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Best Apple Service Center In Calicut(Kozhikode)-Do You Require Professional Repair Assistance?

Find the best Apple Service center in Calicut (Kozhikode). Apple is one of the renounced brand names in software and hardware manufacturers. The brand, which specializes in consumer electronics, software, and online services, has been popular since 1976. The company is regarded as the most valuable in the world and the largest IT company in terms of revenue. The brand has its own significant features which make the brand unique. The brand’s control over its own software and hardware made it unbeatable among competitors. The company has a worldwide network of Apple-certified repairs that use original Apple parts for repairing and maintenance. It is a team of trusted experts who are the pioneers of the field. Apple only supports Apple-certified repair shops, So you have to approach an Apple repair center to claim your warranty. 

Here we are analyzing the three major Apple Service Center in Kozhikode and also the services offered by them. Apple Service Centers or Apple Repair Centers work hand in hand with the Apple Company. There is a number of Apple Service Centers in Kozhikode. After the repair, you must locate a service shop that is authorised to obtain the original version of your device.


Are you in desperate need of an Apple device repair? Major Services Offered By Apple Service Center In Calicut (Kozhikode):

Apple Service Centers are the Authorized service or repair centers for Apple Gadgets. These agencies provide in-warranty and out-of-warranty repair services for Apple products. Authorized service centres are required to use genuine Apple brand elements such as tools, training, service guides, diagnostics, and resources to complete the repairs. Normally, an approved repair business is chosen from a showroom that sells Apple goods. These service centers offer a number of services including repair. They work with both the software and hardware. 

The Apple Service Centers deal with all the gadgets and devices manufactured by the Apple Company such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, iWatch, and MacBook. iPhone and iPad repair services are in high demand as they are the most moving products from the company. 

iPhone repair service:

iPhone is the most celebrated smartphone brand and is unique with salient features. Apple Service Stores will repair your iPhone’s software and hardware in the most legible way. They will be using original Apple brand accessories for the repair.

Best apple service center in kozhikode

iPad Service:

Apple service centers are the best place for your iPads. This advanced version of Apple’s tablet PC offers unique capabilities that can only be restored by an Apple Service Center.

Apple service center in Kozhikode

iPod Service:

iPod, the pocket-sized music and media device has worldwide acceptance. When Apple Service Centers are needed, they provide the greatest maintenance and management.

Best apple service center kozhikode

Apple Watch or iWatch Service:

Apple Watch or iWatch is the ultimate smart watch by Apple group. The watch allows complete solutions for making phone calls, sending texts, and reading emails. Apple watches need ultimate care when it comes to repairing. The Apple Service Center kozhikode provide the service in a professional way.

Apple service center in Kozhikode

MacBook Service:

MacBook, the laptop by the Apple group is specific and unique sin its features. Only an Apple Service Center can you do services in the right way with the right accessories. 

Best apple service center kozhikode

Top 3 Apple Service Centers In Calicut (Kozhikode):

Apple Service Centers are service centres that have been approved by Apple. There are criteria to satisfy to get recognition from the Apple Company. The technician, proficiency, and accuracy should match the expectations of the Apple Company. Here I am listing out the top 3 Apple Service Centers that running successfully. 

1) Apple Service Store Calicut:

Apple Service Store is an authorized Apple Service Center in Kozhikode. It is located at Parayancheri, Sizcom tower, near Parayancheri Bus stop.  It is popular as one of the best iPhone repair and service centers in Calicut and Malappuram. The service center has been functioning since 2009 and gaining expertise to repair and service all the products from the Apple Company. Apple service center is responsible for both hardware and software. The service center can also claim your company warranty as they are reputed as the authorized service center. They fix the motherboard and chip-level reapers for your iphones. The experienced and certified technicians ensure the reliability of your Apple gadgets and devices. The Apple Service Store Calicut is open  Monday to Sunday 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM. 


B2X SERVICE SOLUTIONS INDIA P LTD is a solution for your Apple devices and gadgets service and repair. The group can solve all your gadget problems in the most professional way. You can visit the B2X SERVICE SOLUTIONS INDIA P LTD for any device-related damages or software-related issues of your MacBook, iPods, iPhones, headphones, headsets, and all.

The service center can help you to keep in touch with the Apple Company to claim your warranty. The center is located in KT Gopalan Road, GF, Mundolly Building, and Kottooli. You can also pay a visit to the service center to clear your doubts and queries about your device. The store is open from Monday to Saturday, 1.30 AM to 5.30 PM. The service gained popularity as a trusted place to approach fixing your Apple gadget problems.

3) iCare – Ample Technologies Pvt Ltd:

iCare – Ample Technologies Pvt Ltd is a popular Apple Service center in Calicut. They function Monday to Saturday 10.30 AM to 7.00 PM. The Service Center is located at Hilite Mall, Thondayadu Bypass. It is one of the leading iPhone and other Apple gadgets service centers. The service center deals with all the products from The Apple Company. It’s also one of the reputed outlets of the brand too. They work with enthusiasm to address all the queries of the customer in a reliable way that makes the customers satisfied. iCare – Ample Technologies Pvt Ltd made the apple service easier for the customer by avoiding all the unnecessary formalities. The consistent effort for improved result made it a success. They improve their services on a regular basis. The supporting staff is ready to help you claim your warranty too.

Benefits Of Having Accidental Damage Protection Or Insurance For Your Apple Products:

Accidental damage is a nightmare for a gadget user. However we care, we cannot deny the possibility of slipping the devise or gadgets to a disaster. Here comes the importance of accidental damage protection insurance for Apple products. You can really enjoy two years of peace of mind by buying Applecare+ for your Apple products.  This is a global insurance scheme that can be purchased around the globe. The scheme is applicable for almost all devices for Apple such as iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, iPod, Apple TV, and Apple displays. Service options vary between countries. But any Applecare service is entrusted with authorized technicians and original apple parts. 

Normally, iPhone comes with 1 year of hardware warranty with 90 days of complimentary technical support. AppleCare+ for iPhone extends the coverage to 2years from your Apple care purchase date. Every 12 months, it also covers two cases of accidental damage. Their service charge is applicable for accidental damage. ₹ 2500for screen or block glass damage and ₹8900 for other damages. The service charge differs from gadget to gadget. AppleCare+ is available with a new iPhone or within 60 days of purchase. To purchase call 000800 1009009 or approach your service center.

Warranty Guidelines To Know Before Visiting An Apple Service Center In Calicut (Kozhikode):

Here are a few things to note down before approaching your service center for repair and warranty-related assistance. 

  • The Apple group warranted the only manufacturing defects against materials and workmanship. 
  •  The limited warranty is only valid for one year from the date of the original retail purchase, which is the warranty period.
  • The given link will provide you with more information on Apple Warranty and service:

  • If a defect arose, the affected part will be replaced or repaired. 
  • For remarkable defects, the company is even willing to replace the gadget with a new one with the same features and same model.
  • The warranty does not cover accidental damage. For the security of accidental damage, we should purchase AppleCare+. 

Factors To Consider While Selecting The Best Apple Service Center In Calicut (Kozhikode):

We should ensure the reliability of gadgets even after the service. It is compulsory to check the following details regarding the service center. 

  • Ensure that the service center is authorized by Apple Company. 
  • The authorized service center will be using genuine Apple parts and accessories for repair, as well as genuine parts.
  • The diagnosis of the issues is critical because even slight difficulties might cause the gadget to stop working. Make sure that an expert technician diagnoses the issue well in advance.  
  • Apple technology is complicated, So only an expert can do the service. Software or hardware, make sure that the service center has trained technicians in its crew. 

Service Quality:

The most expected peculiarity of a Service center is the service quality. The service is world-class. Apple Service Store Calicut, B2X SERVICE SOLUTIONS INDIA P LTD, and iCare – Ample Technologies Pvt Ltd are famous for their service quality,which is the effort of world-class technicians who are ready to solve your problems. 


Only an authorized Apple Service Center can help you claim your Apple warranty. The warranty is only valid for 1 year after the purchase of the product. There is an AppleCare+ warranty service by Apple Company. Authorized service providers can also make a warranty claim.

Apple Service Centers are confident in their work, and so all iPhone repairs come with a warranty.


The pricing for Apple services differs with the retailer or Apple Service Center and the device. The pricing is comparatively low during the warranty period. It might also be negligible sometimes. The AppleCare+ warranties ask only the service charge. ₹ 2500 for screen or block glass damage and ₹8900 for other damages. The pricing is almost the same in all the Service Centers in a country, with just minor differences.

Duration of Service:

The duration of the service differs from the problem or damage to damage. The technicians find a quick solution and return your device as early as possible. Even if the problem is complicated and needs replacement, the service centers solve it within a limited time and ensure quick access to your device. The service Centers are well aware of your need and they prefer to act accordingly. 

Customer Reviews:

The customers are happy about the service centers. The approach of technical staff and genuine parts, and time that is taken for service is all coming under consideration when they review the service centers. There are a lot of customers who are extremely happy about the consultant nature of the service center that help customers to satisfy their queries regarding hardware and software. We can see that most of the people are happy about the service charges too.

Let’s Wrap Up The Discussion On The Best Apple Service Center In Calicut (Kozhikode):

Apple is a unique software and hardware title and everything related to Apple is unique. Only an authorized Service Provider can resolve the issues. There are Apple Service Centers and Apple Repair Centers across the globe. They are the authentic people to repair and service your Apple products. The company recognizes the best service centers and certifies them as Apple Service center. As a result, These centers are eligible to claim warranty for the customer through them. The Apple Service Center uses genuine Apple parts for repair.

Apple Service Store Calicut, B2X SERVICE SOLUTIONS INDIA P LTD, and iCare – Ample Technologies Pvt Ltd are reputed Apple Service center in Kozhikode. They provide genuine Apple Service which is trustworthy, as well as outstanding and quick service. The technicians are ready to help you with any of the issues you may have with your Apple gadget. The legitimacy of these Service Centers is verified using Customer testimonials.

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