How To Stream The IPL Through Apple?

How To Stream The IPL Through Apple?

Streaming has been a game-changer in society over the past few years and the way we watch TV has fundamentally shifted. Whereas previously, we would record movies or shows, now we prefer to stream, and this can either be live or as catch up.

There are so many streaming platforms out there that consumers are often spoilt for choice. You can rely on the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime for providing entertainment as they both have a huge range of shows sitting there in their extensive libraries.

The likes of Amazon Prime have also made a foray into cricket now that they have picked up rights to show cricket, more specifically, when New Zealand tour India for Test matches.

While it may seem from the outset that other streaming platforms, such as Apple are playing catch up, this could all change soon. But before we get into that, how do you watch cricket or sports more generally on Apple TV?

It is quite simple. If you are an Apple TV account holder, you need to open the Apple TV app on Apple TV. Then, you will need to head over to the menu bar, navigate your way to the sports section, and select from the sports events that are in progress or about to start.

In terms of cricket, Apple TV is set to pick up the ITT (Invitation to Tender) to broadcast the IPL for the 2023-2027 broadcast cycle. At present, the auction is set to take place in June, and rights are expected to be worth $7.2billion for the Board of Cricket Control in India (BCCI).

IPL is big business for the teams and it is one of the most lucrative domestic tournaments. As was shown over the past few months, the battle for broadcasting rights for this year’s edition was extremely competitive and Amazon Prime were among those vying to secure exclusive access to the IPL.

But the IPL has also gained more prominence on betting sites over the past few years. This is good news as it means that fans can now also live stream the IPL through the best cricket betting app in India and enjoy the luxury of being able to watch IPL games on the go even if they can’t get in front of a TV. This way, they won’t miss a single wicket fall or a crunching shot sail over the boundary.

Apple has the potential to take the IPL by storm if it secures the rights and perhaps in the future, it could be a go-to option for customers.