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Woodwork 101 Reviews – Step By Step DIY Program To Make Wood Crafts!

Hi there, if you love DIY projects, and would like to learn useful tips to do woodwork for your home, then this Woodwork 101 review might be a useful guide for you. Woodwork 101 allows you to fine-tune your craftsmanship with informative videos that help you build chairs, tables, and other interesting woodcrafts with minimal technical knowledge and expertise.

Woodwork 101 Reviews Is This Alan West’s Woodwork Program Legit?

It is available for purchase in HD video DVD format, along with interesting bonuses, which help even beginners to improve their wood crafting skills. My name is Billy Glover, a DIY enthusiast, here I am doing to discuss Woodwork 101 benefits, its step-by-step usage, etc. with little ado, we will go into this Woodwork 101 review.

Woodwork 101 Reviews
Program NameWoodwork 101
Program TypeVideo program
CreatorAlan West
CategoryDIY wood crafts
Main BenefitsHelps to Build interesting crafts and structures for beginners and intermediaries
Program includes
  • Step-By-Step Video Instructions
  • 3D And 2D Detailed Schematics
  • Parts, Tools, and Materials List
  • Price$49
    BonusesBonus1: Razor Sharp Protocol
    Bonus2: Tool Crafting Secrets
    Bonus3:The Perfect Timber
    Money-Back Guarantee60 days
    AvailabilityOnly through the official website
    Official WebsiteClick Here

    What is Woodwork 101?

    Woodwork 101 is a video program offered in HD format that helps beginners and intermediaries improve their artisan skills and build interesting crafts and structures all by themselves. People spend a lot of money to buy simple woodcrafts which often have a manufacturing cost significantly lesser (by 50 to 60%) than the selling cost.

    Instead, the Woodwork 101 video tutorial empowers the users of the program to build wooden artworks and even home furniture such as armchairs, tables, etc. This saves cost and also is engaging to the users, especially those who are interested in DIY projects.

    Who is The Creator of Woodwork 101?

    The creator of the Woodwork 101 program is Alan West. He is a mechanic who has always been fascinated by Woodwork. For the past ten years, he has made unique furniture and then created this HD video program.

    Woodwork 101 Creator

    What is included in the Woodwork 101 video program?

    Let’s take a closer look at the subprograms included in the Woodwork 101 program.

    1. Step-By-Step Video Instructions

    Since Woodwork 101 is a video program, it comes with detailed instructions as to how to build woodcraft from scrap. These simple-to-follow instructions form the crux of the program, and even total beginners at DIY projects are able to follow the program easily and make stunning woodcrafts in their homes.

    2. 3D And 2D Detailed Schematics

    To build a piece of woodcraft, no matter if it is your home furniture or a decorative item, it is essential to refer to a schematic of it. The Woodwork 101 program consists of detailed 2D and 3D plans that are easy to read, even for novices and beginners who have no prior knowledge of reading plans.

    3. Parts, Tools, and Materials List
    Once a user understands the instructions and schematics of the Woodwork 101 program, then the next step is to familiarize themselves with the materials involved in the crafting process, and the tools required for it. Alan West‘s Woodwork 101 program provides a detailed list of essential tools, materials, and spare parts needed to complete your wood crafting into a finished product.

    The Woodwork 101 program also comes with a few additional packages that enable a user to build curious artworks, furniture, and other wooden items.

    (a) The Woodworker’s Wet Dream: Perfect ‘High-End’ Furniture for Your Home

    With this video tutorial, a user can build any household items such as kitchen cabinets, racks, chairs, tables, etc., by following the simple instructions given in the video.

    (b) Decorate to Impress: Unique Home Décor Items

    The videos included in this package instruct a user to build visually appealing interior decorative items such as picture frames, wooden bowls, etc.

    (c) Toys of Old and New

    Would you like to build interesting toys for your kids and impress them with your craftsmanship? This tutorial helps you build antique-looking toys such as small wooden horses, miniature cars, etc.

    (d) The Happy Pets Section

    If you are someone who has a pet in your home and wants to build a wooden cage or kennel for your dog, cat, or pet bird, then this tutorial will come in handy for you.

    (e) Nothing Goes To Waste

    Once you are finished with your woodwork, there will be leftovers of precious wooden materials and composites which you can use to make wooden products. This tutorial teaches you how to use these scrap materials to craft beautiful pieces of the woodwork for your home or office.

    (f) Never Get Bored
    If you are really enthusiastic about woodcraft, then you may spend considerable time mastering each tutorial and soon will finish with the sample works provided in the tutorial. But don’t worry, the maker of the program adds ten videos to the program every month to keep you occupied!

    (g) One Trip, That’s it!

    Sometimes wood crafters need to visit the carpentry store to look for tools, material, and spare parts several times a month in order to finish a particular work. But with Woodwork 101, there will be no need for such frequent visits, since a complete list of all raw materials will be provided with the tutorial.

    Woodwork 101 Contents

    Click Here To Order Woodwork 101 DIY Program From The Official Website

    How does Woodwork 101 work?

    The Woodwork 101 is a comprehensive DIY video tutorial that helps both seasoned wood crafters and beginners to build wooden items such as chairs, tables, cages, toys, and other interior decorative elements, in a step-by-step manner.

    The Woodwork 101 tutorial comes with detailed instructions, schematic diagrams (2D, perspective plans, and 3D simulations), and a complete list of tools and materials required to finish the carpentry work. It offers sample works and teaches how to build woodwork right from the scrap through a detailed illustration of the same.

    Benefits of using the Woodwork 101 Tutorial Program

    The maker of the Woodwork 101 program claims that it is not another DIY program on the internet but a carefully curated video guide that is helpful to both experienced wood crafters and novices. Woodwork 101 reviews claim that Woodwork 101 has detailed instructions to help the user at every stage of a particular woodcraft work.

    The Woodwork 101 program also provides a complete list of materials, tools, and ancillary items to finish the work promptly. Even complete beginners at carpentry work can use the 2D schematics and 3D simulations that come with the Woodwork 101 program for an easy understanding of the work involved.

    Woodwork 101 Benefits

    Pros and Cons of using the Woodwork 101 Video Program

    Alan West’s Woodwork 101 is a video tutorial that comes with DIY instructions to build interesting woodworks with minimal effort and time. The tutorial contains over 60 illustrations in it for crafting various woodworks such as chairs, tables, toys, interior decorative items, etc., which makes it a good choice for those interested in home carpentry and woodworks.

    Here we are going to know about the pros and cons of this program that is written after analyzing the Woodwork 101 reviews that are available on the internet.


    • step-by-step instructions in HD video format.
    • Detailed illustrations in 2D, perspective, and 3D views.
    • Contains more than 60 sample works.
    • Attractive bonuses are available with the product.
    • The program is equally beneficial for both experienced crafters and beginners.


    • Online support is not as robust as expected by the customers.
    • Some users report that the cost of the program is slightly high for a video tutorial, but bonuses and additional packages justify the price.

    Click Here To Purchase Woodwork 101 Guide From The Official Website

    Is Woodwork 101 legit or not?

    Yes, Woodwork 101 is a legitimate DIY program that contains more than 60 illustrations of sample woodworks, detailed instructions to build the same with the help of 2D and 3D plans, and a complete list of material, equipment, and auxiliary items required to finish the work.

    Additionally, the program also offers useful packages such as “The Happy Pets Section”, “Decorate to Impress” etc., along with bonuses, which we will cover in a later part of this review.

    Woodwork 101 Customer reviews and complaints.

    Most Woodwork 101 customer reviews I’ve seen are so far positive. Let’s take a look at some of those testimonials.

    Never thought I could make a study table on my own! I got interested in DIY projects 3 months back and found out about the Woodwork 101 program from a fellow DIY enthusiast. The tutorials are incredibly simple to follow and I could build a table in a matter of just 1 month! The Woodwork 101 program is definitely suitable for beginners at woodcraft works!”
    Louise Stephens, Oakland

    I was skeptical about the program at the beginning, and for good reason, too. I had tried some other DIY video tutorial before and it was meant for advanced users. As a beginner, I found the Woodwork 101 program very instructive and detailed, and I built a wooden toy for my 5-year-old kid. Happy with the results!”
    Mark Haskins, Phoenix

    I found the Woodwork 101 program slightly overwhelming with all its schematics and lengthy instructions, which some users find useful. In my case, I found the videos a little complicated. Maybe it was because I only watched the program for 3 days, and should invest more time studying each video completely”.
    Thomas McDowell, New York City

    Pricing and Availability of Woodwork 101 Program

    The cost for the Woodwork 101 program is $49.00 (+ $8.82 VAT) which makes the net purchase value $57.82. Please note that the program is available only on the official website of Woodwork 101, and not in any retail or eCommerce stores.

    Customers are advised to purchase the product directly from the official website in order to avoid lookalikes and replicas of the Woodwork 101 program.

    Woodwork 101 Bonuses

    As mentioned previously in this Woodwork 101 review, the Woodwork 101 program comes with some attractive bonuses which help the users of the program tweak their crafting skills. Each bonus is worth $29, which is available for free with the main program.

    Bonus1: Razor Sharp Protocol

    It is often said that a person’s skill is only as good as the tools they work with. With woodcraft, this saying is especially true. The Razor Sharp Protocol video provides tips to the users of the Woodwork 101 program on how to sharpen their tools and keep them in perfect working condition.

    Bonus2: Tool Crafting Secrets

    What if you can make your own customized tools from scrap materials? The Tool Crafting Secrets video helps you build carpentry tools with precision so that you can make signature woodworks with your own tools, besides saving money that is otherwise spent on buying tools.

    Bonus3:The Perfect Timber

    The Perfect Timber is a guide that lets you choose the ideal wood that is required to build a craft, your home furniture, toys, or interior decorative items. Choosing the right timber is essential to ensure the quality and durability of your woodcraft work.

    Woodwork 101 Bonus

    Final Verdict on Woodwork 101 Reviews

    According to the Woodwork 101 review, we can understand that “Do it Yourself” (DIY) projects are gaining popularity worldwide because of the video tutorials available for free on YouTube and other popular media sharing platforms. However, these videos are not so effective for the viewers, especially for beginners who might get demotivated if they fail at making a product in their first few attempts.

    The Woodwork 101 program differs from these videos because it provides detailed instructions along with schematics, and 2D and 3D plans to gradually enable a user to improve their craftsman skills.

    This illustration program provides 60+ illustrations on crafting common woodworks such as chairs, toys, collectibles, etc., Besides special packages and bonuses that help refine a person’s crafting and artisan skills. Considering that the Woodwork 101 program is a useful tutorial for both experienced and novice DIY enthusiasts interested in woodworks, our verdict is that it could be worth a buy.

    Click Here To Purchase Woodwork 101 Program From The Official Website(60-days Money-back Guarantee)

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Are tools and materials included in the Woodwork 101 package?

    No, but a full list of essential tools and materials are included with the Woodwork 101 program. The cost of materials and tools may come anywhere from around $10 to $200, depending on the work a user wishes to do.

    2. How long will it take for me to learn a specific woodcraft work?

    It depends on the actual work you undertake. For small household items, watching a 30-minute video and practicing the instructions for 1 to 2 days will be sufficient to master the technique.

    3. What if a customer is not happy with the results of the Woodwork 101 program?

    In case a user is not satisfied with the program, the maker offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, which is a good offer, considering that Woodwork 101 is a video tutorial.

    4. Is the Woodwork 101 program suitable for making school projects?

    The program is intended for adults and not school students since it requires handling sharp tools and equipment. Though students can try the program under the supervision of their parents or teachers.

    5. Will it require daily training with Woodwork 101 to master woodcraft skills?

    Daily training is not mandatory as long as the users of the Woodwork 101 program are comfortable with their learning pace and curve.


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