extended for several seasons, so there is a strong possibility that this universe will continue.

With an abundance of anime viewers on the streaming service, we anticipate Super Crooks will return for a second installment. Particularly in light of the potential it serves.

Is there a Season 2 of Super Crooks?

At the time of writing, neither Netflix nor the Studio Bones production company have renewed Super Crooks for a second season. However, the streaming behemoth has a history of delaying renewal decisions for several weeks in order to measure audience viewership – so fans shouldn’t panic just yet.

Netflix’s anime series frequently wait approximately a year before releasing a new season. If ‘Super Crooks’ is renewed for a second season before the end of the year, the following season will premiere in 2023.


What Is The ‘Super Crooks’ Season 2 Plot About?

In the climactic seconds of season one of ‘Super Crooks,’ Johnny and his squad scam Matts of $800 million. Gladiator brutally assaults Praetorian. Meanwhile, Kasey exerts mental control over Christopher Matts. Christopher was unaware of what was occurring until it was too late.

Because everyone on Johnny’s squad is dressed in duplicates of Salamander’s members’ costumes, Matt murders everyone in Salamander’s gang, believing they are responsible for robbing him. Johnny proposes to Kasey at the season’s conclusion.

Matts will almost certainly discover the true identity of the robbers and pursue Johnny and his squad if the anime returns for Season 2. The crooks may also attract Brainwave’s or even the Utopian’s attention. Season 2 may possibly include a new antagonist. Whatever difficulties they encounter, we anticipate that the group will continue to work cooperatively to resolve them.

Who Might Return for Super Crooks Season 2?

Considering Netflix’s decision to renew Super Crooks for a second season. Kenjiro Tsuda’s fans can look forward to his homecoming. He portrays the protagonist, Johnny Bolt. Johnny originally desired a career as a superhero. However, after accidently injuring several classmates, he turns to theft. At the close of season one, we see Johnny and his group joyful and proud of their successful theft. Additionally, Johnny is one of the show’s most beloved characters. As a result, it is extremely likely that he will return in season 2.

Maaya Sakamoto is another cast member who could return. She also portrays another fan favourite, Kasey. She portrays a clairvoyant who wishes for a normal existence. Additionally, Hiroshi Yanaka, who portrays the series’ central antagonist, Matts, may return. Matts’ survival is revealed at the end of the first season. As a result, viewers may anticipate the infuriated antagonist exacting his vengeance on Johnny and his gang.

Official Trailer Of Super Crooks Season 2

We do not have a trailer yet.

IMDB Ratings:

Super Crooks season 1 received overwhelmingly excellent reviews from fans and critics.

The anime earns a solid 7.06/10 on MyAnimeList, a 7.5/10 on IMDB, and an incredible 8.6/10 on Rotten Tomatoes.