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Is Double Cross coming back for Season 4 on ALLBLK?

Double Cross Season 3 debuted on ALLBLK on February 3, 2022. We hope you all loved the previous season and are excited about Double Cross Season 4 release date and must be inquisitive about Double Cross Season 4 news, premiere date, Cast, Episodes, and speculations. We will provide you with every detail about the forthcoming DOUBLE CROSS SEASON 4 with no spoilers.

Release Date for Double Cross Season 4:

Double Cross Season 4 is expected to be released in 2023. Everyone is enthusiastic about Double Cross Season  4, and the upcoming season of this series is eagerly anticipated by ALLBLK’s Web series viewers.

Double Cross Season 3 left several unanswered questions at the end, creating intrigue for Double Cross Season 4. Despite the fact that no official release date for the upcoming Double Cross Season 4 has been announced, we have been able to obtain information regarding the next season’s debut from a number of reliable sources. will keep you updated on the future season’s release date, and you can always find the most recent news on our website.

Double Cross Season 4 will launch on ALLBLK in late 2022, according to the creators, however, this is not an official release date from the studio. Other factors considered included a review of all social media news and cast remarks to decide when the film will be released. In the end, this is the most generally expected release date for DOUBLE CROSS’s fourth season. However, because of Covid’s influence, it is probable that this will be postponed. More information will be provided as soon as it becomes available. In addition, we may expect the official release date for Double Cross Season 4 to be announced soon, as well as the publication of a teaser video. We hope you had as much fun watching Double Cross Season 3 as we did. The tension, on the other hand, persists throughout Double Cross Season 4.

The cast of Double Cross Season 4

The storyline for Season 4 of Double Cross:

A human trafficking network has taken over their neighborhood, including the emergency room of Dr. Erica’s hospital and the streets overseen by “The Heights.” Eric, the Kingpin, as well as Erica and Eric Cross, are on a quest to save all of the women in their neighborhood from the nation’s rising sex trafficking problem. A compassionate and well-known emergency physician, as well as her brother, a well-known drug dealer, are troubled by their past and decide to take matters into their own hands by going on their own brand of vigilante justice to make things right.


Official Trailer of Double Cross Season 4

Official Double Cross Season 4 teasers or trailers are expected to be published in the following months as fans anxiously anticipate the fourth season’s arrival. Season 3’s trailer is as follows:

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