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Modern Technology: Good or Evil?

You went to work in the morning and forgot your phone. If you analyze your psychological state at the moment of discovering this fact, the first thing that will visit you is a sense of confusion. Most likely, you will think, “I am like without hands because today I will be called at work, and I will need the number of the online order, and the camera will not be at hand, and all the meetings will be difficult to implement, and in the gym will not be counted burnt kilocalories …” and many other things, depending on your lifestyle. What does this mean? Only one thing: Technology is pervasive in our lives.

Suppose you analyze the last five years of your life. In that case, you will undoubtedly notice that information technology (IT) products have increased because gadgets are taking over more and more routine functions. Tomorrow a robot will cook in the kitchen. An intelligent vacuum cleaner will easily clean the whole surface of the floor. A text that must be typed will be enough to say it, etc. But how does all this affect our lives? How does it change who we are? It is what we will discuss in this article.

So, the paper writing service proposes considering a list of changes in our lives that have taken place because of technology in the context of industries and areas of human activity. The first thing we will talk about is education.

The way we learn

The creation of e-mail, the digital diary of the student, the possibility of video conferencing, electronic textbooks, printing text instead of writing, receiving distance education, the visualization of presentation material – all these are elements of the digitalization of the educational process.

Gadgets’ electronic platforms are more and more intensively penetrating the process of acquiring knowledge. Undoubtedly, education affects the way we think, and in general, the practices of perceiving information directly change the structure of the brain. A consequence of this fact is the emergence of a new generation (the so-called Generation Z), actively using all the advantages of gadgets.

The qualitative difference of Generation Z in education is that the most important thing for them will not be acquiring knowledge but acquiring skills and abilities. The transparency and openness of information are fundamentally important. Accordingly, its sources are chosen more qualitatively.

We see such processes today. A modern person has the opportunity to listen to lectures by the best universities in the world in the format of video clips 12-15 minutes long. Accordingly, the attention span of the digital generation will deteriorate, and it will be lacking for something meaningful practically applicable. In the offline format, theoretical training at universities and institutes will gradually be recognized as ineffective and too time-consuming. So rush to develop your cognitive abilities, be prepared for a change of occupation, a mix of disciplines, because life is becoming faster and more complex.

In this regard, I would like to mention our program “Cognitive Science,” where you will be offered about 20 thinking techniques. Such pumping of the brain will allow you to find non-standard solutions to problems, make effective decisions, think faster and more productively.

Medicine is no less a critical sphere of our life. In the next paragraph, we suggest that we consider the impact of technology on this area.

The way we heal

Mobile health care, electronic queues at clinics, big data, telemedicine, services for online consultations with doctors, Skype appointments with psychologists – all this is a modern reality.

Much more severe and significant is introducing robots and machines into the surgical process. Even today, there are medical assistants made entirely of metal. Data processing during examinations is greatly enhanced by using automated systems that read out information about the condition of the body with minimized errors.

Bioprinting can be considered a real breakthrough, meaning that it is possible to print biological material. Medical technology is now firmly included in the creation of bones, tissues, and organs using liquid nutrient substrates, gels, fibers, polymers, and other materials.

Of course, all this increases humanity’s chances of a healthy existence, prolonging human life, which causes the problem of overpopulation and excessive pressure on the active population. It is already a challenge for many Western societies.

But let us look at another vital sphere that has become particularly important today: the sphere of communication and social interaction.

The way we communicate

The social network is a field for the modern young person to spend their free time on. No one will argue that he looks through a news feed on any social network at least twice a day. In addition, the provision of all networks with the function of direct communication (messengers) has become another reason for the prompt use of this content.

The undoubted advantages of using social networks are:

  • The ability to communicate at any time and any distance;
  • The possibility of self-development by participating in exciting publishers, groups, and communities;
  • The opportunity to get more information about people;
  • The opportunity to express themselves (by the way, this gives an impetus to raising self-esteem by putting beautiful pictures, witty jokes, interesting statements, etc.).

But also not without the negative consequences of the impact of social networks:

  • Lies, becoming part of the information space, to create an untrue image;
  • a high probability of acquiring an addiction;
  • communication without commitment, weak responsibility for their words comments;
  • distraction (when, for example, you went to read an article, and immediately a message from a girl pops up);
  • the constant need to get information, displacing the quiet contemplation, meditation, relaxation, informational detox;
  • the emergence of fraudsters in the virtual world (cybercrime).

As you can see, the list of negative influences is more comprehensive than the list of positive results. It leads to one crucial idea: Social media is a fantastic resource as long as you control your behavior, use it intelligently, and approach it wisely. Only in this way will this content bring elements of simplicity, speed, and awareness into your life.

One of the functions of social media today is to promote your product or service, to develop your business. In this case, we are dealing with marketing. Let’s look at how technology has changed the way we consume and promote a product.

The way we buy

Marketing is adjusting to our habits. If business people are looking for channels to market their product, they are certainly taking into account the trends of the modern buyer. And where will Generation Z (who will be the majority in a few years) get their shopping knowledge? Of course, they do! Bloggers, the Internet, the same social networks, shopping services, reviews of media people, etc.

It is no coincidence that bloggers vloggers also call themselves Influencers (influential figures), i.e., people who seriously influence the preferences and tastes of the audience, who can motivate and inspire it, who constantly publish some content. These people are now becoming the object of businessmen’s “hunting.” Marketing has primarily changed its proportions and put a lot of emphasis on individual personalities.

Fewer and fewer people today trust television and therefore watch it. The consciousness of an average person sometimes cannot perceive the talk shows and programs shown in the “box.” Often television personalities look absurd, tell untruths, and do incredibly foolish things to attract attention. But it is difficult for an adequate viewer to tolerate such tricks.

Technologies in marketing allow analyzing the product more soberly and objectively. The buyer has access to vast information resources about a given product or service, making the business more effort to surprise the client and win his loyalty. It is also vital to mention customization, which translates into an individual approach to each customer, made possible also by 3D technology.

Of course, the impact of technology is not limited to the areas mentioned. Other areas of life that apply the products of new technologies include:

  • The legal sphere (the ability to investigate crimes more accurately, respectively, to reduce the level of criminalization of society).
  • The economic sphere (information and technological shifts in the banking and financial fields).
  • Space sphere (study of other planets of the solar system, satellites of planets with the help of new technological equipment).
  • Construction sphere (opportunity for faster, less labor-consuming, and environmentally friendly construction).
  • Agriculture (better analysis and forecasting of yields, maintenance of soil fertility, improved equipment), etc.


We live in a rapidly developing world. One industry or another does not stand still, trying day by day to achieve productivity, efficiency, energy intensity, resource conservation, optimization, improvement, etc. All these characteristics certainly make our lives better, simplify human existence, allow us to get more free time, displacing routine and monotonous actions.

But we must remember that every phenomenon has its pros and cons. Our task is to consume the benefits of these technologies while avoiding the damage they cause. Start with the simplest of things: communications. Don’t let virtual social interactions consume the most valuable thing in your life: time. Be in control of your mind, know how to say no to what you don’t need, and use technology to make you feel good and happy.


Elissa Smart is an all-powerful demiurge behindhand PaperHelps blog. involuntary by seething creativity, not by oneself she lends a hand undergraduate furthermore come across the get-up-and-go to participation her comprehensive skillfulness via diary posts.

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