Why do Indians prefer to play Ludo to other board games?

Why do Indians prefer to play Ludo to other board games?

‘Pachisi’ or as it is commonly known as “Ludo” is a fantastic game that Indians have played since times immemorial. Ludo has served as a significant entertainment factor to Indians in parties, night-outs, ceremonies, and social gatherings. There are several reasons why so many people have loved ludo over the years. Here are a few reasons why Indians prefer to play ludo than other board games.

It’s A Cakewalk

When you’re bored and looking for a fun activity to keep you busy, nothing is more boring than trying to decipher an elaborate game one’s never heard of before. But ludo is a refreshing change from the mainstream. So many people have been playing this traditional board game since their childhood.

Even if you’ve never played the original version of a ludo board game, you can start playing online in no time! The rules of this classic strategy game are super simple- just like any other game that comes with a single deck of cards and instructions to follow. It’s almost like cheating when put up against other games that give way too many rules and regulations. You can even cheat on the most challenging versions of cards or dice games by pretending you got confused about which rules were winning ones before going back to your usual strategy for fun with new players! Search for ludo game download and play online ludo to connect with different players worldwide and beat them with your skills.

Revive Dead Relations

Online ludo has been a savior during the pandemic and has played a pivotal role today. Online ludo is a great way to revive dead relationships and build a healthy connection. For instance, it’s been a long time since you have spoken with your distant cousin; online ludo can be a great way to revive the old bond and reminisce about the good old days. Moreover, online ludo has an option to chat with your opponents, and that’s the cherry on top! You can interact with your opponents and send them phrases like “play fast,” “it’s my day,” “I’m going to win” to spice things up.

Competition Adds Kick To Your Life

When you play ludo online, your mind automatically strives to win the game. If it’s not one of the best board games in your circle, you’re going to need a strategy to beat your competitors who probably have experience with games like this in real life. The stakes can get high when you’re playing against unknown players because they may be better than most people at gaming on games like these. Still, if you can jump into the game and come out as a winner more times than not, you’ll feel more confident that you genuinely possess the skills needed to win, and the fun will seem more rewarding!

For many board game lovers, ludo is one of the best options available in the market. It is just as thrilling to play against other players as enjoying friendly games with friends and family. When you play ludo online, you will get to compete against unknown competitors, but that doesn’t necessarily make it any less exciting!

A Great Time To Bond

Whether you’re looking to play with your children, your grandparents, or even both, the ludo board game makes for a lot of fun at home. The best part about online ludo is that it’s for people of all ages, so you can enjoy playing this family game with those closest to you no matter what age group they’re in! One of the best things about ludo is how it creates a sense of togetherness as everyone in your household gets to come together and bond over trying to outdo one another!

Moreover, while playing online ludo, you will encounter a community of equally enthusiastic gamers who learn and discuss new skills. Here, you can enhance your tricks or even learn new strategies to improve your game playing.

A Great Place To Learn

These days, the world is moving towards a digital future, and it’s not just computers and smartphones that are going on this path, but also games. Children are being brought up on video gaming as they love playing all sorts of new games and then telling mom or dad all about them in great detail. But oddly enough, there doesn’t seem to be enough research on the educational benefits of these games.

However, playing online ludo games is a lot like living the good life itself – it provides you with the best feeling of enjoyment and thrill without letting one know about its hidden lessons. It teaches players to have patience and wait for the right opportunity to make things fall in place for them. It also leads one never to write off any opponent, as you might not be able to see what’s going on under their mask! Ludo teaches both kids and adults about logical reasoning, critical thinking, spatial reasoning, and confidence in decision-making – all of which are crucial when put into practice professionally or otherwise.

Teaches Invaluable Lessons

Apart from enhancing your cognitive abilities, ludo also teaches you some invaluable lessons that one should implore and use in their life. For instance, ludo teaches us to stay away from our opponents while tackling them in a strategized way. Moreover, ludo also teaches us not to get overwhelmed by constant failures or become over-excited by constant sixes even. Ludo prepares us to be composed despite the circumstances.

Final Words

While ludo is an addictive game that one can play without getting bored, you can always be sure that you are learning some invaluable lessons while playing the game. Not only that, the game is straightforward to play and can be played between several players together. Moreover, it is a great way to bond with new people and revive old relationships. It will be a blunder if the rules of ludo aren’t given their due respect. The game’s simplicity is top-notch, and you can always go gaga while choosing this board game.